Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Tagged !!

I was tagged by Nita, (thanks Nits) here are my answers.

5 things that you might not know about me...

1. I can put coffee on my rice and viand and can eat it (yuck for some but for me it's yummy lol)
2. I love to eat fried chicken, fish, pork bbq. if it is crispy or well cooked..
3. I hate it when someone borrowed things from me w/o any permission.
I can say i'm a good person but once you hurt me, the Scorpion sting in me will be unleashed, also i can forgive but never will i can forget the bad thing/s you have done to me.
5. I'm a reality TV show addict.

Now, i am tagging Suzanne, Ana P.S., MerryK, Cherry Rose

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yay, it's definitely the coldest day for this year. I woke up really late this morning, i think it was about already 8:30 am, I am usually up by 7;30, but this morning is really different, hahaha i am too lazy to get up bec. it is cold. Jan till Feb. are our coldest months here in the Phils. All year long we experience temp. ranging from 30-34 C esp. during the summer months but i heard at the news today that in Baguio City they experienced 9C and here in Manila and distant province experienced the lowest of 18.7C..yayyy cold ! lol..
I have every reason now to curl up more hours in my bed with my 4 pillows in the mornings. And with a tropical country like ours, a sudden and major drop in temp. would really be cold for us. If the temp will drop more, geez i have to take out my longsleeves shirts out of my closet by then.. Ang lamig !!!! hahahaha...
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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Week and blah blahs...

Hello everyone, wow January will be gone in few more days, surely time flies so fast. So what's new with me??? Errr, i've been working till Saturday here at my small business and i do think the start of year 2007 has been pretty good. I got few orders from my customers from stickers, business cards to invitations which is not bad, i hope this will remain. I am not asking for tons and tons of work bec. i need to have a break from it also hahaha, so on the side i'm designing for the Scrapping Our quota is to submit 3 kits per month plus a contribution for the mega kit which we are assigned every other month but sometimes i can only submit 1-2 kits since life can be busy.
Another thing is that i am into blogging which i enjoy too, i met friends online through this and lately earning a lil bit from it. At first i don't believe it but hey it is true !
I am blogging for 2 years now..wooohooo!! At first i found it so corny to have an online journal but later on i found myself creating one. My 1st journal is at bravejournal and now i made another one here at blogspot where i can add more links and they offer more services, my old blog is still working though i will not delete it anyway.
Anyway guys, hope you all have a good week ahead !!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Free Quickpage !!

(Click pic to view larger)

My CT Cherry Rose
created this beautiful quickpage for you all using my latest Kit "SWEET NOTHINGS". It is 12 x 12 .png. Just add your photo and it's done , hope you like it.

NOte: I'll be reuploading or putting my previous freebies this coming days so watch out for it..

Leave some love when you get it so we'll always be insipired. Thanks.

**Sorry Download Link not available anymore"

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Newt Kit at TSG

Hi everyone i have a new kit at the Scrapping Garden Store. It's up on sale again less 40% off till Feb. 3, 2007. So grab it now..
I had fun creating this cute and fun kit so i know you'll have fun using them in your layouts.
Here's are previews of the kit:

Here are layouts that i made

My little sungit niece Reign lol

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Goin insane !!!!

Oh yes, i am goin insane, i've been trying to change my header with a graphics that i made and used in my bravejournal header. I need it badly here.. I've researched the net on how to change the codes, i almost got it but the header seems to be cut on top..
I'm getting impatient here huh.. at bravejournal it is soooo easy to put the header in 2 ways .. in here i am at lost hahaha.. Hopefully an angel can give me the right code and right directions on how to do it.. Right now i am goin to try and try and try and try and try.. lol..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Home New Site

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We have our new site now for Phil. Digiscrappers,  Angie did a great job in puting up this site. We started only as a forum and now we moved to a new slick home and i am loving it. This is a place for Filipina Digi Scrappers and Photo Hobbyists. The members are all friendly and we have great chit-chats, we even have our own gallery for our layouts, not to forget a section for upcoming kits for designers like me that we can showcase.

So if you are a Filipina and into digiscrapping, join us in our new and improved site, it is where we share our ideas, layouts, tips etc. about scrapping/ photography and just about any topic under the sun. Feel free to join us, you can see me there always. At 1st you cannot browse the whole site not until you become a member first.

Join us and i know you will love it too, all are Filipinas in there. See yah!

New Week

Oh yes, new week, new trials, new hope...
Just this morning, i went to our local municipal hall tog. with my brother to renew our business license. Wow indeed, lots of people were there to renew. The line for payment is so long and it was not moving for sometime. We need to go to different departments for assesment, signings etc. But with our patience after 2 hours we are able to finish it just in time for lunch break. Hmm taxes are going up every year, we hope that those taxes will go to govt projects..

Krispy Kreme

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I'm not really a donut lover, but I got to taste Krispy Kreme one time while vacationing in Sydney, they got lots of flavors and the one that i really like the most is the original glazed one. To make it more yummy , i put it on the microwave for few mins. and voila hmmm so yummy together with a nice cup of coffee. Your snack will be so great! They didn't have a branch here yet but when I was watching TV last night (It's a guy thing), they feautured it and oh goodness they have a branch now at SM Megamall , gosh i forgot what building it was A or B.. o well what the heck i'll just find it there anyway.. Can't wait to get a bite of it again..!!

Free Quickpage

Hey all, ive got a 12 x 12 .png quickpage for free just add your photo , my CT Cherry Rose made it using my latest kit. Hope you enjoy it.!!!!

Ok my ever so good CT, edited this quickpage (added) a white border for the picture and reuploaded it again just for you all. So be quick and download it fast. Pls. give some love when you get it ok.

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I put a pic of my Pinay Digiscrapper Member who is getting married on the 21st.
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My Ct's layout
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Ok here's the new DL link, remember only 100 DL and link will expire after 7 days
(Sorry link no longer available)

New Kit, New CT

Hi all,this is my new kit at the Scrapping Garden and it is on sale less 40% off till Jan. 20 , so grab it now! Papers are grungy and textured and i know you'll love it.

More info of my product HERE

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Aside from a new Kit , i am also excited to annouce that I
now have my own personal CT and that is no other than CHERRY ROSE QUINONES (aka Chikai), she'll be doing layouts for my upcoming kits. I love her great layouting styles, which is simple and neat. She has her own digiscrapping gallery too, hope you can check it out HERE.

Here are the layouts that she made using my latest kit

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NOTE: She uses other elements in this layout, kindly check her digi blog for other credits.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pic with friends

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Here's a photo of us ( Suzanne, meand Liz) at Starbucks Glorietta when we met last year after Christmas for the 1st time. Suzanne is the one who introduced me to design for the Scrapping Garden, while Zanne and Liz where already friends online for over 2 years now. We are all part of the Scrapping Garden, me at the Design Team while them at the Admin. Team. Zanne came all the way from Cotabato to spend Christmas in her inlaws and when i heard she's going to meet with Liz, i joined them. It was fun meeting them for the 1st time. Also met Liz's cool dad , husband, and Wesley (Zanne's hubby). We ate at Dad's courtesy of Liz's dad.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Blogging

Ok it's Sunday and i'm here blogging, got lazy to go out and have some fun at the mall. I opted to stay here at my shop (closed on Sundays) and just went online and did some stuffs.
Changed my journal header and i'm happy it turned out nice. The paper and all elements are all mine (that's part of my upcoming Valentine Kit) except for the lace which is a tube (oopps forgot the owner's name just remember- Martin), and the gem is psp tube. I hope i can put on the store at the Scrapping Garden before Valentines hehe..
Since i also have a personal CT (Cherry Rose) now, i made a blinkie that she can use on forums and galleries. Here it is...

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I have been inspired lately to work on my new kits and hopefully you can buy some stuffs from me. All of my designs are exclusive at TSG store.

Another week is over and boy it was just fast, new week is coming and i'll be working on my shop to finish some business (calling) cards and appointment cards for my customer. Hopefully i will get more jobs to keep me sane and have money to pay the bills. LOL..

Have a fun weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

Wow can't believe it's 2007 already !!! How time flies so fast..

Our New year's eve was so fun. I'll make another post for that when the photos are already available..

Sis from Australia called on the phone on New year's day and we were able to talk to mom and we could not believe it, she wanted to go home already. She could not wait to go home from her Christmas vacation so my mom's flight back home is already on Sat. the 6th, where in fact she was only there last Dec. 13.

New Year's day was a lazy lazy day..arghh i ate lunch at bros house, while most of them went to a friend's house to eat at the bday lunch. I din't open my shop that day, just browse a bit online, made some designing and oh boy i was so sleepy due to new years eve celebration. Went home and just watched tv endlessly , watching the news etcc.

Today, i cleaned my shop a bit, removed all the Christmas decorations already even if 3 Kings celebration is not finished yet. Most of the business stores are all open while schools will be opened by tomorrow.

And with the start of the year, i have this new blog at blogspot. Happy happy New Year everyone!!!