Monday, January 29, 2007

New Week and blah blahs...

Hello everyone, wow January will be gone in few more days, surely time flies so fast. So what's new with me??? Errr, i've been working till Saturday here at my small business and i do think the start of year 2007 has been pretty good. I got few orders from my customers from stickers, business cards to invitations which is not bad, i hope this will remain. I am not asking for tons and tons of work bec. i need to have a break from it also hahaha, so on the side i'm designing for the Scrapping Our quota is to submit 3 kits per month plus a contribution for the mega kit which we are assigned every other month but sometimes i can only submit 1-2 kits since life can be busy.
Another thing is that i am into blogging which i enjoy too, i met friends online through this and lately earning a lil bit from it. At first i don't believe it but hey it is true !
I am blogging for 2 years now..wooohooo!! At first i found it so corny to have an online journal but later on i found myself creating one. My 1st journal is at bravejournal and now i made another one here at blogspot where i can add more links and they offer more services, my old blog is still working though i will not delete it anyway.
Anyway guys, hope you all have a good week ahead !!


  1. yeyy earning ka na pala te Jen..buti ka pa ako sa blogsvertise lang sa feb pa mababayaran trapos minsan lang bigay ng task

  2. Super Busy ka rin Jen,career na talaga ang designing ah. Well take your time and have fun making great designs.


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