Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7th Birthday Preps

My SIL is very busy these days for the preparation of her daughter's 7th birthday on Sunday. She already bought her a pink with green trimmings gown yesterday at the mall and it was so pretty. I already made her an invitation and they have been printed as well and all they need is to give it to the guest asap.

I also made a tarpaulin layout last night, at first I thought that they didn't want to have one but last night they said they wanted so I whipped out a layout till midnight so that it will be printed already. SIL still needs to go to Divisoria to buy some souvenirs and I'm not sure what she will get.

I also ordered a 7th birthday cake for her at Goldilocks last Sunday and yay it's a bit pricey but it's nice. The theme is Disney Princess. I know they already have a list of foods to be served and I can't wait for the event on Sunday. I will post pics here after the occasion.

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