Sunday, January 31, 2010

Renewal of Our Toyota Tamaraw

It's always nice to own a car or any vehicle because you have the liberty to go anywhere you want without having to commute. The only thing that we hate is when gas prices go up and when vehicles break down that needed a repair but that's part of owning a vehicle. Another responsibility of owners is to get it insured just in case accident happens. Anyone can get insurance online like at, if you need one. Our Toyota tamaraw was fortunately insured and renewed this month.

Another Travel/Vacation in my Mind

I’m still on cloud 9 everytime I think about our vacation in Hongkong last December. Eventhough it’s only a short trip and it’s quite tiring, nothing will replace the excitement, the bonding times and the memories it has given to us. It’s our 1st family (15 people) trip outside of the country so that makes it more memorable. We have been planning it for years now but due to work/school schedules and some family members still coming from overseas it’s a bit hard for us to make our sched jive, so when we saw the opportunity last year, I immediately purchased our tickets.

We are also planning another family trip and this time in Singapore bec. my sister has a good friend there that will accommodate us in their house. That for sure will save us more cuz we don’t have to book on a hotel. I hope that will push through if not this year maybe next year. 

Right now, a local trip is on my mind. A Bohol trip maybe? We’ll see….. I just can’t wait to pack my bags and fly again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yay, We've got Asbestos on our Roof !

Our house was built in mid '80s and during that construction, we have no idea that the asbestos materials that have put there will pose a danger to our health and to the workers.

I only learned about mesothelioma cancer just recently and I read that it is caused or brought by too much exposure to asbestos. Yay! Now that made me a bit worried because we have asbestos on our roofs and its showing signs of wear and crackin' already. Now what to do it's still on our roofs!!

Spending our Christmas 2009

Just in case you didn't see these Christmas photos at my other blog JENNY TALKS, i'm sharing this here too. After spending bonding moments with my family on our Hongkong vacation, my Sis Joy and family who already live in Australia went to the Phils. for their Christmas and New Year celebration last Dec. 24th- Jan 16th, 2010.

Our family picture minus my sister Beng and her family.

They all enjoyed their vacation most especially their 2 kids who is 1st time to come and visit the Phils. They were a bit cultured shock but they quickly managed to adapt to the things around here. We let them eat Pinoy foods (thought they eat it back home in Australia) and experienced riding the tricycle and the jeepney. They enjoyed it! We are always bound shopping till we dropped or till our feet hurts.

Dec. 25, we had exchanged gifts in the evening after going to our relatives to visit them and get gifts. It was real fun!
Here are more photos:

Preserving Good Memories thru Videos

Holidays are over and my family had a blast during Christmas and New Year. It is special because we get to meet my sisters and their families living in Saudi Arabia and Sydney in Hongkong last December for a small get together and vacation. We all enjoyed the tourist spots there. Of course the vacation is not complete without picture and of course videos. My other sis Joy and family from Sydney after going to Hongkong went straight here in the Philippines.

My sis Joy wanted their 2 children to experience what it is like to spend Christmas and New Year here for this is their 1st time to visit the country. At first they where kinda culture shocked bec. of the noise and the weather but because they are kids they adapt so easily. In fact, they really enjoyed the stay here. To document their first ride on the tricyle and jeepney (local public transport), we always took a video and photos of it so that they can remember that experience when they grow up.

Taking videos or photos of any events in our lives is a way of preserving the memories. It’s always fun to look back and see all the videos and photos as it can bring smiles on our faces. I remember watching our birthday videos which are still on film format; it refreshes so many memories in us.

So if you have your old videos just collecting dust because you can’t view it anymore, why not check out their services and have it converted to DVD. In this way, memories are more preserved that can last for many years.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Micah's Flight via PAL

It is one heck of a stressful day for us weighing and thinking how we can make Micah's luggage weigh according to PAL's weight preference. The average is 23kilos for luggage and 7 kilos for handcarry. Anyway, we arrived early at the airport on Jan. 28th and we are relieved when she was not fined for excess baggage eventhough she her luggage is 4 kilos excess. Thank heavens for that.

Now that she's back in Sydney, she'll be back in school this February. She will be attending school camp in few more days and the wedding of her dad's cousin. We bought a dress here, shoes and a bag that she can wear on the wedding. It's a formal event so guys will be in tuxedo and women in their formal dress. I know she will be stunning that day.

I'll be missing her again for sure but right now I am relieved that she is back home safe and I can continue my work 'round here.

Thanks For the Blessings!!

Lately blessings poured and I'm so thankful and feel blessed!! I work so hard and maybe that's a a little incentive that I got. I hope more will come in the future.

Been trying to save a little that I'm getting from my earnings but of course I need to reward myself from time to time. I've been thinking of getting an HP desktop once again that I can use in my net cafe. My old HP desktop is still working fine but I need a more faster and spacious working computer. My demands are getting bigger each year as I have more files and photos to save. I hope I can buy this year or hopefully next year.

If I'm itching to have another desktop my bestfriend RACE wanted to own a laptop. She said she don;t need a DELL laptop like what I have so she is looking for laptop deals online and that malls that she can buy.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Shopped 'till We Dropped!!

It was last Friday and Sunday when my teenage niece and I went for shopping in Megamall, Robinsons and Greenhills Shoppign Centers. Her vacation here in the country is about to end and before she leaves on Wednesday for Sydney, she wanted to buy new clothes, bag shoes and more that she can bring there.

So off we went to Megamall and Robinsons last Friday and our eyes lit up we are so giddy to shop for goods. Of course it’s enjoyable if you have the money to spend so it was a shopping spree. My niece has been buying lots of shoes and blouses off the rack and oh dear I can’t help myself buying myself too.It was like we have no more tomorrow, when she find something nice she’ll fit it and buy it right away.

Our shopping didn’t end there; we went to Megamall and Greenhills on Sunday to shop once again. With tons of items that we bought, I hope she will not have an excess luggage or else she needs to leave some items behind. I was arranging her luggage last night and I’m keeping my fingers about the weight. Hope PAL is not that too strict.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Hongkong Trip : Day 3-4

This is really a super late post of mine in this blog but I'm posting it anyway. Our Hongkong Trip day 3-4 (Dec. 23-24, 2009) was a great one eventhough we are tired walking and going around.
Here are just some of the photos:

In a Bad Mood

Sorry for this latest post but I'm just being annoyed right now and I'm not in a good mood. First, I could not find my reading glasses but later on find it. Second, our net cafe computers, 3 of which are not working properly since yesterday and my SIl and I have been sweating to troubleshoot it before we send it to our technician. Right now, my customer is complaining that it has no net connection. I look over it and indeed there's none. I checked on the cables and all but still it is like this. It's actually stressing me out right now and I know it;s not good bec. I don't want an emergency medical assistance to come

Anyway, my heart is pumping right now, I need to drink water and relax and I should not worry so much but it's hard to maintain computers if you have little knowledge on troubleshooting. Oh dear.. I hope it'll be fixed soon.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been putting off some things lately and I hate myself from doing that. I have tons of photos on my 2 DLSR memory cards and in it where out Christmas and New Year photos.

Finally, I got myself from downloading it from the memory card to my external harddisk just this afternoon! Hooray for me lol!. It's gonna be February already and I still have not finished my resizing and posting it here. Oh dear I'm still not finish yet with our Hongkong trip as well. What's happening to me? Been busy lately, that's why.

Anyway, you'll be seeing more photos soon, that is if I'll not procrastinate once again. :(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be Sure To Make it Last Forever

I love attending weddings especially when I can see the over flowing love between the couple or maybe because I still wish I can walk in the church's aisle as well. All of the weddings that I took part or have attended where mostly in church and I know it'll be one great of an experience not just for me but for the couple to be in one of those destination weddings.

I have just seen footage of destination weddings on TV and I simply envy them. If you are thinking of tying the knot, make it sure that it will last forever (if that is possible). Weddings are sacred and couples should make an effort in saving it. Anyway,you can check out karismahotels for their wedding packages.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life is Good...

Life is great....
1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for.
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you and not because you can't find good severe acne treatments for your face.
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
6. You mean the world to someone.
7. You are special and unique.
8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look.
11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Need to Detoxify

Hello all, I'm back alive and kickin' once again.

I got sick for 1 1/2 days and it's kinda bad to be in that situation again. My sis inlaw always give me an advise to take care of my health always bec. she can see that I work till midnight everyday and she said it's not good especially I'm not that young anymore.

One of the things I complain about is my stomach, not many of you not know that I always complain of having a bad stomach everytime I over eat, not eat on time and when I'm stress or excited. I guess it's time to look into some best colon cleanse articles and see if that will help. A doctor's appointment is not on my priority right now bec. I don;t think I'm ready to know if there is something wrong inside of me.

Maybe I just need to detoxify myself naturally, eat less fatty foods, eat more veggies and fruits and probably I'm on my healthier me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Sick!

Oh my, I am sick since last night but I need to go online to check on my mails and do some works. I was chilling and had a bad cold with congested nose with fever. I need to get up every now and them from my bed to go to the bathroom and wash my hot face.

I then took my cold medicine and put a cold towel on my forehead to lessen the heat on my body. It's been ages since I got sick so I guess my body really can't take the virus that I got so I was down. At least I'm not worrying about how to get rid of wrinkles on my face but being sick is really hard most especially if you need to work.

I took some naps this morning and took med again and now, I'm feeling a lot better. I just need to drown myself with water to flash out all the toxins in my body and to be up and kickin' again tomorrow.

Our Hongkong Trip: Day 2 Hongkong Disneyland

Ok I need to post this now or else I will forget it already. Our Hongkong Trip: Day 2 is at Hongkong Disneyland Dec. 22, 2009. This is our very 1st time to be a this theme park and we have longed to be here long time ago.

We woke up a bit late bec. we got home from our Day 1 trip very late already. We reached Disneyland around 10:30 am and fortunately it was not that cold unlike the 1st day. We 1st had our pictures taken after getting inside and soon after that we rode the train inside Disney. My nephew then made a schedule on where we are going next because there are lots of places to go to.

My nephews and nieces could not contain their excitement riding all the rides and fortunately my youngest nephew's allergy didn't surface anymore unlike the 1st day. Fortunately we got some creams for him to use, how much more if it is an eczema for sure his dad will have a hard time finding an eczema treatment inside Disney. Argghh that would be a kill joy for sure.

Things we did inside at Disneyland:
1. Had photo taken with Minnie, Goofy and Pooh, too bad we didn't have photo with Mickey bec. lines are too long.
2. Went inside "It's a small world" ! It's awesome inside! You can even see a "bahay kubo" and a Filipino Christmas greeting.
3. Watch Golden Mickey in theater
4. Went on a jungle river cruise, Tarzan's tree house etc.
5. Watch the parade, and the fire works at 9 pm and lots lots more!!!

Here are some photos:

More stories and photos of our Hongkong Trip

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Image Hosted by
Wow, it's Wednesday once again and we are already half way through January that I always thought that time flies so fast and our lives pass by so quickly that we need to savor every minute of it. Here are just some of my Wed. happy thoughts eventhough I'm not feeling that great (physically) and I hope you have too.

Happy thoughts need not be be, just a simple gesture or smile from someone that you get is already worth it.
1. Finally done transferring tons of photos from memory card to my external HD.
2. Got tons online works that makes me want to jump for joy.
3. My computer geek nephew shared a nice free seo tool
4. Niece came home alone safe from Sofitel hotel
5. Another shopping day on Friday with sissy

Goodbye Haloscan Comment Form! How to Remove Haloscan codes on your blog

Geezzz... that made me dizzy for a while! Here's what I did on How to Remove Haloscan codes on your blog.

Been using Haloscan for years now but decided to remove it from my blog now bec. Haloscan comment form is not allowing my blog readers from commenting and me not being able to get into my dashboard to see my moderated comments since December. They are upgrading and wanted me to upgrade to Echo for a fee for one year but that is just insane. Why would I pay for a comment form when I can get it for free using the old blogger comment form. yay!

So I Googled on how to remove haloscan codes here in my blog and return to the old blogger comment form. It took me a while to finally found the solution but is just easy. Here's what I did
1. Go to: "Settings"
2. click on: "Layout"
3. click on: "edit HTML"
4. at the bottom links select: "Revert widget templates to default" - doing this you'll lose all your haloscan comment :(

Bad sadly all my HALOscan comments disappeared :( but that is OK! at least my comment form is back, Blogger that is!

Feel free to comment again! Thanks.

Bathroom Renovation

The weather has been changing slowly as I have noticed it and I guess we are going to have an early hot hot summer this year. Ahhh and that calls for another vacation or swimming at the beach. But since we have traveled to Hongkong last Dec. with my family for sure we’ll have a tight budget right now.

Oh well, we need not spend our summer traveling because any family can make their summer vacation with their kids and or siblings at home. A backyard makeshift pool is perfect or just spending time in your bathrooms can be a solace. Speaking of bathrooms, my bessy who had their bathroom renovated last quarter of 2009 has been enjoying the comfort that it has brought to them.

I myself would really want to renovate our bathroom but i still need to set aside a budget for that soon. It’s no joke to start a project because labor and materials have are soaring high lately. Good thing is that there are still shops who offers affordable yet with quality showers, tiles, fixture and more for bathrooms. I might have to scour their stocks soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Seriously Need An Exercise

Oh dear, the holidays are over and it left me with few pounds heavy. Been eating too much (I guess you are too) eversince we arrive from our Hongkong Trip last year. Blame it also on the frequent great dishes that we have been serving since my sis and her family came over here in Phils. for their vacation. I seriously need an exercise even on ellipticals but I am just too lazy. Gone are the days when I use to wake up early to play badminton outside our house.

My waking hours have also changed, now I sleep later at 12 midnight or past that time and will get up at 8 or 8:30 am already without any exercise. I'm not that heavy or fat but we all need some exercise on our body. Oh well... maybe one day, I will.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Hongkong Trip: Day 1

We are so excited that our plans for our Hongkong trip finally came true. We flew via Cebu Pacific last Dec. 19 and stayed in Hongkong till Dec. 24 with my family.

Our Hongkong Trip: Day 1 Iterinary
1. Ngong Ping Cable car
2. Mongkok Night Market
HongKong Day1: HK airport Arrival
HongKong Day1: HK airport train
At Hongkong airport and train. Hongkong Airport is so huge and so nice.

My sister JOY and her family from Sydney arrive a day ahead of us
HongKong Day1: Sis Joy and her family from Sydney greeting us
HongKong Day1: Sis Beng and Family from Riyadh
My older sis Beng and her family from Riyadh also came to fetch us at the airport.

From the airport we went straight ahead at NGONG PING 360 Cable Ride . We left our luggage at an electronic locker that can be rented near Ngong Ping. The cable car ride was a bit scary but a lot of fun. It was also cold when we are already on top of the mountain going to Giant Buddha.
Hongkong Day1: At Ngong Ping Cable Car
Hongkong Day1: At Ngong Ping Cable Car
the view was amazing!
Hongkong Day1: At Ngong Ping Cable CarHongkong Day1: At Ngong Ping Cable Car
Hongkong Day1: At Ngong Ping Cable Car
Hongkong Day1: At Ngong Ping Cable Car
We are always on the go, walking and walking endlessly. It's a good exercise for us eventhough it was so cold in Hongkong that time being winter. We don't need any fitness equipment to get an exercise because just by walking and exploring Hongkong is good enough to keep our bodies moving.

After Ngong Ping, we went to our hostel and rest for a while. In the evening we went to Mongkok to shop a bit at Night Market.
Here are our other HONGKONG VACATION PICTURES and stories

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey all I'm back! It's New Year and many things happened to me last holidays and I had a blast. As you all know I attended our 25th Silver Reunion last Dec. 19 and it's great to see my former highschool classmates that night. Photos will be shared soon.

We also had our Hongkong vacation last Dec. 21-24 and as usual we had the time of our life visiting the tourist spots most especially Disneyland. Shopping wise, I am not that happy because prices are a bit higher compared here in our country and most of the items can be seen here already at much lower price. Photos will be shared soon as well.

We had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve because my sis Joy and her family is here in the country as well. It's her 2 kids' first time to visit the country and my sis' 1st time to come home again after 9 years after migrating in Australia. They still have 2 more weeks to have a vacation.

Now that new year is here, another year to work hard and a year for more challenges and trials. Students will be back in school or univ. tomorrow already and for those that are taking medical coding training courses and other courses for sure they will have a hard time going back to school after a long vacation.

Ok it's time to work hard. Have a great New year everyone!