Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Aid Kit is a Must

Lately I’m staying home to work and since it’s summer vacation I’m also looking after my nephew and niece. I heard a loud cry the other day and I rushed to their home to see my 6yr old niece crying. I taught that her older brother must have teased her once again and they had a fight but she told me that she slipped on the stairs and she fell.

Poor kid, I saw her right leg with scrapes and bruise so I immediately look for cotton and betanide to wipe the little blood and told her that it will be alright. Having kids at home can be a little daunting as they are prone to accidents even if we take extra care of them. Having home medical supplies in a medical kit at home can be very helpful for emergencies like what happen to us the other day. Supplies should include
-cotton balls
-antibacterial ointment
-adhesive bandages/ gauze
-adhesive tape
just to name a few. These medical supplies should be placed in the house where every family members know of so that when needed it is easily be available. Finding supplies is very easy, just go to your nearest pharmacy or you can purchase online like at Jazz Med. Supply if you like.

You can also put medical kits onto your car when you travel for you never know when accident will happen.

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