Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye Haloscan Comment Form! How to Remove Haloscan codes on your blog

Geezzz... that made me dizzy for a while! Here's what I did on How to Remove Haloscan codes on your blog.

Been using Haloscan for years now but decided to remove it from my blog now bec. Haloscan comment form is not allowing my blog readers from commenting and me not being able to get into my dashboard to see my moderated comments since December. They are upgrading and wanted me to upgrade to Echo for a fee for one year but that is just insane. Why would I pay for a comment form when I can get it for free using the old blogger comment form. yay!

So I Googled on how to remove haloscan codes here in my blog and return to the old blogger comment form. It took me a while to finally found the solution but is just easy. Here's what I did
1. Go to: "Settings"
2. click on: "Layout"
3. click on: "edit HTML"
4. at the bottom links select: "Revert widget templates to default" - doing this you'll lose all your haloscan comment :(

Bad sadly all my HALOscan comments disappeared :( but that is OK! at least my comment form is back, Blogger that is!

Feel free to comment again! Thanks.

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  1. I've been using HaloScan for years now. I'm upset that I can't transfer my HaloScan comments to Blogger default commenting service.

    Thanks for sharing this. I guess I have no choice. I don't like the idea of paying a certain fee for commenting service.


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