Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Little Known Secrets to Make Your Property Listing Stands Out

You will no doubt come across an abundance of competitive listings when listing your home for sale on the property market. You will be in constant discussions with your selected real estate agent of how to ensure your home is a ‘stand out’ above the hundreds of listings available in your respected region. So here lies the important aspect of developing a suitable technique of differentiating your home from the rest. There will be a variety of options to consider when initially listing your home for sale online and some other traditional, yet common sense methods could also be utilised.

Here are 5 little secrets to help your property listing stand out!

Featured Listings
When listing your home for sale on reputable websites (and there are many), you generally have a number of options to choose from regarding the listing features. Typical, however the more beneficial and more features you get generally determines the cost. If you want your listing to ‘stand out’, your best to choose the more prominent listing options available. Featured listings ensure your property retrieves at the top of first page search results every time. This feature will remain for the selected amount of time promised by the service provider. Therefore your listing will be seen first by everyone searching your specific region, attracting much more attention.

Have Your Home Cleaned Prior to Listing and Inspections
Prior to having your home listed for sale online or through other traditional methods, have your home cleaned and tidied thoroughly. You could potentially hire a professional to ensure suitable cleaning. However if you decide to take on the task yourself, focus on some of the more attractive features of the home. You home will ‘stand out’ much more if it’s clean and more attractive to buyers.

Have professional photos taken
A picture paints a thousand words. That being said, this should be considered when in the process of listing your home for sale. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the best possible images, from all angles and aspects in your home. These photos will then be the initial viewings prospected buyers have of your home, both online and in real estate offices. Therefore the better and more appealing the photos provided, the more your home will ‘stand out’.

Exclusive Listings

Many people don’t like allocating their home as an exclusive listing to real estate agents. You may think that having numerous agents working on selling your home is an advantage, however this is not the case. If you provide your property exclusively to one agent, they’ll focus more on achieving the best results for you. Your home will only appear in one agent’s portfolio, opposed to several, and will avoid looking like spam. Think about it like this, if you saw the same home listed online with several real estate agents, would that look attractive or messy? If you tie up your property with one respected agent, your home will appear classier and potentially generate more interest.

All agents will request you spend some money on advertising. This will apply with the ‘featured listing’ mentioned earlier. They’ll also be interested in traditional methods, such as flyers and mail-outs. Be prepared to spend a little money in order to make more with the highest possible sale price for your home.

There are a variety of ways to have your home ‘stand out’ from the rest. Speak to your friends, family and respected real estate agents to discover ways to help you. In the meantime, if you are looking at future homes, you can begin your own research. If you live on the Gold Coast, for example, be sure to check out some of the Gold Coast display homes available. Or where ever you may be located, there’ll surely be some display homes you can visit.

Written by Keith Hensley
Keith runs a reputable home building business in Australia. He is passionate about new green building technologies and ways to reduce footprint in the building industry.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Coming Home Soon

Summer vacation is coming in no time and I heard that some of my relatives in the US are coming over for their vacation. I don't have the exact date of their arrival because I'm pretty much sure that they wanted it to be a surprise. All I know is that they wanted to come home in summer here where the kids are on vacation from their school already.

I'm pretty much excited to see them once again because it;s not yearly that they come home but between 5 or more years. Last year 2 of my cousins from father side arrived and I was the one who toured them around and it was great.  I heard  from one of my aunt that my cousin is coming and will be bringing some geo f trumper colognes and other products for the guys while Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and of course the famous Victoria's secret for women as gifts. Aside from all the "pasalubongs" or gifts that they will be bringing, we're all very excited to see them for it's such a great opportunity to catch up with them and bond.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel, Places and Me

Oh.. I really wanted to travel more but sometimes budget is really hindering me from doing so. I just hope and wish that I can save more this year or in the coming years so that I can travel more soon.

I made another blog and this time I made a travel blog  TRAVEL, PLACES and ME . I don't have a lot of travels yet but who knows. This is where I will share all my travels and places that I will go or want to go. I will also share travel promos from different airlines, and just about anything about travel.
(blog header that I made for my travel blog)
I'm longing to travel more here in the Philippines but I also wanted to explore Asia too and of course I can't wait to go back to Australia for I just love being there with my sister and her family.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Venturing into Business

So, a good friend of mine is venturing into catering business soon. She loves to cook and prepare meals that's why I'm not really shock or amaze when she told me she'll be doing that. When you want to have a business, find your passion and something that you really like so that you will not regard this as work or for money making only because you love what you are doing as well. I know it's not that easy to manage a business especially catering for she will handle a lot of people as well. Her husband is a marketing consultant so there's no doubt that they will help each other along the way. I guess they will also need to find a dashboard scorecard and other tools in managing their business. 

I'm just so happy for her and just wishing all the best for the success of her business. Success will not be an overnight thing for it will be a work in progress. I know that she's going to put all her heart and mind into it so it will not fail.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coffee Lover, No More

I am not sure when did I start drinking coffee but if I can guess it correctly it was probably around on my last years in highschool or early in college days. I love coffee with milk in it, just the plain condensed milk in a can is fine with me. I've tried those milk powder creams too but since I am already used with the condensed milk's taste I end up sticking with it.

I used to love drinking coffee everyday but when I seriously getting hyper-acidity, feeling so full and bloatness, my doctor advised me to stop drinking coffee. It was not hard for me to let go of this for I really wanted to get well. I stopped drinking coffee in March 2011, so it's been almost 2 years now .. yey! Doing so prevented me from having severe hyper-acidity attacks!

Now, water is all I want but I drink also drink hot chocolate and hot ginger juice from time to time.

Health of the Family

I always admire a good friend of mine in taking care of her whole family. Despite having hectic schedule from work, she can still manage to do all her house chores and other wife/mother obligations. I guess mothers will always make sacrifices for the sake of their her family.

Just one of the things that she is worried about her family is the health of her youngest son who not only suffers from mild eczema but also asthma. Two conditions that can be triggered by dirty and polluted environment. With her son’s condition, my friend never fails to keep their house clean and neat. Often opening their air conditioner and maintaining a certain temperate at night for her son will suffer when it is too hot and too cold. She's even thinking of buying an air purifier with whole house hepa filters that can also help maintaining the clean air in their home.

I just told her that she needs to keep the filters of the aircon and the purifier clean all the time because it can also harbor dusts and bacteria that can be blown away that can make her son more sick. So sad to know that her son suffers from asthma for I know attacks can only be prevented but not healed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Giving me a Headache

Ohhh.. I just hate ranting on my blogs but I just can't help it. One blog of mine is currently not accessible for a week now because of a malicious code that was injected by the hacker on my WP host. A friend helped me along the way but still needed to clean some few things on the cpanel but my former host which is my nephew is not helpful these days. Arghhh.. I wish I know how to work and troubleshoot it so that I not bother anyone.

Transferred another domain to a new host today and not sure why the blog is showing at times but it's down most of the times. It's weird, really weird! I'm giving it another day for it to settle and I'm praying that it will so that my headache will be gone.

I'm not putting all the details of my problems with my blogs right now for I know all things will have a solution.