Monday, August 30, 2010

Playing Gabriela at HS Musical on Stage

I'm so happy and proud that my niece Micah (3rd from left) is actually playing Gabriela at the HS Musical in their town in Sydney. She's been wanting to be on stage and this opportunity will hone her skills in acting and singing.

Everyone says that she looks Vanessa Hudgens so much that;s why she got the Gabriela part but I guess apart from being a look-alike my niece has a talent that she can show. The show will start this September 24 and all I can wish her is good luck and we're proud of her.

Of Franchising, Investing and other Business

A former highschool classmate of mine e-mailed me one time asking me if I wanted to join them in their future business plans. She's actually inviting me to attend a seminar about franchising of a certain product. She told me that she's looking for new ways or business ventures that she and her husband wanted to take into since they've been working in the office almost all their adult life and they wanted to so something else.

They don't want to get old working for someone in the office so they thought of investing in business like franchising and perhaps in gold coin
as well. I know they have the money to invest since they have saved while working. They considered me because they know that I have a small business as well and they thought I might be interested in this new venture.

I Love 80's Music: 80's Music Hits

This is my year so I enjoyed hearing it once in a while.

From P2K+ to P750

Oh boy, I'm one lucky girl right now. I could not help but to be happy after I read our recent Meralco (electric) bill for this month. My SIL handed the bill this morning and I immediately opened it and to my surprise our electric was only Php750. Wahooo that is great!

My bill last month was Php 2,300.00 and now it went down to less than 1K and it's amazing. I don;t know what I do to make our bill like that. This is a good news especially for me since I'm the one who is paying our bill in the house.

iPhone App Development etc. from Sourcebits

I can see that some of my friends who are iPhone users are seeing the advantages that they are getting from this super gadget. I think they can simply can’t live without it these days because most of their everyday computing needs can now be done using their iPhones. They can use it to listen to music and when they are out waiting in line, they are not bored anymore because they can easily read their favourite e-books loaded in their phones. Their children can also watch cartoons and play games that can keep them occupied.

With all reviews that I’m getting from iPhones users, I’d definitely want one for myself. I’m not sure if I can afford to buy it this time but, time will come when the price will be affordable then I can go for it. In the meantime, I will just borrow my sister’s phone and be amazed with all the apps in it.

I know iPhone users are very much excited with all the different iPhone app development
that Soucebits have been developing these days.

Blog Hopped

I had an extra time to blog hop the other day and it is one thing that I've miss doing in the last couple of months because I'm indeed too busy with all my online works and other stuff. It was a pleasant surprise to read posts from some of my blogger friends that they are doing great with their respective families while there are some who seems bothered with their problems.

I also noticed that some of the bloggers are continuously in search of something that they can give them extra money through investment and or business. I have once read that they learned that gold coins and bullion
are by far one of the most sought after investment today and they might consider looking into this. I hope they'll succeed in whatever business ventures they will take.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Used CNC machines

Who would have thought that we’ve come to this age where we can enjoy the use of different machines, gadgets and tools that can make our lives a little bit easier? With just one click of a button, we can now have fresh brewed coffee, money will be dispensed in the atm, multiple items will be made in just matter of minutes and so on and so forth. Isn’t it amazing huh?

Computer generated machines are used in many industries and it helped the many companies efficient production and services. I’m sure these days, more and more machines like a 
cnc milline machine controlled digitally will be manufactured and created and there’s no stopping that for sure. However, it can be an expensive piece of machinery that’s why used cnc machines are available via ResellCnc.

ResellCnc, is a company founded more than 4 decades ago and is an excellent source of
cnc lathes and machines.  Used cncmachineries of various brands like Agma, Citizen, Daewoo, DMG, Miyano and more are available at ResellCnc’s website. You’ll also find auctions or liquidations and appraisals of in-stock cnc machines and lathes at very affordable prices. You can check out their site for more info and browse their inventory of machines.

Women and Cosmetics

I guess woman’s love for cosmetics is undeniable and probably lots of us have brought something for our lips, cheeks, and eyes. Makeup can enhance our beauty and it often used when we go out for work, on special occasions etc. Some women are really used to wearing make-up everyday and feel they are naked without it, while there are those that who only dab a little when needed just like me. I got a pretty sensitive skin so I don’t use makeup that often unlike my sister who has great passion over make-up. She has this collection of branded make ups like Mac, Nyx and Estee Lauder that she can mix and match to suit her look for the day.

There are certain products than can make our skin allergic to it so we need to buy only good products like Clinique products  that have been coming up with great lines of cosmetics that will enhance women’s beauty. Finding genuine cosmetic and beauty products can be found at WhitesEastHampton online. They have healthcare, skin care, hair care, fragrances and make up like Clinique,  Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Clarins etc..

Makeup can make or break any woman’s appearance. Putting too much make up can make you look silly aside from also harming your skin, so just use it with moderation. Proper cleaning of the face is also needed before putting any make-up.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Your Clothing Size Can Stay Personal When You Shop Online at DrJays

It is common for girls to be self-conscious about the way they look and dress. That is what happens in a world where small is seen as better. This is particularly true of girls who are wearing a size of clothing that is larger than normal, even if it is just slightly larger. Many feel that their clothing and dress sizes are personal. They don’t even like the person at the checkout to know the size they are buying. This makes shopping for clothing very uncomfortable and stressful for many.

Shopping for clothing, however, does not have to be stressful when shopping online at stores like DrJays. Nobody sees the person that is actually buying the product, so there is no stress. It is OK to keep some things personal and the Internet makes it easy to do so. You can buy any type of clothing online. You can probably find more selection than you could if you drove around to several stores in your car. So why not try it?

Online clothing stores often provide size charts so that people can make sure clothing will fit without trying it on. Sizes tend to change between brands, so sizing charts are particularly useful if you don't always wear the same size. And, in the event that something doesn’t fit as you would like, it is easy to return it to the store, so there are no worries there.

You can keep the size of clothing personal and private if you want to. You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. There are many people who will tell you that you shouldn’t worry about your weight and size, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself into a situation that is uncomfortable for you. Shop online if you want a more private shopping experience.


Pretty hard to work when I'm this sick but need to work as there are deadlines to beat. I was sick since Sunday with flu but I got well by Tuesday. I worked immediately after that but I think I strained myself that's why I'm sick once again.

I'm drowning myself with water, gatorade, apples and veggies lately and I hope I can recuperate fast because I'm getting thin each day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pursuing Your Dream

I was just finished talking with my sis in Sydney via YM and since we have not talked for a while we have talked endlessly this morning. There are many good and bad news that we have discussed and one good news is that the house that they are building is almost half way done.

Sis is also thinking of venturing into beauty business, something like nail art and hair styling for kids during birthdays and I hope she will succeed in that. Just recently she became interested in cosmetology as well and like I said nail art and eventhough she has no formal training she wants to pursue in that career.

For those that are dreaming taking courses in cosmetology then I suggest that you enroll at any beauty school like Regency in
that can hone your skills and knowledge. With good instructors and state-of the art facilities, for sure you'll have the best knowledge on the course.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rapid Detox

I always feel sad when I hear in the news that more teens and adults alike are still abusing certain substances. Those that manufactures and distributes prohibited drugs don't really have a conscience and I hope they'll be caught and put to jail. They didn't realize that they are putting the lives of many people to danger just because they are eager about money.

I just pity all those that are into addiction but there's always hope and I read that there's an opiate detox for abusers. Anyone has the right to be rehabilitated and they should learn from their mistakes and start anew.

Miss Phillippines - 4th Runner Up at Miss Universe 2010

Filipinos are once again partying after our own delegate Ma. Venus Raj won the 4th runner up at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant night held at Mandalay Bay yesterday. I was really hoping that she be included in the top 15 and when she was called last, I just have to clap. and be proud. She looks so elegant, radiant and she exudes confidence that nigh.

There are lots of pretty and intelligent contestants so being on the top 5 among 83 nation is not an easy feat, so we are happy for giving us the honor. Many have been criticizing the question and answer on her but looks like she was so nervous that time that's why she only said a safe answer. Anyway, I'm sure Venus will be given a hero's welcome when she comes home here in the Philippines soon.

Funny thing is her "MAJOR MAJOR" words that she used in her answer are being used all the time in conversations CONGRATS VENUS!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Non-Profit Accounting

When I was growing up, I dreamt of becoming a bank teller or an accountant but those dreams did not become a reality as I was about to enter college. Funny thing is, I was often challenged with my Math subjects in highschool and the passion to love numbers could not break into me so I ended up taking a medical course. I’m just resigned in praising certified public accountants for they really have the edge when it comes to computing and accounting stuff.

A distant cousin was a CPA, and not just an ordinary one because as soon as her board exams came out, a top cpa firm in the country already called her for a job knowing she has good remarks and performance when she worked there for an OJT (on the job training).

Top Performance Boat Engine for Safe Sailing

While watching a documentary about boats, yachts and speedboats on TV couple of weeks ago, it reminded me of my experience riding a small sailboat in Sydney few years back during my vacation. It was an awesome experience even if we sailed during a very bad weather where our boat literally tilts on the side because of the waves. Our captain was so professional in keeping us cool and with his experienced in driving boats and yachts there’s no wonder he was able to sail our boat safely. Ahh …..that was really a great experience that I’ll never forget and I’d like to sail once again sans the bad weather.

I bet boat or yatch owners find it so pleasurable to own one and I’m sure they always enjoy their time while sailing in water. I guess buying a boat can have a hefty price tag along with its maintenance but I ‘m sure if you’re the owner you’ll definitely want to ensure that the boat engine
that you’ll be installing in your boats is that of high performance. Boat enthusiast and hobbyist will find US Engines Inc. the best place to find performance engines, marine engine, and more. They have over 25 years of experience on this industry and they are dedicated in bringing high quality top brands of engines like Chevy GM, Chrysler, Ford, Mercruiser, OMC Ford, and Volvo Penta for you boats. They also offer in-house installation of your Mercruiser engines etc. that will be done by their qualified and experienced technicians.

Luxury Bedding at its Finest

When it’s my time to snooze at night, nothing beats the comfort that my bed can give. I have to make sure that I always have neat and new bedding every now and then because the luxury it can provide a good night’s sleep. There are times that I needed 8 hrs. of sleep or more to compensate for the days that I slept only for few hours so I have to make sure that my bed is comfortable enough.

For a more luxurious sleep that we all deserve, I learned that we only need to get the finest and the softest cotton available for our beddings and that is Egyptian cotton, which has high thread count and used widely for beddings. I found out that the luxury linens
that are available at Versai only uses Egyptian cotton, so it is soft, of high quality, comfortable and can even last for decades even if it washed several times.

Buying luxury bedding
can mean extra cost but I guess you’ll not mind shelling out additional money when you know it will last for many years. Sure, we can buy cheaper beddings but it can’t match the comfort and softness that luxury sheets can give. If you’re looking for classic or contemporary styles in your bedding, then you'll wide selection at Versai.

Kitchen Light Fixtures

Weekend is gone once again and I just had a relaxing one with my family. At first, I wanted to go to the mall for a quick shopping but I decided to stay at home to just chill out and arrange some few things in the house. Luckily, I was able to purge some few stuff in my bedroom that I wanted to do for a long time. The room is kinda “breathing” already, as some of the unnecessary things were gone.

Another part of house that needs a serious cleaning is our kitchen. I originally wanted a complete renovation but with little budget that I have, I don’t think it’s ever possible. I just told mom that we need to call some helpers to aid us in the major cleaning and rearrangement because it’s been a long time since we have done that.
Thankfully, a distant cousin pledged to help us and even suggested some few things with our lighting fixture and painting. She suggested that we need to paint the walls white for a brighter and fresher look. Aside from that, we need to upgrade our kitchen light fixture as it was so outdated already and not giving proper lighting. She then told us that I could get some nice discount lighting fixtures at Echo Lighting Design online where she got theirs.

I guess I need to heed her suggestions if I want to make our kitchen more appealing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doing Great at the Univ.

I asked my niece how is she doing in her university and she happily told me that she's still running or still in the list for magna cum laude for her Film course in U.P.. Wow, I hope she'll keep it up because that would be a great credential once she graduates. With the way she studies and the effort that I see, there's no doubt she could be good at her field.

I just hope that all students will study hard and focus on their studies more. Those that stopped from schooling and don't have enough time or can't attend a regular school, Online Schools are very popular these days and it's their best option.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Broken Camera

Oh no, not now! My point and shoot camera is not working anymore. :(

It was 2 days ago when it's lens is having an error. Evrytime I open the camera it gives a squeaky sound and it must be due to the lens that won't zoom in and out. Not sure if I wanted to have it fix since the Canon service center is not near in our place. I need to have extra time just to go there and of course it will incur some expenses.

Good thing is that I still have my Canon DLSR with me so I can still take photos. I'm just using that point and shoot for everyday shooting and when I go out. Now I don't have a portable camera that I can bring anywhere. I guess I need to buy a new one but, right now I don't want to shell out some money for it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Facebook Accounts

Every one seems to have Facebook account these days. At first I was very reluctant to join because I don’t see any good reason for it but I was lured to join just this year. Now I’m very thankful for Facebook because I have some friends way back in college and few relatives that finally found me. We re-connected and now we’re updating each other with our lives. It’s simply amazing how this social network can bring.

Not only friends and relatives get to bond and interact with each other. Celebrities and even your fave companies or stores are setting up accounts. 

Juan for All, All For Juan

I'm not really a fan of Eat Bulaga, a noon time show but this particular segment on their show named Juan for All, All For Juan, Sugod bahay sa baranggay is my favorite. I turned the TV on at Channel 7 around 1 pm just to watch this.

It really makes me laugh every time the hosts will invade the house of the winner and they will give money and other give-away. Wally and Jose are just so funny. I just watched the segment today and I can't help but laughing so much.

Penny Pinching

I still have US$ bill in my possession and I’ve been wanting to exchange it to Phpesos already but every time I saw the low exchange rate on TV, I backed out. Of course I wanted to get a much higher exchange rate than US$1 =Php 44.98+. I should have exchanged it before when it was still around Php46.00.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to be frugal these days for some reason. I tend not to shop if it's not important. Maybe I’m saving for a bigger expense that will come in time. I’m also happy to have saved this much in my bank and every peso that I’ve earned is due to my hard work.


Sometimes I can just feel sorry for many people who are living in poverty. If only I’m a millionaire then I guess I can extend my blessings to many people. I’m doing my little share once in a while to some of my relatives and I guess it’s good already.

I really feel so blessed that we are living comfortably and can still eat 3 meals in a day without having to beg money from others. I just hope that everyone can enjoy those life’s simple pleasures. I guess that far more important than having a gold coin and millions in your bank is the heart of gold. My hat is off to those people who are helping those in need selflessly.

Time to be Busy

I've been waiting for more works since last week and it's been hard to wait for them to come. While waiting I was so happy because able to finish a new digital kit that I can sell at Artscow this coming weeks.

Though I have some works from other company, I was hoping to get tons from a different company that I'm working work. Good thing last night, I was patient to wait and oh goodness me, I got not only two but more than that. I'm so blessed. Now I need to keep myself busy and focus on work. Thank you Lord for the work blessings that me and my friends always receive.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wow, it's Wednesday once again. I can't bilibit! (believe it). Here are some of my Happy thoughts this Wednesday and I hope you have some too.

1. Another day to spend and I'm alive and kickin'
2. Online works poured to keep me busy
3. Online friends that became real good friends
4. Thanks to Facebook for my long time friends found me there. Helps me reconnect with my former classmates and relatives.
5. Ferrero chocolates.. yum!
6. Afternoon nap
7. Noontime shows that make me laugh
8. Sophie learning new dog tricks
9. C2 icetea drink
10. Nestle Yogurt

Forgotten Hobby

Collecting something runs in our family. Oldest bro is into memorabilia, other bro is collecting Coke items while I tend to collect stamps and decorative soaps before. I also have small collection of old coins but these days I’m not really paying attention to my collections anymore bec. I became too busy with my other passion and hobby.

I just learned that gold coins
are also a good collection and investment as well. Maybe in the future when I have more time to learn more about it then perhaps I can buy or even invest on them. I know that the value or gold and other precious metals have a good place in the market these days.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dinner with Cousin from LA

My cousin Bobby and her wife who came from LA for a vacation visited us last month. We have not seen them for over 2 years so it was a delight to meet and have some chit-chats with them once again.
My older sister organized the dinner while my older brother cooked all the foods that we served. It was a feast because we had BBQed pork, fish and chicken. Aside from that, we served ripe mango fruit with shrimp paste and it was so delicious.

To keep us more entertained, we had videoke and my cousin was so nice to sing for us. It was a night to remember and a great time to be with a relative that we have not seen for a long time.

Dad in My Dreams

This is what I posted on my facebook the other day: "wow.. I dreamed about my dad last night.. he looks so alive!! ipag sa shopping daw nya kami ng sis kong si Joy... sayang! hehehe".

The dream was almost perfect and it was so clear, wish my dad was really alive and well these days. I guess I missed him so much that's why he came in my dreams. I remember I used to go to his office and see all the steel buildings that they are building bec. he's an engineer. I also remember the days when he went to the mall with us and he lets us shop for clothes etc. Oh well, those are the day, I just wish he is resting in peace in heaven already.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Changing Weather Makes Us Sick

I can see the dark clouds that’s hovering the sky right now and for sure it will rain this afternoon or probably this evening. It’s been raining almost everyday since it’s already rainy seasons here in the country.

Even though it’s rainy days already that doesn’t mean it will not be hot anymore. There are times when it is so hot and humid where we need to turn our electric fans in full blast or for those that have airconditioners. I’m still considering of adding new fans at my store and at home and it would be nice if I can get once of those Hunter ceiling fans that looks stylish and functional as well.

With the climate like this, many people are getting sick these days because of the ever changing weather conditions. Just like last night I was in my jammies and socks for I'm feeling kinda under the weather.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Curious as a Cat #230

1) What is the most relaxing music at the end of a rough day?
I love listening to Shanai Twain's songs and some old love songs in the 80's. It relaxes me and makes me inspired and calm.

2) Have you ever considered starting your own business? What would you do?
Yes, I already have one and it's a net cafe. I'm also thinking of another one since it's not doing good this days.

3) Did you ever go cruising on weekend nights?
Nope, I haven't tried that

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
The picture reminds me of a relaxing time at the beach during one of my vacation. The only thing in my mind that time is to just have fun.

Celebrities and Cosmetic Surgery

Have you noticed that there’s quite a lot of actress and actors that are undergoing cosmetic surgery? Being in the limelight where their every move and looks are seen and criticized, these celebrities most of the times need to look or feel obliged to be beautiful for their fans and critics. We may even hear an actress who had breast augmentation surgery and I guess it has become a common thing already in the entertainment business. A botox here, a breast lift there. It has become accepted in the society and in the industry as well. I guess it’s ok to undergo such if that can boost your morale or confidence. However, I’m not into those who are overly doing it because it can become an addiction already.

Modern technology has also advanced in the cosmetic field and procedures are done with more quality using modern and high-tech equipments. Mexico has been known for their low-cost, high-quality cosmetic surgery.

Spa Cleaning Solutions

If you have spa at your home as a way to relax chances are you’ll be using it more often as it has become one of the many ways to relieve muscle tension and stress on our bodies. It can even be a place where you can collect your thoughts and take your mind of from life or work worries.

Some spa or tub may sometimes find it hard to keep their spa clean for we all know that water can when left alone can form molds and even other organism that will contaminate our spa. Cleaning is always a must but replacing water everyday can be a little expensive so putting  spa chemicals
will do the trick. Also don’t forget to clean your spa cartridge as it can be dirty and be a breeding place for some organisms.

I guess you don’t want to dip in your spa if it’s not clean right? You can find lots of supplies of spa and
pool chemicals plus repalcement cartdrige at SpaDaddy. Their cleaning solutions will make your spa water cleaning in just 3 easy steps: water filtration, water sanitization and water clarification. Bacterias, dirt, molds and other contaminants can be removed with their cleaning system.

Treat for the Family

Wow, I can;t believe it, it's already August and today is the 1st Monday of the month. I have lots of work to do and I'm so thankful for that.

Since I'm doing good, I treated my family to a BBQ lunch once again. We love bbq so I guess that's the easiest thing to do so that we'll all can enjoy eating. We had chicken and fish BBQ yesterday for lunch and we also have nilagang baboy. As for the desert, I always love Red ribbon's cake so I got one of those marjoleins. I still have left over so I can eat that this afternoon for my snack.

Next time I wanted to cook shrimps and maybe some bbq pork spareribs and some veggies the next time I will treat my family.

Know How Molds Can Pose Danger to our Health

It’s sad to say but our environment is actually polluted these days. Just imagine all the dirty smoke emitted by vehicles, smokes and even factories that’s polluting our air. There are many other factors that can contribute in our environment’s destruction and at times we can’t help but fear for our family’s health and even our own.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites and even molds can really pose danger to our health and too much exposure on them can make us really sick. We may not even know that mold can actually grow in numbers and they can be the cause of some allergic reactions, skin diseases like psoriasis and respiratory problems. They grow in our surroundings like walls, desks, kitchen, basements and more. Their favourite breeding places are those wet areas so we have to make sure we clean from time to time.

Fortunately these days, mold test kits re made available by ImmunoLytics so when we suspect of mold infestation we can easily test for mold anytime. These kits are important in insuring that our place is not infected by toxic molds that are harmful to everyone. ImmunoLytics, the leading mycology lab in Albuquerque has been providing mold test products, testing and analysis for their clients.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Electric Motor Replacement

It’s been many months already since we noticed that we’re always running out of water in the house. My mom asked my older brother to check what’s causing it and to my brother’s surprise, he found out that the electric motor is not working properly and some wires are almost cut off. We are thankful that he had checked it because it might cause a fire if not noticed. Right now, we have no choice but to replace that motor or else we’ll have hard time manually loading water in the house.

We asked my brother to look for a replacement as soon as possible and if we are lucky enough we’ll find a replacement at Fremont Industrial Supply. They have wide array of industrial supplies in the site that supplies like rams, hydraulic valves, Compressed air dryer, pneumatic valves, Pneumatic values, bearings, electric motors and other power transmission component & fluid power products. You can reduce shipping costs if you buy items by bulk or by multiple items combined with other items. Aside from that, avail of their free shipping on some items by checking out at their site. With over 36 years in the business, they are committed on giving only quality parts, competitive pricing and exceptional service to their clients.