Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bathroom Renovation

The weather has been changing slowly as I have noticed it and I guess we are going to have an early hot hot summer this year. Ahhh and that calls for another vacation or swimming at the beach. But since we have traveled to Hongkong last Dec. with my family for sure we’ll have a tight budget right now.

Oh well, we need not spend our summer traveling because any family can make their summer vacation with their kids and or siblings at home. A backyard makeshift pool is perfect or just spending time in your bathrooms can be a solace. Speaking of bathrooms, my bessy who had their bathroom renovated last quarter of 2009 has been enjoying the comfort that it has brought to them.

I myself would really want to renovate our bathroom but i still need to set aside a budget for that soon. It’s no joke to start a project because labor and materials have are soaring high lately. Good thing is that there are still shops who offers affordable yet with quality showers, tiles, fixture and more for bathrooms. I might have to scour their stocks soon.

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