Thursday, December 31, 2009

Countdown Starts Now.....

9 more hours and it's gonna be 2010 already!!

May you all have a wonderful and prosperous New Year! Let us embrace all the blessings that the Lord will give to us this coming new year. May we all be safe together with our families.

Happy New Year !! See You next year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still Lazy

Oh dear out HK trip is done and Christmas as well but here I am still feeling lazy to work and concentrate on my store. I know it's because I have my sister and her family with us who is on holiday from Sydney and I sometimes babysit their kids. New Year is also coming in 2 more days so I'm still on holiday mode. I've got to help bro as well in looking for this Mopar performance parts online and do some more other offline stuff.

I hope you'll all have a great New Year!! Expect lots of photos and stories from me next year when I'm back into my regular blogging mode.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back from Hongkong Trip

Hey all this is just a quick post because I'm still on a holiday mode. I have my balikbayan sister and her family from Sydney so we are always out for lunch out, shopping and more. Our days our so hectic.

We are also back from our Hongkong Trip from Dec. 21-24, and we all had a blast. The days are filled with going out and exploring Hongkong eventhough my nephew got some allergies and we don;t know what is causing it. We are so desperate to find an allergy relief and fortunately my niece found a cream where she bought at711 store in HK. I have so many stories to tell and tons of photos to share so I'll just keep you updated after the holidays are gone.

Have a great holidays everyone !!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We All Can't Wait

It's only 2 more days and it'll be our Hongkong trip and we are all excited already most especially my teen nieces and nephew. It'll be our 1st time to go to Hongkong Disneyland so we are very excited over it, plus we'll have a mini-reunion there. Right now, I'm already preparing all the things that we'll be bringing. I already bought medicines just in case anyone will get a headache etc.

My mom will be with us in this trip and knowing she has a little ailment, we are all praying that she will not get sick as we don't have any travel insurance for her or something like Blue Advantage of sort.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 More Days till Christmas!

Tis the season to be jolly!!

Hello all few more days and it’s gonna be Christmas once again and here I am still busy with my Christmas shopping. I was out yesterday and eevnthough it’s not weekend the mall especially the bazaar in Greenshills shopping area is jam-packed with shoppers. Christmas is indeed few days away.

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas everyone!!

Mazda Accesories and More...

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Colorful Capiz Christmas Lanterns

14 more days as of this writing and it's Christmas day already. I guess all of us who celebrates Christmas have already decorated our Christmas trees and even hanged lanterns on our homes.

About 2 weeks ago we bought one of this Christmas capiz lantern at a nearby store to brighten up our garage. Capiz lanterns are made out of capiz shells with colorful lights inside, we bought a small one for P1,200 and the capiz below is big and worth P5,500.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ohhh How I Wish

Now that holidays are started to unfold, I'm also slowly drifting to holiday mode. At times I just want to rest and just think about the beautiful things ahead. I also am thinking about SHOPPING because as we all know sale is already left and right attracting Christmas shoppers. I hope next week I can start wrapping all the gifts that I bought so that our mini-Christmas tree will have something underneath.

I know as the days are nearing Christmas, I'll be thinking more about our overseas vacation, ohh how I'd wish our HK trip will also have an all inclusive mexico trip but that is impossible because of limited budget. Who knows one day I can win the lottery, I'd be touring the whole world. hehe

Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking Back at my College Medical Years

Just in case you didn't know, I've graduated as a Medical Technologist and have passed the board exams in the 80's. Though I regret that I have not practiced my profession and wished that I finished a different course, I have lots of memories while I was studying and most especially during my internships at a different hospitals.

I will not forget the times that I used to be a Med Tech intern at the Mental Hospital then now National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong where I gained lots of experiences in the laboratory and with the mentally ill patients. There's this one instance where we get to assist our Pathology Prof. in the autopsy of a patient where we almost throw up because of the smell, lol. Those are the days that will stick in my minds forever.

My internship days at the St. Martin hospital was also memorable where we get to use high-tech laboratory and medical equipment. There are days where I wish I can still use my profession but with the status I am right now I guess I have given up that profession fully already. I still get to contact some of my former college friends but wish I can see them in the future as well.

Busy Days Ahead

Wow it's a brand new week for all of us again and I thank the Lord for blessing me with another beautiful day to live. Few more days and it's gonna be the busiest season of the month and right now I'm already getting giddy and my days are getting busier. With my online and offline works, I need to schedule my time so I can do all of them.

I also need to clean and purge some of my stuff in the house and in my room. It's my routine before the year ends to give clothes from my closet that I'm not using to my niece or my sister in law. My sister and her family is coming home from overseas as well so we need to clean the house. Mom have already re-painted the gates and some walls. The lanterns and Christmas lights are already hanging and few more stuff are needed to be installed and clean. If only we can have Hubberton Forge lights in the house, then it'll be great for sure.

Christmas bug is on me right now and I feel excited and anxious. I can't for it to arrive plus I can't wait for our Hongkong trip with my family.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's the time of the month once again when my hormones are jumbled once again and my days are crappy. I hate it when I have it because I have muscle cramps, bloating, and I'm having literally cold feet.

I hate to admit it but I am moody and can have a sharp tongue, I guess most women can relate to me. I'm trying not to drink any medicine to ease the pain that I'm feeling so you can just hear me whine hehe.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Upcoming Family Getaway

I guess you already know about our forthcoming trip in Hk since I’ve been talking about it here so often that I hope you are not tired of hearing hehe. I just want to let you all know that we are already excited about it and we are all hoping that we can manage the weather there this December since we heard that it’s winter already. Eventhough there’s no snow, there still reason to worry but of course we need to bring thick jackets for that.

Anyway, it is the 1st time that we’ll go on a family trip overseas so it’s pretty special for us. There’s no doubt that a family vacation is important in building more bond with each and experience more culture and great places like at Azul Beach offered by Karisma Hotel where there are lots of things to enjoy as a family. Azul Beach offered by Karisma Hotel where there are lots of things to enjoy as a family. Every family needs to have a break once in a while.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Meeting with Former HS classmates

My former highschool classmates and I get together at our highschool campus last weekend. We are having our grand silver reunion this coming 19th and we are having a meeting for some last minute details. I also gave the invitations that I made so that it will be given to our former teachers and some guests.

Ellen asked us to have a small dance presentation but with the little time that we have right now, I think it is impossible to do it but maybe some of our classmates have already some surprise presentation to be done. After the meeting we decided to stroll around the town for there are lots of tiangges (mini-bazaar) that has some sale because it was the town's fiesta as well. After that we stooped stop by a fast food joint for a quick snack but later on one of our classmate invited
had coffee @ Figaro at Sta. Lucia
The night is filled with laughter and chitchats and I always see to it that I will join the meeting to have some fun and meet them as well. The next meeting will be on the 12th and the grand reunion will be on the 19th. Hoping to see more classmates by then. I'm excited.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello December!

Hooray, it's December already and I think we all have every reason to be jolly and excited over the Christmas holidays!

I guess you already know why I am excited if you are reading some of my previous posts. I already done my Christmas shopping but unfortunately I am not done yet. You know my list is getting longer as the Christmas approaches and I'm having double time thinking what gifts to give.

I have already set up our Christmas tree last night and today at my store. The malls are glimmering with lights and decors.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

22 More Days to our HK vacation

Wow, tomorrow is the last day of November and on Tuesday it's already December and it only means that Christmas is on our reach already. I'm actually getting excited and the holiday frenzy is actually getting into me slowly.

There are lots of events happening this December and my days will be hectic and busy. We are also giddy about our Hongkong trip because it's our first time to be there and too see Hongkong Disneyland. Our family will be out of the country and our 77 yr. old mom will be with us on our trip, I hope her health will be great because we didn't get any medical travel insurance for her. She'll be bringing her meds though so I don't think there'll be a problem.

I'm sure the kids will have a blast and this will be a vacation that we'll cherish. What about you, are you going out of town or country this coming holidays?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sis and Her Family's Holiday Vacation Here in Pinas Soon

Christmas is coming so fast and we are all giddy about it because my sis Joy in Sydney and her family is coming home for their Holiday after our HK visit in December as well. My sis Joy migrated there in 2000 and it's only her first time to be home for almost after a decade. For sure she has missed Pinas and I know she will adjust to the environment and the weather as well, her 2 kids most especially. I can't wait for her kids' reaction on our country and I hope they will not have a culture shock.

They will be experiencing Christmas in Phils. and for sure it'll be a far cry what they are used back in Sydney. We are all also excited to show them around, maybe have them experience riding the local jeepney and the I guess it will be a bit noisy for them here, since in their place was so peaceful and not much noise.

With their coming soon mom and I were all busy preparing the place that they are staying. Mom had it re-painted of sorts and asked our helper to fix doors and put beds on the bedroom. At our house mom also had repainted the steel gates and the garage was cleaned as well. I have yet to buy Christmas table mantle and cushion and probably look for patio cushions for added accent at the house.

We are all really excited to see them!! Few more days and they'll be here!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pre-Birthday Lunch with my Family

As you all know I celebrated my b-day last Nov. 16th and had a small celebration last Sunday with my family. My older brother cooked bbq spare ribs, chicken and fish tilapia for our lunch. Aside from that, pork stew or (nilaga) was also cooked by my sister in law and some salad. We all had great lunch.

While waiting for the food to get cooked I was also busy waiting for Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto online. Good thing is that there's an online live streaming but there's a lag and sometimes it just freezes. So when lunch time came we all hurriedly eat and got so excited to watch the fight the delayed telecast on TV, wish we have those plasma tvs so we can watch with more excitement.
pre b-day sunday lunch
pre b-day sunday lunch 2

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving Myself some Birthday Gifts

I had lots of fun shopping alone last Nov. 6 because I was able to buy lots of things for myself since it's my birthday on Monday (16th) yahooo!! I love bags so I end up purchasing 3 bags. I just love the Nine West bag that I will be using when I go out to church malls etc and the other 2 will be an everyday bag when I go to my store.

I really saved up for these eventhough it was not complete, I still have to buy a wedge shoes. Yearly I treat myself with gifts. Last year I gave myself a Canon 18-200mm lens and a 6million Crumpler bag and this year no camera gadget for a while although I bought a lens blower to keep the dirt away.

I still want to shop and I'm itching once again!!! I love when birthday comes!

Green Thumb

It's always my mom's routine to be in her small garden in our frontyard. She said it's her exercise in the morning by talking to her plants and tilling them. She actually have plants, flowers and actually small fruit bearing trees. In fact, her atis tree already bears fruit and we have tasted it's sweet fruit already. I hope I can have a green thumb just like my mom but I certainly don't have a passion in gardening but I think it's therapeutic as well.

In Demand

I always wish that I am good in Math. I remember when I was in highschool and in college I have a hard time with numbers and solving math problems that is why I disregarded my dream of becoming a CPA. Geesh, they are hard aren't they but for those that are not challenge they find it very easy and actually loving math.

These days, CPA's have a good salary because of the services that they are providing to their clients. Business owners can't manually do their financial calculations without the help of accounting firms that is why they seek the help of cpa company like this Las Vegas cpa firm that can help with their financial statements/books for tax purposes and more. These experts can do that hard job for you so you can concentrate more in making your business grow.

Looking Forward To Great New Things

The year is about to end in few more days and I am hoping to receive more blessings. There'll be lots of events that will be happening this December and we are all excited about it. My sis and her family in Sydney is coming home for their holidays and of course she is excited as well since she's been out of the country for almost a decade already.

I especially would love to see her kids once again and tour around the places here.

Blessing are Pouring In

I am so giddy when I opened my mail this morning and I found out that I got another blessings from heaven. I am so happy and very thankful for that. It's another great birthday gift for myself and I can't thank God enough for all of these.

Aside from material things, I am so grateful for our health lately especially to my mom's health. I wish she'll continue to have a good physical well-being at her age of 77. She is still very strong and very mobile, that she is often envied by others of her age.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th

How many decades have we known that Friday the 13th have been feared because it is often believed to bring bad luck? There's even a fear of Friday the 13th called Paraskevidekatriaphobia. I guess if you are superstitious enough there's no doubt that you will take extra precautions or will not tempt to even go out of your house.

I'm not sure if I believe Friday the 13th because just like any day, it can bring bad luck to you. If it's your time to die or perish in this world then it's really your time, maybe it just coincide with this popular superstition.

Accdg. to wikipedia here's the history:
According to folklorists, there is no written evidence for a "Friday the 13th" superstition before the 19th century. The earliest known documented reference in English occurs in an 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini:

[Rossini] was surrounded to the last by admiring and affectionate friends; and if it be true that, like so many other Italians, he regarded Friday as an unlucky day, and thirteen as an unlucky number, it is remarkable that on Friday, the 13th of November, he died.[8]
What about you do you believe Friday the 13th will bring bad luck?

Friday Fill-Ins #150

Wow it's Friday once again and time really flies so fast. I am quite busy these days, juggling my online and offline works plus I'm getting giddy because it's gonna be my birthday on Monday.

1. The last band I saw live was Side A band.
2. What I look forward to most on Christmas is our Hongkong Trip and the vacation of my sis and her family here in Pinas.
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is gonna be expensive for sure.
4. Thoughts of my birthday and shopping fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear a 2 piece bathing
6. Bagpipes look complicated.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish more work, tomorrow my plans include going to my net cafe and Sunday, I want to enjoy because I will be having a pre-birthday lunch with my family!We'll all eat sumptuously even my sisinlaw who is on the heavy side needs weight loss pills after eating too much..LOL

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How Many Hands do I have Right now?

I know you already know that I do monetize my blogs and I have been doing this since 2007. It helped me a lot with my bills and all and I’m so grateful for that. I have quite a handful of blogs on my sleeves that I need take to care and update once in a while and I can tell ya that it’s a lot of work especially if you want to be it updated and still informative blog despite having some sponsored one.

If I got some time, I do some blog hopping, creating posts that is search engine friendly but I have not signed up for a free directory list. I might look into this one time if my work load is that the hectic. I’m juggling my offline and online works in my hands and I do think I’m doing pretty well on it. I think I have 10 hands right now hehe, what about you?

My HP printer down :(

I have two HP printers here at my internet café bec. there are times my customers flock to have their documents printed and having only one printer will only delay the printing services. The other one broke down few months ago and the reason for that it is always jamming papers frequently no matter how thick or thin, smooth or rough the paper I put in it. I also thought that a cleaning will do but looks like it needs Anilox cleaner to do that? Hmmm..

I finally gave up troubleshooting it and since the ink cartridge is a bit expensive than the other HP printer that I’m using, I just thought that I will not have it fix and will not use it anymore. I guess I will just buy another one since if need arises.

Jazzing Up Our Homes

Now that holidays are slowly sipping in, I can’t erase the thoughts about our HK Disneyland travel in December, more Christmas shopping and of course home improvement. I don’t know about you but during December and before the new year starts, we gotta have a home improvement of sort in our house. It doesn’t have to be expensive and a major one though.

A simple major cleaning, a replacement of old furniture or just jazzing up our home with a new curtain or a new a new flower vase is fine enough for us as long as there should be new for the coming year. It’s also nice to dream of having a swimming pool, a gazebo where I can sip a coffee or do my blogging there while hearing the chirping of the birds.

For home improvements occasionally we should not always chuck the old furniture that we have because they can be customized at any time. What about those seemingly ugly and worn out cushions that you have, you can actually have it customized.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Visiting My Dad's Tomb

Like most other families, we went to the cemetery last Sunday to visit my dad's tomb. I made the flower arrangements as mom instructed to me. We also brought lots of foods like spaghetti, catbonara, hamburgers, and some junk foods.
At 2 pm when we reached the cemetery and no more vehicles are allowed near the cemetery so we parked our van and just walk. Eventhough it's hot and humid there are still lots of families gathering around. It was like a huge picnic ground hehe.

All we did was eat and eat. The kids had a grand time playing with the candle drippings forming them into balls. We also brought each of our DLSR and digi cams so we had fun goofing around but of course we never failed to say a prayer for my dad. My teenage nieces had the blast posing as well.
Image Hosted by
(Me with some of my nephews and nieces goofing around)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Medical Visuals

It was a surprise when I spoke to a highschool classmate few months ago on the phone. Actually I only tried her no. and see if it is still working, lucky enough I was able to speak to her for so many years. I contacted her bec. we are going to have our High School Silver anniv. (25th) this December. I remember Sol well bec. she is my seatmate in 2nd year highschool. We briefly shared things about our life and she told me that she is a SAHM now bec. she resigned from work after being diagnosed with a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

She uses or types in the computer all day long and so that must be the reason whey she had that. That reminds me that I should be more careful not to damage my wrist for it will lead to that ailment. I’m also using my pc 24/7 so I’d hate it if I will injure my wrist at any point.
Curious enough with the condition that she has, I later found out that actually it is idiopathic where the cause is really unknown though severe damage to the wrist due to repetitive works will contribute to that.

These days, medical experts have an easier way to explain to their patients about their ailments through visual representations; just like this Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Illustration and other medical visual aids made by MediVisuals. Their designs and can also be helpful to medical professionals in guiding and showing them to their patients or during their speech or lectures.

Further more, I have come to know that these visual aids are more used for medical malpractice and personal injury court cases thus providing more precise and illustrative arguments. MediVisuals can be a great source for any medical legal illustrations if you need one.
Image Hosted by

A Day at the Cemetery

Hello peeps, wow it's November already and I can't believe how time flies.

We went to the cemetery last Sunday (Nov. 1st) to visit the tomb of my dad. Actually it's a tradition here in our country to visit our dead love ones in the cemetery to pay respect. We brought some candles, flowers and a lot of food.

It was hot and humid at the cemetery but it's fun as well because there are lots of people coming in and out of the cemetery till evening. We brought along our cameras, SLR, DLSR and point and shoot cams and we had fun taking photos of each other. I will just share some pics later since I am too lazy to download it from my memory card. We went home around 6 pm.

Monday, November 2, 2009

(Re)Discovering The Cooking Diva in Me

I've been recently re-discovering the cooking diva in me, not that I am an expert or a very good one but I remember the times when I used to cook all the time. Those are the days when my work and schedules are not that hectic and looking for nice recipes on cookbooks and even watching a local cooking shows on TV. When I became busier and that is when I was slowly engulfed by the computers, I can only count in my fingers the times that I cook.

Recently, eventhough I am still busy, there came a point where I got interested in cooking once again. My family even teased if me if I ate something different that all of a sudden I wanted to be the house cook hehe. Now that net is here, I found myself scouring for simple recipes that I can whip for my family. My fave viands are with sauces or stew like and I also particularly like grilled chicken or baby back ribs.

Now that my birthday is coming (actually few more days), I plan to cook a small feast for my family and that includes ribs and seafoods. I already saw a recipe at Youtube and I'll be trying that out. For those that don't have time to cook or those that fancy dining out, a nice resto can actually please them.

Just in case you are looking for a steak and seafood house in midtown Manhattan, then I reckon you can try Rosie O'Gradys, one of the leading Restaurants In Manhattan. Take a look at one of their mouth-watering feast. What about their Swordfish Steak, Lobster, Filet Mignon? Aren't you hungry already just like me?
Image Hosted by

Wedding of the Year

Finally Sen. Mar Roxas and news anchor/journalist Korina Sanchez tied the knot last month and the clips were the even shown on almost all TV channels. Korina is radiant with her Filipiniana dress and teary eyed when she walked down the isle at the Sto. Domingo Church. The church was clad with beautiful white roses, sampaguita and more. The guests arrived with their best Filipiniana attire as well to go with the couples theme.

After the wedding, there’s no lavish reception bec. the couple decided to cancel it and just donated money for the victims of recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. A simple with native delicacies was only served after the ceremony but there’s a family gathering happened as well.

The wedding was beautiful and of course if we can only have that dream wedding for ourselves then why not? I myself have admired the couple’s wedding sans the lavish reception but they made it sure that people will have a glimpse of their union bec. of the big projector outside.

For those that tying the knot soon or next year perhaps, I know that planning is a bit of a work but nevertheless fun to do as a couple. It’s always exciting to choose what gown, invitations and wedding rings and other wedding needs that you have to choose.

For many years couples have chosen gold or for some silver rings but these days platinum wedding rings have been opted as well. Platinum are rare metal as well and may resemble silver and have known to be a durable metal as well.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo! Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween tonight!!

I didn't go out for any Halloween party but I have some tingling and creepy thoughts now running in my mind after watching some local scary shows. I'm having goosebumps as of now while watching another Halloween special on TV. It's almost midnight now and I'm not sure if I can sleep well. lol. My niece is even sharing some scary stories but I hate him while doing that. He's making me scared.

I am one scared kitten especially if you tell stories about death, ghosts, and more. Oh dear!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things to Accomplish

Wow, October is almost gone and before we knew it it'll be Christmas already wahooooo!! There are few things that I wanted to accomplish many months ago and blame it on my procrastination that's why I have not accomplished then. For sure I will not be able to check on some term insurance comparisons online as well. Anyway here is my list.

1. Go to the grocery to buy stuff for the house and food that we will bring at the cemetery.
2. See my lady dentist for teeth cleaning and for check up.
3. Go shopping at Divisoria for some stuff and that includes birthday gifts for myself.
4. Run an errand for my sister.
5. Go to a gov't. agency and work on some papers of my contribution
6. Work on some settings on my other blogs plus update them as well. I have so many photos and stories to tell but sometimes, I'm just to lazy post them.
7. Download photos from my DSLR and point and shoot camera's memory cards
8. Have a much needed hair treatment because my gray hairs are showing already.

Yay, I still a lot to do and I hope I can accomplish them next month.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Be Safe on the Road

Roads are getting scary at it seems. After witnessing a major vehicle accident that involves a trailer truck, a car and a jeepney last week, there are times that I become paranoid inside our vehicle. I also kept on telling my brother to drive safely and not to be careless when driving because we never know when accident will happen.

Whether you are driving a car or a van make sure you have a car or an rv insurance so that when accident happens you are covered at some point. The major causes of accidents is not being disciplined, some are under the influence of alcohol while some are just plain reckless. Be safe everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sis Finally Moved

Their new place
I was able to chat with my sister and her kids in Sydney last weekend and we are glad that they are quite settled on their new place. Actually they sold their house a couple of months ago because they will be building their dream house soon. The house was sold already but she’s a bit sad about it since they lived there for almost 10 years and that is where they started their family.

They are now at a 2-storey apartment where they will stay temporarily until they got their new house. Sis told me that she is not finished with the unpacking yet, most of their stuff are still in the boxes and it’s overwhelming for her to do all the work.

I saw the kids on the cam too and was able to talk to them as well. It’s almost the start of summer there but I noticed that they are still wearing their long sleeves. The weather there is crazy, right now there are times it is too cold but they don’t need any electric blanket and then suddenly it’ll be hot. The climate change must be the cause of this.

We are just happy to know that they have finally moved.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins #147

Wow it's Friday once again and time is running so fast!!! Anyway here are some few of my thoughts today.

1. The crickets sing, I wonder what song is that hehe.
2. Dad, we'll always miss you wherever you are.
3. I want to get far away from the noisy, dirty, dusty neighborhood.
4. Vacationing in Paris and shopping endlessly; this was a dream.
5. But as for me I will just do my offline and online work with so much passion.
6. A very simple yet loving family is where I come from.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a good show after reading more about this motorhome towing , tomorrow my plans include going to my net cafe a bit early and Sunday, I want to go to the mall!

Sending Christmas Love

Just one of my favorite occasions each year aside from my birthday of course is none other than Christmas. As we all know it, it’s the most festive event of the year all over the world because aside from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, it’s also a time for gift giving. Family reunions and other get together are always done during those days giving us different joy.

Here in the Phils. we are known to have the longest Christmas because decors can be seen as early as September. The glittering lights and colorful lanterns adorn each houses and streets welcoming the joyous event coming. Just one of the most popular ways of sharing Christmas love and care for our loved ones especially to those that are overseas is by sending them cards through snail mail or e-mail.
Image Hosted by
I still prefer the traditional way of sending Christmas cards for it brings a different and special mood from the receiver. Often times we only go to the bookstore to purchase cards but these days ordering christmas cards can be done online at Not only they have classic cards but you can opt to have you cards personalized by putting your own words and choosing the designs.

Aside from that they have recycled Christmas cards and envelops made out of 100% recycled papers. Perfect for the environment. We also know that these days, putting a photo on cards are fun as well so they have that as well. Just a note send your cards early to avoid rush.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hooray my Blog is Back!!

After being upset and worried since this morning because this blog suddenly disappeared and having the Google 404 Error not found message, it's back now. I was an inch away of getting furious over this and I was literally seeking help from online friends to help me on this dilemma. I also searched online for possible solution but finally an angel helped me out.

My online friend TERE, whose husband is a techie one, even talked to me via YM just to help me out. We tweaked some few changes on the DNS settings this afternoon hoping that it will solve the problem. He said that I will have to wait for about 6 or 7 hours for the changes to effect but it took only about 1 1/2 hours and my blog is back. Gosh I was really so relieved. I'm not sure what to do if my blog will not be back. A big thanks to CHARLES for helping me out. God bless you!

Now, I'm back blogging (keeping my fingers crossed). If for sometime my blog is not accessible probably it may due to to my DNS updating.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adopt a School Damaged by Typhoon Ondoy

As most of you know, the destructive Typhoon Ondoy left so many houses and other places like schools damaged. Now that schools classes have started once again to those affected areas but there are still schools particularly in Marikina, Las Piñas, Pasay and Makati that are still in need of help.

Most of the classroom desks and other school furniture are submerged and destroyed. so for sure they need replacements. Others are destroyed and stolen by the evacuees when they stayed there during the typhoon. For more information about the lists of schools to adopt and if you want to help, read more here at ADOPT A SCHOOL.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Things That I Enjoy Doing

Wow it’s a brand new week once again and only less than a month it’s gonna be my birthday once again. Now I’m giving you all a Eventhough, I hate the number in my age, I am still grateful for it. Every morning when I wake up, I can’t help but to be thankful that I’m still alive and will able to experience more beautiful things to come, eventhough there are time I feel a bit lonely.

Anyway, before I have you in tears, I just want to share some of the things that I enjoy doing.
1. Photography, grew on me ever since camera is around already. I love capturing moments and keeping them. Digital Scrapbooking, goes well with my passion for photos bec. I get to scrap them beautifully and made it into a photobook.

2. Blogging, started in way back in January of 2005 at a different blog format while this blog is my very 1st domain named blog that I set up back in January of 2007. Been so many years of sharing, posting my experiences, ideas, photos, wants, and occasionally my rants. I love every time I made a post but of course there are times when I don’t feel like sharing. I even had the chance to look for the best asp web hosting for my ever growing blogs.

3. Twittering, been twittering for almost a year now and loving it as well. I’m even following some celebs that can give some inspirations or some fun to keep me company.

What about you what are the things that you love doing?

My Mom's 77th Birthday

My mom celebrated her 77th birthday yesterday with a simple celebration. It was just a family affair.My sister in law and bro was the one in charge of cooking and we have grilled chicken, pork liempo, tilapia fish and we have not diet products included in our menu. We also have chocolate and mango ice cream, 2 kinds of cakes as well that satisfied our hungry stomach. We are all full even before we finished all the food.

I will share photos later, I'm just a little bit lazy downloading it from my DLSR and to put watermarks on the.

Extremely Busy

Hey guys so sorry for not updating this blog of mine as I was too busy with some of my niche blogs. You can find lots of updates at my JENNY TALKS blog if you want to know what I have been up to of for some more juicy news or thoughts that I have.

I am not neglecting this blog of mine, though my hands are full right now, jumping from one blog to another, so I hope you see still keep coming back.

The Chocolate Oracle Says I'm Classy

It's always fun to take quizzes at time and look at what it says about me

You are sophisticated, modern, and high class. Your taste is refined, but you are not picky. You are often the first to try something new. You are friendly, witty, and likable. You charm is overwhelming. People are enchanted by you.

You have a comeback for anything. Because of this, you seem flippant at times. You love to be the center of attention. You enjoy entertaining your friends. You feel lost when no one is interested in you... You're too interesting to be ignored.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Into Buy and Sell

My oldest bro who is into collecting memorabilia have realized that he can also earn a little bit by getting into buy and sell of such items. In fact, his collections of long playing (LP) records which some of them are very rare already are a hit among collectors. Though he knew that he has given the LP in a low price, the collector who got it from him will then sell them at e-bay at much higher price but he’s ok with it.

He is into coin collections and I guess if he has that much capital like others probably he’d venture into buying gold bars or bullions as well. For those with more capital, investing such through Monex in the long run can be lucrative. In the meantime my bro is just comfortable with his small time business.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take Me To The Philippines Video by (The Black Eyed Peas)

It is with much pride when Department of Tourism (DoT) secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano teamed up with the famous Black Eyed Peas’ member Allan Pineda Lindo popularly known as who is also proud of being a Filipino. Recently, Apl’s new music video which was entitled "Take Me to the Philippines" was launched as part of the DOT's tourism campaign.

Just in case you have not seen the video here it is and come to the Philippines.

My Dad's 20th Death Anniv.

Last Sunday (Oct. 11th) was the 20th Death Anniversary of my dad and thinking back the day when his company called to tell what happened to him made me wish that it has never ever, ever, ever happened. It was such a miserable time for our family that time but 2 decades had past of course we have recovered.

Mom lighted a candle at the altar in the house as we weren’t able to go to the cemetery. We heard mass that was dedicated to home and we all just had a simple Sunday lunch. To make it a little bit special I cooked a chicken dish that they all liked. it's always nice to cook meal for the family most especially when they appreciate your cooking. I also wanted to own a stainless steel tiles backsplashes in our kitchen to make cooking and working in the kitchen more pleasurable.

Anyway, I hope wherever my dad is, I hope he is in peace. Miss him dearly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Twins Are Here!!!

My cousin Loida dropped his little son Ricen at our place last Saturday for she will hurriedly go to the hospital because her sister in law is in labor already. I texted her that night to ask if her SIL already gave birth and she said not yet and she was told maybe on the next day. True enough, the twins came just yesterday (Oct. 11). I texted my cousin and ask what’s the gender of the twins and she said they are both girls. We are a bit disappointed because we thought all along that it will be a boy and a girl. Nevertheless we are happy that Glenda had a safe labor and the twins are finally here. Now they have 3 kids... ALL girls.

I can’t wait to visit the babies; I am actually excited because it’s a twins as we never had twins on our side of the family. My cousin jokingly said that the babies have fair complexion far away from his brother’s dark skin I am sure this December or so they will have the baby baptized in church so I might look for a gift this early. I remember the site where I found some nice baby beddings and it's at Baby Bedding Place. It’s actually a 12-pc set and that includes quilt, window valances, decorative pillows, fitted sheet, a skirt, bumper, toy organizer, and more. What makes it nicer to give is that it made out of real cotton.

Anyway, the twins are great addition as they will add more joy and meaning to to the family.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Massive Blackout Last Night at Rizal, Pasig and Manila

It was on the news this morning: Massive Blackout Last Night at Rizal, Pasig and Manila.

We're having dinner last night at around 9pm when the electricity went off. Later on we heard loud sirens and we assumed right away that there's an emergency and it's a fire. We all waited for the electricity to come back but it's already past 10 pm and still it's dark in our place.

Nothing to do, I decided to lay down and rest but there are times I wake up but still no power yet. Good thing is that it's a bit cool last night because of the drizzle so it was not hard for us to sleep. I woke up at around 5 am and luckily the power is back once again.

I watched the early news and it turned out that a power plant in Dolores, Taytay, Rizal caught on fire and it causes for the electricity to went off. Some of the sub-stations are connected to that plant and that is the reason why some other areas have no power as well. I hope that electricity will come back in other areas esp. those in the evacuation centers.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Photohunt: Bondi Beach Sign (Words)

Image Hosted by
It was so cold and windy last Feb. 2008 when we went at Bondi Beach but that doesn't stop Aussies from braving the cold waters. However, there are safety warning words in signs to protect swimmers.
Image Hosted by

Friday, October 2, 2009

Super Typhoon Pepeng Is Here

Super Typhoon Pepeng is here now at our country so we all need to be prepared! We are just getting back on our feet after we are battered by Typhoon Ondoy then here comes another typhoon that is believed to be a super typhoon because of its strong winds and rains.

Right now some parts of the country is already under Signal no. 1 and 2 and all are advised to be prepared because we all don't want to be caught unaware like that of Ondoy. I am sure that all local governments are keeping an eye on all of their constituents and assuring them that help will be around and redirecting them to safer grounds if they are near the creeks or rivers.

I hope this will not be as destructive as Typhoon Ondoy where lots of properties are damaged like cars submerged into deep floods destroying all their motors, batteries hid lights and more. I also have friends and relatives where almost all their furniture and appliances are wet and not working anymore.

Lord, let this Typhoon PEPENG go away!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Very Lucky!

Now that the destructive Typhoon Ondoy left our country, our place was not so badly damaged and our properties was spared from the flood. We are so thankful and feel so blessed by it because not everyone are so lucky especially those in Cainta and Marikina areas where lots of people have perished . How I wished they have life insurances but for sure they got none since they are so poor and will not even get the chance to get life insurance rates for themselves and their families. Just seeing the massive destruction this typhoon brought was just heartbreaking.

This typhoon left our country but wreak havoc to our neighboring country like Vietnam and Cambodia where it also left floods. We can't really predict what Mother Nature can do to us so we all need to pray. There's a new typhoon (Pepeng) coming or has entered our country once again but I hope and pray that this is not strong once again. Let's all pray that it will leave our country now.

Putting Off a Visit to an OB

My sister-in-law and I were having a conversation the other day and she asked me if I wanted to go with her because she’s going to her OB-Gyne next week. Actually, she’s having her annual check up and she said it’s also a good time for me to schedule my pap smear. She’s been advising me to have myself checked to be sure.

I always put it off because I am actually having second thoughts about it because I am actually scared, lol. The mere thought of laying on an
exam table gives me shivers as I haven’t been to any OB before. I know that the Pap test will detect any benign or cancerous findings from my uterus and it's for my good health but I’m still having a cold feet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Hits UERM Campus

I was browsing YOUTUBE for Typhoon Ondoy videos when I saw this Typhoon Ondoy Hits UERM School Campus and it was heart breaking to see cars being washed away by the raging flood.

Take a look at the lady doctor who was still in her car but managed to get out of it and went on top of the roof. Last night I was even shedding a tear or two when I saw this. This is just a small glimpse what have happened last Saturday, there are more disturbing stories not needs to be told by survivors.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy's Fury

It was a gloomy, sad and scary day for all of us here as Typhoon Ondoy showed its fury. It left many homeless, some still on top of their roofs waiting for assistance and rescue. Manila and other nearby provinces(including ours) are already declared in the state of calamity since yesterday as floods are everywhere esp. in Cainta, Pasig and Marikina area. We aer still lucky that eventhough our place was flooded yesterday it subside after few hours.

Here's a picture that I took via phone cam yesterday on our way to our store and before we got stranded. I have my own scary story that I have posted on my other blog. More photos too. Here's my Typhoon Ondoy left our Place Flooded. post

Image Hosted by

When Disaster Happens

How we wish all of us here in Pinas can have a great family vacation esp. those offered by Karisma Hotel where there are great amenities, beach front accommodation and lots more. With the situation our country is in right now, families were left with no homes bec. of typhoon Ondoy. A big disaster for all of us here and as of this writing there’s massive rescue operations being done.

Yesterday was really different because those areas that are not experiencing floods are submerged already. Right now, we are not finished cleaning our place yet and it’s so sad to see the news on TV. We are still lucky that we are not much affected.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Got My Christmas Wishlist Ready

So you think I am way too early to have my Christmas wish list? I have posted it early at my other blog because it is for our Bebot/Twitter Christmas Exchange gift this year. We have to start this early because we have members who is in US, Canada, Singapore, Hongkong and here in Pinas so we'll have ample time to buy and ship our gifts. In this way, we'll receive our gifts before Christmas so everyone will be happy.

Last year, we have a member who unfortunately got her gift already February because of shipping problems. Imagine that? We all hope this year will be a breeze bec. we need to send our gifts before October ends or early Nov.

View my Christmas Wishlist here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Bes' a WAHM Now

My bestfriend Race and I were talking about our lives and that includes our health most of the times. She recently quits her 9-5 job of over 6years and now she is a WAHM and she's been more busier as I have noticed. She frequents her daughters and son's school for activities and even though it will be tiring for her, the joy is incomparable since she was able to give more time to her growing kids.

I could not see any resentment on her when she quits her job but more happiness as she was able have her own time for work, wife and mommy duties. Her love for cooking also surfaced again and her kids are loving it. It is also a reason why she's been putting up a little more weight and I told her that she needs to keep in control or else she might end up reading best weight loss pills reviews hehe. I even teased her that when we were in highschool her waistline is only 24" and now it has increased.

Right now, I know my bestfriend is enjoying her WAHM title as she can get the best of both worlds (work and family).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Need for Faster Internet Connection

The rain just poured so viciously yesterday afternoon like it was a doomsday. I was a little worried that the electric power might go off because the lights are flickerin’ in from time to time. Aside from the gusty wind and the heavy rains there’s a thunderstorm for a moment that scared my little niece away that she had to cover her ears and run to her mom as fast as she could. So lucky that the light didn’t went off but it was horrible because after few minutes the rain subsides my internet connection suddenly was gone. What a bummer!

I was dialing my Internet service provider to complain about it but unfortunately my call can’t get through either. What an unfortunate day! One hour passed and there’s no net connection still so I was kinda piqued already because my net café customers are coming but I have to tell them that I have no connection. It’s sad to see them go and lose profit for that day but there are things that's beyond our control. Without a net connection last night I was forced to close my shop very early at 6 pm and just went to a friend's house.

Wish I have a better ISP with much faster connection as well. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I always hate this time of the month when I am just so sluggish and difficult. Arggghh I don't like this feeling as I have many "sungit" moments. I am also unproductive today because I am feeling uncomfortable, I feel bloated and this is the time that I want to lose belly fat in an instant. Eventhough I am slow and it seems like my mind is not properly working, I need to get moving or else I will be stuck. Oh well I know this will surpass in few more days so please bear with me.

I am just hoping that you are all having a wonderful Thursday.!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Image Hosted by
Before I will hit the sack, I just want to leave this.

A Fervent Wish

I bumped into a childhood acquaintance few weeks ago and of course we exchange stories about how our lives went on for all those years. I immediately noticed her baby bump and asked her how many kids does she already have and it turned out to be that she was only conceiving right now as she had been wishing for a baby long time ago. I teased her that it’ll be perfect to have one of those baby shower party that are “in” lately.

Looks like a baby shower will be on the way, I am not sure if I will be the one organizing it but I will just share them a site that has lots of party baby shower invites that they can look into. 

Another Photobook In Order

Image Hosted by
It was last week when I ordered another 39 pages 8x8 photobook at ARTSCOW and i hope it will be delivered it this month. It's actually a photobook that I layout usign photos of my highschool batch semi-reunion this year. I got a good discount in this book, as I only paid half of the price. I can't wait for it to arrive and show it off to my former classmates.

I Miss Litratong Pinoy

Ahh I miss LITRATONG PINOY soooo much.

It's been a while since I have joined the photo hunting at Litratong Pinoy and I am feeling guilty over it already. I was once a very active member of our group but now I think it was over a month already since I last joined. I felt sorry that I really don't know the new members already because I was so busy right now . I still peek at the site and hoping to come back again there soon.

Sorry guys for not joining lately. I hope you will not kick me out of the group. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Wishes

There are times I have those days when all I ever did was to think about my future. Some few thoughts made me smirk or hold back a tear or two. I have to say that I also envisioned myself getting married and have a baby shower while friends. 

It’s this dream will ever come true I know I will not have a time finding baby shower invitations for I have scoured the internet already and saw good finds at cardsshopp Budget is not a problem because invitations baby cards from CardsShoppe are affordable and free shipping is for free. Their in-house designers can also create an exclusive design for you just in case you can’t find a design perfect for your.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Woot.. woot .. I won!

Image Hosted by
I was happy to found out the other day that I won at a mini-birthday contest at Cherry Rose's blog. She had this contest in line with her 20+ birthday at her blog and all participants must leave any birthday message to her.

She then had it raffled using the system and voila, I won! (1st place) What's the prize? A round trip ticket to PARIS! wahooo.. Nah just kidding, wish it was true! My prize is a necklace from GUESS.. yebah. Thanks Che, looking forward to it.

No Exercise at All

Ohh poor me…

I've been so lazy to even get up early in the morning to get at least a simple exercise. Gone were the days when my sis-in-law, my bro and I will do our daily morning badminton play just outside our house. I miss those hits and miss on the shuttlecock and the jumping and reaching out that makes us sweat. I just hope we’ll get back to that soon as my sedentary life style is killing me now. If only I can drag myself to carry those rackets once again.

Sports Minded

I have great admiration to those that have so much discipline to do their exercise by going to the gym or those that are into sports as they take it seriously. There are many sports that seemed to have increased it popularity and aside from basketball where men can really show off their skills, I think that Airsoft has become popular too. Airsoft can build participant’s competitiveness, mental alertness, tactical capability and lots more.

In fact, there are lots of aeg airsoft rifle and other accessories being sold now online and one of them is at They even have package specials so you can these items for a low price. Go check them out.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Bro's. Ferrari Toy Collections

Image Hosted by
My older brother always loves collecting things. He started many years ago collecting Coke products and there’s even a time when I have to scour all stores selling Coke stuff just to add to his collections. Aside from Coke, he also loves collecting toys from McDonalds especially when a certain movie has shown.

He had this big cabinet with glass where he puts all his collections. He also love cars and motorbikes and I’m just showing you some of his Ferrari toy cars that he bought from time to time. My sis in law and I are thankful that he is only into Ferrari car toys and not the real one hahaha. Of course we can't afford to have one as those Ferrari cars and Ferrari parts are very expensive. Maybe if will will at Lotto.. lol. I think bro will be adding more once he sees something that will interest him and can buy.

What about you what do you collect?

Image Hosted by

Just another Intermittent Connection

I had a great time blogging today since this morning. I started around 830 in the morning and up to this time haha and this is the very 1st time that I stayed at home just to blog. You know I have tons of things that I need to blog that’s why.

I did pause once in a while, I even had the time to play with our pet dog Sophie and with the continues wagging of her tail, there’s no doubt that she had fun. My internet connection was great and it was fast than ever. Not long after, the rain just poured so hard around half past six and my Smart bro connection suddenly changed and I was cut off several times as of this writing.

I am blaming the rains; it must have beaten the satellite and the cloudy skies blocking the wifi connection. Any way, at least i have done lots this day on almost all of my blogs and I am happy with that.

Take A Break

Who doesn’t want to take a break from work? Every one of us deserves a little pleasure from travels. In fact, having one can recharge or invigorate us because it releases our tension and once we’re back we feel rejuvenated. It doesn’t mean that you always have to tag along your whole family or friends with you because there’s this singles holidays tour that you can join.

Just some of the perks of taking a vacation to a new place is the chance to see different culture, places, eat new foods, go on shopping and of course meet new people or even make new friends. Singles Holidays tour are popular in the UK and it doesn’t mean that you need to be single to have a tour.

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Your Tour Manager will take care of you and will make it a point that you as travelers will have fun. You can contact them through their website, booking can be done online or you can call at their nos. Browse their site and learn more about this Singles Holidays.

My Rare Personality?

I took this quiz How Rare Is Your Personality? at blogthings and here is the result. All of us have different personalities and nothing are alike 100% and that makes us unique from everyone. I maybe shy or not talkative at times but once I warmed up you can hear more talk a lot. lol
Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP)
Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm. Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.

No Pics Please!

Photohunt: No Pictures Pls.
Dunno but sometimes my nephews and nieces will just run away, hide or cover their faces everytime they see me and my camera.. LOL..Maybe bec. they are just tired of seeing me holding my camera or they are just too shy at the cam.. hmm

Just saw this photo from my files using my 50mm.. ahh i dearly miss it, dunno if I will buy again this year..

Is This True?

I was blog hopping and I was stuck when I saw that a prohibited drug cannabis or marijuana in layman’s term was being used a treatment for medical conditions? It’s my 1st time to have heard such and I was deeply thinking if this was true. I also chanced upon a Medical Marijuana forum where members are talking and sharing about their experience using this drug. I just hope that who ever is using this will not use it for a wrong purpose and before you even take it you need to consult a doctor first or else you might end up addictive of it.

Sound Tripping:Gift Of A Friend by Demi Lovato

I'm taking a quick break from all of the deep thinking that I am doing for the last few days and it sometimes "frying" my mind already.. lol. Every time I need a break, I just open my CD player and pop on some music. This one, I found this song Gift Of A Friend by Demi Lovato and i think it's cute.

Bed Weather It is

It's raining outside and it is due to Typhoon Marce who just hits our country in the last few days. I didn't go to my shop today but my sis-in-law was kind enough to take care of it since she has no work today.

I just had my late lunch at 2 pm and now I am becoming slow that I just wanted to slumped on the couch and took a nap, I will do that later to keep me recharged. Not much goin' on in my life these day aside from the fact that I am too busy with mall my online works. I feel blessed and I am planning on sharing it with my family these coming days.

I am just hoping that the blessing will continue to pour as I am open arms to take it as long as i have energy to do so.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey, It's 09-09-09 !

Image Hosted by
Just thought I don't want to miss this rare day of 09-09-09, not quite sure if it's really a lucky day but for sure this is rare one when you think about it. I even asked my mom to have a photo whit me which I have posted on my other blog. I also heard that many tried to get married on this day for they believe it will bring them luck hehe.

Hope you are all having a great day!

Finally Sen. Noynoy Aquino for President in 2010

It was early this morning when I was watching on TV when finally Sen. Noynoy Aquino declared and announced that is running for President in 2010. All are waiting for this announcement and now the accepted the challenge we have all high hopes that he'll veer away from the traditional ways of being a President.

His supporters are all so happy with his decision and hope he will not disappoint us. I reckon that his decision is based on the great clamor of the people to have new "honest" government and I hope that he is not only being swayed upon by the popularity of his parents.

I am not sure yet if I will vote for him because it is still too early to decide,I still need to know more about his flatform as well as the other candidates. In fact, it's not filing of candidacy yet. We'll see who will run 1st.