Saturday, October 29, 2016

Going Out of Your Way to Show Your Loved Ones How Much They Mean this Holiday Season

The holiday season seems to be an extraordinarily special time for many people, that brings them a little bit closer each year, albeit for a short period in most cases. This year, really get the most out of your holidays by making the people you love the most feel loved back. As kids, we get excited for the holidays because we got gifts and money if we were lucky. Now it’s time to turn the tables as adults, and do something in return for those who did so much for us before.

“Extra Special” Gifts
For a lot of people, material gifts don’t mean as much as making a sincere action. That’s part of maturity and growing up. So this year instead of buying your dad a new tie… again, take him out for a nice dinner. It could be a father daughter formal dinner date, or a father son basketball game or concert. For moms, the same; mother son night out dancing or a girls day getting your hair and nails done capped off with a massage. You can find deals for almost all of these at local salons online.

For Parents with Older Children
Speaking from experience, I know living as a young adult fresh out of school is hard; typically living paycheck to paycheck and possibly working multiple jobs. Life alone for the first time is difficult. If you are a parent and your kids are out on their own, maybe think of what they need more than what they want this year. Maybe you could offer to cover a partial month rent/utilities or come up with a way to help them get the lasik surgery they’ve always wanted but couldn’t get.. If you really can’t think of anything, talk to them; they’ll gladly share what they need the most. Gifts like these might not be luxurious but they are practical, which is more important at this point in many young adults lives.

The holidays aren’t just about giving and receiving gifts or doing acts of kindness for your loved ones, more important is the time you spend together. Try to put some thought into this holiday season. If you’re on a budget there are deals online or even DIY projects that are practically free. Happy Holidays everyone!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Exciting Game

I'm always looking forward for the weekends eventhough I am always at home. It's always when I have the time to go out with friends for meet up, for a coffee, ktv, watch a movie or simply do some chita-chatting. Shopping or strolling at the mall is also my fave to do on weekends for I can do some shopping around even for some lil' things for myself or around the house.

Last weekend is exceptional, I went out for a bit after lunch with some of my former highscool friends. We're scheduled to watch the basketball game of our batchmates. The game was exciting eventhough we lost by 13 points over a much younger batch. My classmates only had some practice and being a little old (late 40's), you'd not expect our players to be on their utmost shape and speed. Us girls had so much fun cheering for the boys, we're screaming at the top of our lungs to the point that we already need a megaphone or a akg p220 mic so we need not shout so loud. The arena seemed too dull bec. there's not much people around but the music and the game kept us in.

Our boys did a good job and we're looking forward to the next game.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Chocolate Overload

Ahhh.. chocolates.. how can I resist them?

I know that chocolates when eaten in too much quantities is bad for our health as it can increase our sugar levels and even added lots of calories in our body. However, research also will tell that chocolates esp. the dark one can be beneficial too as it contains antioxidants as well.

As for me, a bight or two after meal is ok enough to satisfy my choco cravings. It can also minimize the after taste brought about by some food. Toblerone are not my fave bec. kisses with almonds are my thing. These are sent to us by my sister who is working in Riyadh, Saudi arabia. From time to time she sent us some goodies and we're always grateful and happy to receive them.