Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

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Wow, it's Wednesday once again and we are already half way through January that I always thought that time flies so fast and our lives pass by so quickly that we need to savor every minute of it. Here are just some of my Wed. happy thoughts eventhough I'm not feeling that great (physically) and I hope you have too.

Happy thoughts need not be be, just a simple gesture or smile from someone that you get is already worth it.
1. Finally done transferring tons of photos from memory card to my external HD.
2. Got tons online works that makes me want to jump for joy.
3. My computer geek nephew shared a nice free seo tool
4. Niece came home alone safe from Sofitel hotel
5. Another shopping day on Friday with sissy


  1. Hi! Nice blog...the year is going so quickly...really

  2. Nice one! Its filled with positive vibes! Thanks for sharing!


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