Friday, April 30, 2010

Yey, It's Raining!

Ahhh.. thank God for the rain!

Yesterday and this afternoon the rain just poured. It doesn't mean that it's rainy season already but it's only drenching the already toasted and too dry land of ours because of too much heat and humidity this summer season. Last night I was able to sleep so soundly and even putting a blanket because it got cold because it was raining hard.

Thankful also bec. farmers will benefit from this, their crops will get the taste of water.

They Need to Learn How To Value It

Parents always will try to do their best to send their children to school no matter what. I have seen it with my friends and siblings, they will do anything even working hard overseas and far away from their family just to save for their education. Others will try to get extra jobs, look for ways to earn extra money will enter their minds just to earn additional income in their savings.

In return, I hope their children will value the sacrifices that they their parents are doing and make their best to study hard and finish so they can help in the finances when they get a job. Sometimes kids don't realize those sacrifices.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perfect All-Inclusive Vacation Deals

Looks like everyone is on vacation right now. Why not? It’s the summer vacation and a perfect time to bond with the kids these days. If you could just rent a place that is family friendly, then that would be good. A couple of my friends have been traveling in and out of the country for the past few months and just seeing their vacation photos are enough to make me wish that we should have the same vacation too.

They’ve been talking about all inclusive packages and that includes all the fees for accommodation, food, activities and including tips. Perfect! The thought of all inclusive hotels as well is very exciting because you don’t need to worry about paying every and then, for food etc. because you pay a lump payment already, ahead of time and all you need to do when you are there, is to enjoy.

Just two of the most sought after vacation places are the Caribbean and Jamaica and if you search the net, offers vacation packages in Jamaica. Just imagine yourself immersing at the popular 7-mile stretch of Negril beach in Jamaica… Ahhh pure bliss!

Walking in the sand, sipping juice under the coconut tree, lying at the beach side and hearing the sound of the waves will for sure send your vacation senses to their peak. I have come to realize that since we work so hard the whole year, it’s only normal and deserving to give yourself and your family a well deserved vacation. In fact, memories can never be bought and family bonding and time together are just priceless. So if you have time, go on a vacation and make more memories.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7th Birthday Preps

My SIL is very busy these days for the preparation of her daughter's 7th birthday on Sunday. She already bought her a pink with green trimmings gown yesterday at the mall and it was so pretty. I already made her an invitation and they have been printed as well and all they need is to give it to the guest asap.

I also made a tarpaulin layout last night, at first I thought that they didn't want to have one but last night they said they wanted so I whipped out a layout till midnight so that it will be printed already. SIL still needs to go to Divisoria to buy some souvenirs and I'm not sure what she will get.

I also ordered a 7th birthday cake for her at Goldilocks last Sunday and yay it's a bit pricey but it's nice. The theme is Disney Princess. I know they already have a list of foods to be served and I can't wait for the event on Sunday. I will post pics here after the occasion.

First Aid Kit is a Must

Lately I’m staying home to work and since it’s summer vacation I’m also looking after my nephew and niece. I heard a loud cry the other day and I rushed to their home to see my 6yr old niece crying. I taught that her older brother must have teased her once again and they had a fight but she told me that she slipped on the stairs and she fell.

Poor kid, I saw her right leg with scrapes and bruise so I immediately look for cotton and betanide to wipe the little blood and told her that it will be alright. Having kids at home can be a little daunting as they are prone to accidents even if we take extra care of them. Having home medical supplies in a medical kit at home can be very helpful for emergencies like what happen to us the other day. Supplies should include
-cotton balls
-antibacterial ointment
-adhesive bandages/ gauze
-adhesive tape
just to name a few. These medical supplies should be placed in the house where every family members know of so that when needed it is easily be available. Finding supplies is very easy, just go to your nearest pharmacy or you can purchase online like at Jazz Med. Supply if you like.

You can also put medical kits onto your car when you travel for you never know when accident will happen.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Severe Migraine

Last Sunday, what suppose to be a relaxing day turned into a bad afternoon till evening for me. It was right about lunch when I felt a little bit sluggish and uncomfortable due to severe heat due to our weather. I took a quick nap on my computer chair to relieve what I'm feeling.

Still hot and humid, I went straight to the grocery where I was exposed to sudden cold when I arrived. Maybe my body didn't cope with the weather change so when I got home, my headache became severe and its migraine already bec. of the throbbing pain.

Around 11pm it became severe but I have no medicine on stock so I wasn;t able to drink any. I went to sleep but from time to time I was awake bec. of the pain. I moan bec. of the pain and almost cried because of it. Monday morning I woke up still with heavy head but getting fine, I took medicine already so I was relieved. Thank goodness I recovered so I was able to work yesterday.

I Think I Need Some Exercise

Yay, it's a brand new week and it feels like I'm sluggish and lazy. Last week, I'm already lethargic and I'm hoping that this week will be an upbeat one but with the looks of it I might need to exert an effort.

My body is kinda achy today and I feel like I need to do some exercise to break my sedentary lifestyle for a while. Too bad I don't have a treadmill at home and too lazy to go out with friends to play badminton. Actually I missed the fun already last Friday when my former hs batchmates played badminton. Sure looks fun when I saw their photos posted on Facebook.

I hope one day, I'll be enthusiastic enough to join them so I can keep moving.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

Yay, Friday once again and time for Friday fill ins.

1. Where are my plans going to?
2. If wishes were horses i like them to run so fast to me.
3. I'd like to see some of my friends way back in college that I've not seen for decades.
4. When I was a teen, I thought I'd be a bank teller but fortunately I didn't end up being one.
5. One of my mother's favorite sayings was don't put off things later when you can do it today.
6. I'd have a hard time doing without my computer and internet connection bec. I feel like disconnected to the world without them.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching TV till midnight, tomorrow my plans include working, working hmmm and Sunday, I want to rest a bit, go to mass, grocery and just be lazy for a day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Work Schedule

Recently, I decided to change my work schedule so that I will be more productive. I now work at home about 3x a week and only at mornings every Tues or Thurs.. I still have my net cafe running but since my SIL is not in her office she is the one managing it so I can work at home.

I noticed that with that schedule I became more focused and can do lots of tasks while at home compared to when I'm at the cafe where it is a bit noisy and too many distractions. I hope I can continue with that sched for a long time though, that is if my SIL will cooperate hehe.

Working at home makes me do some house chores as well and I can also cook meals that I wanted to eat though cooking eats my working hours too. At least, I'm busy and active at least getting herbal diet supplements is not on my mind but I do need to drink my Fern-C multivitamins though. Anyway, I'm happy with my current work set-up.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back To Digi-Scrapping

Just in case you didn't know I'm into digital scrapbooking and digital photography and these are my recent hobbies. I started to love photography long before while I learn to love digital scrapbooking in 2007. I bought my DSLR as a b-day gift to myself in Nov. 2008 and I'm glad that photography and scrapbooking goes well together since you need to have photos to scrap.

Anyway, I was so inspired to digi-scrap last weekend and up to now my mojo is still flowing. It was last Sunday when I even stayed up so late up until 1 am just to digi-scrap and browse online galleries. Fortunately my staying up late didn't cause me any acne or else I have no option but to find an adult acne treatment for that. I guess I'm still going to whip up a layout or two tonight before I go to bed.

I'm still itching to scrap photos that I have collected since late last year and I know it'll be nice to scrap them and have it printed at Artscow.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quick Recipes on the Go

Ahhh.. just finished having our late lunch for today with my brother’s kids. We are left at home since they (bro and the rest) will be going out to bring some paintings for an art competition. It’s already 11 pm this morning and I’m working when I realized that i have not yet prepared something for lunch and kids might already be hungry. Yay! I was too busy with my work that I didn’t see that the time passed by so quickly.

With no idea what to cook for lunch today, I just opened the fridge and I found chicken breasts and pork. At first I wanted to cook Chicken with pineapples but I found out that I have no pineapple tidbits on the pantry so I didn’t continue it and at least I have not thawed the chicken already. With the pork left to cook, I immediately started to think what to make out of it. Just frying it will be a bit boring and I don’t think my nephew will eat it fried pork bec. he likes something with soup.

I opened the ref once again and see what veggies I have, good thing I have some potatoes, string beans and cabbage. Perfect! I made Pork Nilaga today, another very quick recipes that I’m already used cooking. It’s just so easy. All you need to do it boil the pork in water together with peppercorns, onion, and a bit salt. Once the pork is tender already, put in the veggies and season with salt or to make it tastier, a patis (fish sauce) is much nicer. Cook for several mins. until all veggies are done.

Isn’t that easy? What about you what’s your lunch or dinner for today? I know there are times that we simply get tired of cooking but easy recipes will do the trick.

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a Must

More people are actually still acquiring vehicles of their own as it seems eventhough the economy is not that good. Owning one can simply give benefits to the owners because you can actually go to places where you want to go at your own time and comfort. Not all people can buy brand new car though that’s why used vehicles are the best options for people with low budget. We are one of those people who opted to buy pre-loved vehicles and we’re lucky so far with our purchases.

No matter what type of vehicles you buy, maintaining it and seeing to it that it is properly insured is a must. Good thing is that there are cheap car insurance policies that we can avail. Getting car insurance is already a prerequisite before a vehicle can be registered and I think that is a good policy. We never really know when an accident will occur so it’s only but good that we have insurance for our vehicles just in case.

Going to be Busy!

Wow it looks like I'm going to have a busy weekend along with some of my friends. My twitter is so busy with their updates about our works and with the looks of it, opportunities are slowing flowing in again for all of us. I guess it's a reward for all our hardwork and some companies are liking what we are doing for them so they are giving us more extra work.

It only means that more moolah will be coming in at the end of the month and for my friends who have kids that are going to school, the money that will get out of our online work will be used for their tuition fees. Great isn't it.? We are so thankful for all the continued blessings that we are getting. God is so good all the time.

Making Others Look Beautiful

If you’re like a gay friend of mine who owns a salon and loves making others look beautiful then chances are you are always keen to learn more skills and techniques that you can use in your chosen profession.

Eventhough he is skilled already he never fails to attend seminars and gatherings that involves cosmetology or hair art.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cleaning my Closet

I was cleaning my closet the other day due to lack of internet connection and I've been sorting out my clothes and some jeans. I was astonished to see that some of my well-loved jeans like Lee or Jag don't fit me anymore.. arghhh... It fits on my legs but not in my waist area because my belly fats are bulging once again. Blame it on my frequent sitting and lack of exercise.. poofff!!

Now, I need to hand my old pair of jeans (no Hudson jeans included though) to my niece who happens to be lucky bec. I always gave her my old jeans and even shirts and blouses. I guess when I passed by the mall by weekend I'll be trying out some jeans as replacements.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smart Bro Internet >> Not Smart Anymore

Sorry I will rant once again..

I just can't help not to hide my frustration over my SMART Bro internet connection at our house for almost 3 weeks of on and off connection. It's making me furious already because I can't work properly whenever I'm at home!

My dilemma started last March 28 (yes before HOLY WEEK), I called their technical support and it didn't help me bec. still no net connection at that time eventhough I connected the cable straight to my laptop. Days passed and still no service, I called again. This time few hours I used the net. The whole Holy Week, I got no net.. pasalamat sila Holy Week yon at least medyo hindi rin ako nagbabad sa net.

I think April 4, someone from Smart called me and again we did troubleshooting.. no net when connected on the router and it's working when directly connected again. I'm getting pissed, they told me to wait for 24 hours for the connection to stabilize.. Thank God I used it for about a day or so.. but......

Just the other night, I got no connection again and up to now!! What's going on with your service Smart Bro!!!! I want a rebate and my net connection back. It's so much hassle!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Graduates 2010

We are all so very proud of them. My 2 nephews graduated last March 26th from elementary and right now they are getting entrance exams on different high school. I just hope they will do good once again when they are in their Secondary level of learning.
Reign graduated from pre-school and she'll be already Grade 1 this coming school year in June.
Meanwhile my other nephew Jerel graduated with a degree of BS Fine Arts major in Advertising. I hope he'll be looking for a job soon so that he can already help with their family's finances. I'm not sure if he's going to be use Newark job search since for sure he'll be working here in Pinas first so that he'll have an experience.

I Love Shopping esp. When there's a SALE!

Hi all, hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend with your family or friends. As for me it’s a lazy Sunday. After having a sumptuous lunch here at my brother’s all I can think about is so go online then later on just laze around in the house, play with my dog and watch TV till night. This is one of those days that I just don’t have the desire to go to the mall because just in case you didn’t know, it is too hot to go outside. The heat didn’t hinder some people from going to the malls, in fact, they love it there simply its air-conditioned.

Anyway, I love shopping too and I’ve had one of those days when I arrived decided to stay the whole day at the mall strolling, fitting anything and just about bargain hunting. I love when I saw SALE signs bec. it makes me excited making my shopping hormones alive hehe.

How’d I wish that my fave department stores hand out coupon codes for I will be one happy shopper. I just recently unearthed once again the home diva in me a couple of weeks ago that’s why I’m also looking for some new furniture that I can put in the house.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready For Upgrade?

Everytime I see some new vehicles like Ford Escapeon the streets, most of the times I’m secretly wishing that we can have them as well. It’s no surprise as well that my older brother is keen on vehicles like other guys and I think it grew on him when he used to buy and sell cars together with my dad in the 80’s when he was still alive.

Now, my brother constantly never fails to tease or joke me or my mom to buy another vehicle when he sees a model that he likes. To make him stop, I always say that if I’ll win the lottery then I’ll buy all the cars that my heart will desire and that is all brand new.

With little budget on our hand, we just purchased a second hand white Toyota Lite Ace van last Sept. and so far so good it’s working and serving us in almost admirable condition. We’ve been alternating use our Lite Ace and our other vehicle which is Toyota Tamaraw. Who knows in the future we’ll have a land rover as added vehicle but for now we are happy with what we have and an upgrade is kinda vague.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Photohunt: SWEET Red Ribbon's Chocolate Marjolaine Cake

I've been craving for cakes for a while now so when when I went out this afternoon to buy medicines for my mom at mercury drug near our house, I decided to stop by Red Ribbon Bakeshop. I have no idea what I want to buy but I picked this Red Ribbon's Chocolate Marjolaine Cake.

I already tasted this before and I so love it. I don't fancy pure chocolate so opted for this one. It has layers of choco and cream inside (resembles like a tiramisu) and it has nuts and shaves of chocolates on the side.
What I like about this cake is that it is not too sweet unlike other cakes. I also don't feel guilty eating it after. Thank goodness I also don;t need thermogenic fat burner after eating this mouth-watering cake from Red Ribbon. I'm sure I'll be buying this cake in the future if we have occasions or just like today when my cravings for some sweet is just intense.

More Photohunters here.

Sickie Mom

Mom's bp shoot up again this morning and we are worried once again. She already wants to be confined and check up by her doctor already so we thought of going to the hospital. I monitor her bp every now and then and my brother told her to get up and walk and get a bath to be refreshed. I took her bp few minutes ago and fortunately it's lowering already.

We are going to her doctor for checkup but we are also prepared just in case the doctor asked her to be confined in the hospital. Her things are packed already including her towels, tissue, alcohol and clothes. I myself also will be bringing some stuff and how's I wish I have one of those ipods so that I'll be not bored while waiting in the hospital just in case.

I'm just wishing that mom will get well soon for I know she hates being sick too.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wow It is so HOT!!

Goodness me, these couple of days, you can't blame us for whining over the extreme weather that we are experiencing here because temperature ranges from 34-36C coupled with high humidity. It's hot, hot hot summer days and PAG_ASA our weather bureau already announced that hotter days (40C) are still coming (WHAT???) and still continue until June. Wow that is too much!

The El Nino is making it even worst so people are advised to keep cool at all times. Animals are not spared as well, as many are suffering from heat stroke too.

People are getting sick as well like my mom. We rushed her this morning at the hospital because her blood pressure was too high and she complains that she is so dizzy and she can't see anything. Thank God she is quite ok now after the doctor gave her medicines.

Right now, I also have colds and hopefully it will go away and it will not turn into more serious illness.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Back!

Happy Easter everyone! Did you had an Easter egg hunting with your family? For us we heard Easter Mass and right after that we went to my brother's house and had a lunch there.

I've been in blogging hiatus since last week and now I'm back. I'll be sharing some photos and actually I have some on my other blog.

My internet connection here at our home is back but there are times I can't connect just like this afternoon but hopefully the connection will be stable now this week because I will be back on my online work and I desperately need the net.