Friday, February 15, 2013

Venturing into Business

So, a good friend of mine is venturing into catering business soon. She loves to cook and prepare meals that's why I'm not really shock or amaze when she told me she'll be doing that. When you want to have a business, find your passion and something that you really like so that you will not regard this as work or for money making only because you love what you are doing as well. I know it's not that easy to manage a business especially catering for she will handle a lot of people as well. Her husband is a marketing consultant so there's no doubt that they will help each other along the way. I guess they will also need to find a dashboard scorecard and other tools in managing their business. 

I'm just so happy for her and just wishing all the best for the success of her business. Success will not be an overnight thing for it will be a work in progress. I know that she's going to put all her heart and mind into it so it will not fail.

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