Thursday, February 7, 2013

Health of the Family

I always admire a good friend of mine in taking care of her whole family. Despite having hectic schedule from work, she can still manage to do all her house chores and other wife/mother obligations. I guess mothers will always make sacrifices for the sake of their her family.

Just one of the things that she is worried about her family is the health of her youngest son who not only suffers from mild eczema but also asthma. Two conditions that can be triggered by dirty and polluted environment. With her son’s condition, my friend never fails to keep their house clean and neat. Often opening their air conditioner and maintaining a certain temperate at night for her son will suffer when it is too hot and too cold. She's even thinking of buying an air purifier with whole house hepa filters that can also help maintaining the clean air in their home.

I just told her that she needs to keep the filters of the aircon and the purifier clean all the time because it can also harbor dusts and bacteria that can be blown away that can make her son more sick. So sad to know that her son suffers from asthma for I know attacks can only be prevented but not healed.

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