Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coffee Lover, No More

I am not sure when did I start drinking coffee but if I can guess it correctly it was probably around on my last years in highschool or early in college days. I love coffee with milk in it, just the plain condensed milk in a can is fine with me. I've tried those milk powder creams too but since I am already used with the condensed milk's taste I end up sticking with it.

I used to love drinking coffee everyday but when I seriously getting hyper-acidity, feeling so full and bloatness, my doctor advised me to stop drinking coffee. It was not hard for me to let go of this for I really wanted to get well. I stopped drinking coffee in March 2011, so it's been almost 2 years now .. yey! Doing so prevented me from having severe hyper-acidity attacks!

Now, water is all I want but I drink also drink hot chocolate and hot ginger juice from time to time.


  1. I am trying to stop this habit too! So sad because I love coffee too. What's your alternative though?

    1. I usually just drink water Nyree.. then at times, ginger tea and chocolate drink.

  2. I stick mostly with just water too.....occasionally some tea. Never been a fan of coffee.

  3. I started drinking coffee in...elementary school which was around 20 years ago. Today I can't even imagine a day without a cup of coffee with milk


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