Monday, August 2, 2010

Know How Molds Can Pose Danger to our Health

It’s sad to say but our environment is actually polluted these days. Just imagine all the dirty smoke emitted by vehicles, smokes and even factories that’s polluting our air. There are many other factors that can contribute in our environment’s destruction and at times we can’t help but fear for our family’s health and even our own.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites and even molds can really pose danger to our health and too much exposure on them can make us really sick. We may not even know that mold can actually grow in numbers and they can be the cause of some allergic reactions, skin diseases like psoriasis and respiratory problems. They grow in our surroundings like walls, desks, kitchen, basements and more. Their favourite breeding places are those wet areas so we have to make sure we clean from time to time.

Fortunately these days, mold test kits re made available by ImmunoLytics so when we suspect of mold infestation we can easily test for mold anytime. These kits are important in insuring that our place is not infected by toxic molds that are harmful to everyone. ImmunoLytics, the leading mycology lab in Albuquerque has been providing mold test products, testing and analysis for their clients.

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