Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Creativity in Kids

Every child has its own liking and passion and parents or their guardian should always be ready to support and lend them a hand when they need it.

Every child wants to explore everything in their surrounding and that is the way they also learn. If you see your child always looking for paper, crayons or pens, always make them available. Kids love to draw, doodle and make a mess in the paper. Cut and paste, making all sorts of creations that can their feelings of emotions.This is their way to show their creativity and who knows one day, they will love painting or visual creativity.

Some kids love to sing and dance to express themselves. You can never turn away a child whose passion runs in music for they will eventually end up with music in the end. Getting them to join a music class or perhaps a neighborhood band or something can make them more confident. There are also a lot of instruments you can buy online like floyd rose special at guitar center ift hey need it for their practice or performance.

Local Artists' Controversies

Lately a lot of local artists are having a lot of controversies.. Nothing new with it I guess. They are on public eye and media is sometimes hyping up the issue so they will have more viewers or readers.

For many of us who loves to read and hear stories of celebs, it's always sad to know that some artists who have good image will be caught in a not so nice issues. People or their fans look up to them all the time and the mere fact that they are a public figure they should be careful in everything that they do. But, who can blame them anyone? They are humans and they commit mistakes too.

Another very intriguing and hot issue today is the alleged rape case filed by Deniece Cornejo to Vhong Navarro (actor/comedian). I am following the case as it unfolds and every now and then they are on the news. The evidences are very vital and those will help the case. I know that whoever is saying a lie will regret all the actions they have done.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hard to Find Items Online

I'm slowly getting back to work after the long holiday with my family. Our Christmas and New Year celebrations are super fun and memorable because we are complete as a family on 2013. Now that my siblings who lives overseas are back to their own routine, I'm working again and at the same time looking for great finds online since my work requires me to be online all the time.

Summer is coming very soon here in our part of the world so I see it as an opportunity once again to do our yearly home improvements and repairs before rainy seasons begins in the middle of the year. I always pass by home depot stores hoping to find unique pieces for our home as I'm planning to give our living room a mini-make over. It's always refreshing to see some new items like furniture or decor in the house. Hard to find items online is a great place to find items that sometimes we don't normally find at our local stores and it's a good alternative place to shop.

If I delegated January 2014 as shopping freeze month for myself, I can't wait for Feb to come for I can shop once

Happy New Year!

Wow.. it's a brand new year for all of us and I hope you are all having a great start!

My holidays are very hectic and so fun because my 2 siblings came home for the holidays this year making our family complete. I have to say that Holiday 2013 is by far our happiest one for our family bonding is awesome. Words are not enough to express the happiness that we all had.

This year, I'm hoping for more adventures, good health, more blessings and love.

How to Keep Your Pool Clean

If you regularly clean your pool, you will save both money and time. Having a properly maintained pool will make your pool look inviting, sparkling clean and will be ready for whenever you or your guests want to use it. Whenever doing pool maintenance, make sure the pump is turned off first. Unmaintained pools can breed bacteria and viruses and can affect the eyes, ears and skin of pool users.

Clean filters

Clean out skimmer baskets weekly in summer to remove leaves and lint that may build up. A clean skimmer basket enables the filter to run more efficiently and will definitely improve water flow. Usually the filter should be cleaned every few monthsbut in the event of a storm, filters may need to be cleaned straight away to remove any debris that may have blown into the pool, such as heavy leaf litter. If there is constant heavy use of the pool, you may need to clean the filter more often.

Clean the pool

A base and wall of a pool needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Vacuuming will rid your pool of algae and particles of dirt. If you live in a windy area, the wind may blow dirt and grass into your pool.

Check the water level

Never let the water level get down below the tiles or below the skimmer. The water level should be half way up to the skimmer box opening.

Clean up the pool area

The area surrounding the pool needs to be kept clear of overhanging branches and trees that shed too many leaves. Leaves falling into the pool will block up the skimmer and make the pump work harder. Too many trees may attract birds and bird droppings in the pool will cause algae to bloom. When not using the pool, a pool cover can be used to protect the pool from debris.

Check Pool Chemistry

The pH and chlorine levels of the pool needs to checked regularly. Be sure to check the clarity of the water and the base of the pool to see if there is any debris being left behind. Always store chemicals in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Never store chlorine and acid side by side. You can test the alkalinity reading yourself or take a sample to your local pool shop where they can analyse the chemical levels in your pool. They will give you a print out of this reading. Alliance Pool Stores can assist you with any questions you may have about your swimming pool.

You should always be vigilant with pool cleaning and not become complacent or lazy during the winter months when your pool isn’t used as much. A lot of pool owners are opting to use solar pool heating so they can enjoy the benefits of their pool all year round. Pools are not only a great way to relax and entertain but can be used for exercise and health benefits as well. If you don’t wish to maintain your pool yourself, engage the services of a pool maintenance company with a good reputation.

Kim Blair Content Writer SF