Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yay, it's definitely the coldest day for this year. I woke up really late this morning, i think it was about already 8:30 am, I am usually up by 7;30, but this morning is really different, hahaha i am too lazy to get up bec. it is cold. Jan till Feb. are our coldest months here in the Phils. All year long we experience temp. ranging from 30-34 C esp. during the summer months but i heard at the news today that in Baguio City they experienced 9C and here in Manila and distant province experienced the lowest of 18.7C..yayyy cold ! lol..
I have every reason now to curl up more hours in my bed with my 4 pillows in the mornings. And with a tropical country like ours, a sudden and major drop in temp. would really be cold for us. If the temp will drop more, geez i have to take out my longsleeves shirts out of my closet by then.. Ang lamig !!!! hahahaha...
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  1. wow lumalamig din pala sa pinas sis..but i think lahat yata sa mundo are having this cold front sa amin ang lamig din sarap matulog hahah

  2. malamig din dito sa davao te jen. ^_^ te jen, check mo yong bravejournal blog ko. ginawan ko ng paraan yong archive chuva sa header part para lng ma-approve sa blogitive. ginaya ko rin yong permalink. hehehe. todo na to!

    This blog does not allow anonymous comments <-- uy strict mo naman sa blog na to. hehehe. kailangan may blogger account talaga to post a comment. ^_^

  3. uy Che, di ako strict default yata yan.. change ko later... of course i want everybody to comment ano... tahnks ngayon ko lang napansin


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