Friday, July 31, 2009

Joe Jackson Confirms Omer Bhatti is Michael Jackson's Son

Oh boy, the talks about Michael Jackson's death and other rumors certainly will not pass instantly. I was just so intrigued about this latest news: Joe Jackson Confirms Omer Bhatti is Michael Jackson's Son. Omer certainly looks like MJ and I am just baffled when Omer denied that his father is Michael. Dunno what to believe. Oh well...

Just found this video at Youtube where Joe Jackson was being interviewed.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Order your Halloween Invites

Halloween is fast approaching and soon enough you’ll be receiving Halloween invitation as well. It’s fun to attend at parties especially when all are dressed up to scare or to impress. Start planning your Halloween party by ordering Halloween Party Invitations at for they have unique and exclusive designs.

Invitations Shoppe will let you customize your Halloween Invitation, in fact, you can make multiple changes at no extra cost and they provide free shipping if you reach the minimum order. You can even add a logo of your company or organization and have it printed on your Invitations Halloween. If you can’t find any design that you like they are more than happy to make an exclusive design just for you.

Shopping for Computers

Don’t you just technology? I am guessing that majority of the people anywhere have used computers and own computers at home. These days, we do almost all our transactions online from paying bills, sending money, ordering groceries, photo printings, and of course shopping. Students also find it very convenient to research their assignments or projects online making them more productive. I have HP pavilion pc and I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop and I have never been so productive since then.

If you still don’t own any computer then now is the time to get one. Computers and laptop prices have gone down recently and it is an advantage to us consumers. You’ll find it very useful to have pc at home or at your business. Complete your computer set with a set of speackers that can enhance your entertainment pleasure. It’s a place where you can find great deals.

Carlo Caparas as one of the New National Artists 2009

I just learned today that the new National Artists was already declared by Pres. Arroyo. Learned about this when I read the tweets of Jim Paredes. I was smirking because he can't believe that Carlo Caparas is one of the New National Artists of 2009.

And to quote him, here are some of his tweets:
" What ground-breaking, inspiring, heroic, patriotic, nationalistic, or artistic film has Carlo J Caparas done to be National Artist?
Answer: Exploitative massacre movies where victims were exploited and the guilty were not identified...for fear of lawsuits perhaps? "
It funny as well because I have read at other blog posts saying that he is not deserving of that award. Oh well..... my lips are sealed..


EC Droppin'

Oh boy I was a bit sluggish today.. blame it on the weather which is gloomy at times then will get hot in a while. Crazy weather since yesterday. I can't blame why lot's of people are still getting sick these days.

Anyway, I found time to EC dropping today. Just in case you didn't know EC means Entrecard and that keeps me company while I was getting bored to even type few sentences of my blog. Been to a lot of blogs and I must say that some blogs are worth reading while others are not even loading. I also hope to encash my EC credits soon if I have enough credits earned.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Put Your Money Where it is Worth It

There have been a lot of talks about recession and how it has greatly affected lots of people especially workers and some investors. It may seem gloomy for most part of it but with high hopes I know the trend will go back to normal in the future. Some investors are not disheartened by it and they still continue to put where their money is worth. Some have been investing in properties like land while other opted to buy or sell gold, silver and other precious metals through Monex. Like other businesses there’ll be trying times, success and failure, so we need to be wise.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me and My Cam

I am hooked into Digital Photography these days. There is no day that I am not holding my Canon DSLR camera because I am doing a photo-a-day project or also known as the Project 365. I bought this Canon 400d as a birthday gift for myself last Nov. 2007 and out of my blogging money. Such a sweet gift for myself.

Later on I found myself buying a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens but unfortunately I accidentally dropped it and now it is of no use bec. it is not focusing already.
As a replacement I bought an Canon 18-200 mm IS f3-5.6 lens and a 6 Million Dollar Crumpler camera bag as a gift again for myself last Nov. 2008. Oh yeah I deserve to give myself such.

I am just learning about my camera each day as I have no formal education on photography. I know I still have a lot to learn but like they say practice makes perfect.

Just some of my shots

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Get this widget at

My 10 Favorite Sounds

1. Sound of chirping birds.
2. The waves of the beach esp. in the early mornings
3. Kenny Rankin's soothing voice
4. Mellow music
5. Babies' giggles
6. Sound of money coming in.. ca ch$$ing a ch$$ing hehe
7. laptop's keyboard sound
8. laughter
9. sizzle while cooking
10. quiet rustling leaves

Join us at 10 on Tuesday.

Do You Want To Trade?

Have you been feeling the economic crunch lately or are you already used to it since it is really hard to earn more these days. A lot of people are looking for ways on how to earn extra bucks and some investors are eyeing FOREX  (foreign currency exchange) trading but is this the time to invest? I don’t know anything about trading to tell ya the truth but how many times have we heard that many became rich via trading. Sounds inviting huh?

I learned that Forex is not for the faint of heart especially if you little or no how about how it works. Experts say that being plunging into this world one must have a forex education. There’s nothing like being armed with knowledge about trading because investors can lose their investments in just a blink of an eye. Yes you can earn a lot provided that you have the proper trading skills. If you are interested in forex trading then you might want to browse CMS forex to learn more. You can even test the market with their  forex trading software so you’ll have a feel on how currency trading works. Good luck! Just remember to test the waters first before you plunge.

Proj. 365: Plastic Balloon

Can you still remember the days when you were still a kid trying to make a balloon out of the Php1.00 plastic balloon being sold in the store? I clearly remember the I bought about a couple of them and I endlessly made some balloons trying hard not to make it pop.

I also stack them on top of each other making like a snowman with matching eyes.
Then once it pops out, I then i'll then pop it more on my forehead hahaha. sarap ng tunog sa noo haha..

Luvin' My Dell

So I have had my new Dell laptop for almost 2 months now and I am enjoying it to bits. Though I am only using it at home it saves my day everytime I have some opps online that I need to get at night and early morning. It's a good buy I must say since Dell is known to offer durable and high end laptops. At first I wanted an HP laptop but since it's a bit pricey for my budget I just opted for Dell.

Diane, a co-blogger and co-digiscrapper of mine is also eyeing to buy a laptop, and she want to have Dell too but later on she told me that she's saving for an HP one. Goodness me I am so

Monday, July 27, 2009

Get Ready To Party !!

Wow! Time surely flies so fast because it’s gonna be August on Saturday and before we knew it’s already Christmas. Just this early I am already thinking for some gifts and in fact I already have one for one of my niece. I made a photobook for her and I am sure she will like it. Don’t you just love Christmas? Aside from gift giving, it’s a grand time to have parties and get together for family and friends.

Christmas parties will be everywhere and I know this early there are some people who are already planning their parties. It’s gonna be busy especially when the “ber” months arrived. Thanks to all the online stores like Holiday Invitations where we can order Christmas invitation in a swift manner. There are fun and unique styles that you can pick but you can still opt to have your own designed by them. Christmas Party Invitations can be shipped at the same day when your order is approved. You can even have your Invitations Christmas Party personalized by adding a photo or your own logo. Cool huh?

Jill and Kevin's Funny Wedding Entrance Dance

WoW!! you've got to watch this peeps. I've been blog hopping and saw this on a blog and I was smiling from ear to ear while watching Jill and Kevin Wedding Entrance Dance. This is so unique and full of fun and the guests were also smiling and happy with what they have done. I will not wonder if a couple will imitate what they have done.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping Galore

It’s summer time in the US and I have friends posting in their blogs about their vacay and camping trips and seen lots of photos on their Flickr accounts. Sure they all have fun especially they all went out with their family. Though some of them have been driving for long hours just to go to their destination but how’d they wish they have an RV so that they’ll be more comfortable.

If I were them I’d purchase a second hand recreational vehicle that offers
rv extended warranty so that my family and I will be more relaxed on trips. This is also good if you have babies or kids in tow.

No Classes In Metro Manila July 27, 2009 bec. of SONA and Iglesia Ni Cristo Anniversary

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman Emmanuel Angeles announced that there will be no classes (ALL LEVELS) tomorrow, Monday July 27, 2009 in Metro Manila because of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's SONA, State of the Nation Address at the Batasan at around 345 pm. It is believe that it will cause heavy traffic because Iglesia ni Cristo will also be celebrating their grand 95th Anniversary.

Classes on elementary and secondary levels at NCR, National Capital Region was also suspended. Expect HUGE traffic everywhere. Ohhh do I hear students rejoicing???? hahaha. Rejoice but watch out you'll pay extra day (Sat.) for that.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Web Hosting Reviews, Rating and more

We all have been doing a lot of emails and other personal stuff online for the past years and there’s no doubt that technology is already a part of us in our everyday tasks. Paying bills or other online transactions are made easy by technology. Websites of companies or common people are sprouting online so it is not impossible to have your own website or blog too. I also have friends you ask me how to set up their own blogs with domains and with my limited knowledge I can only share what I know about blogger and Wordpress.

If you also own a business, it is also best to have your own website so that you can reach out to more clients and would be customers in the future. Consumers are now using the internet to buy online and if you own a website to showcase your service or products there is a high probability that you’ll generate more income. Just make sure you have a dedicated server for your website because you don’t want your site to be down all the time.

When you are in the lookout for a web hosting
company for your blog or domain, I suggest that you need to research more on that. The best way is to go to an expert like Web Hosting Geeks to help you guide in finding a reliable and dependable webhost. You can start by perusing their web hosting blog that can help you and lead you in choosing the best webhost that will suit your needs. Articles in the blog are very informative and they even have the list of the Top 10 Web Hosting - Best Web Hosts (2008) and that includes their rating, hosting price, features and reviews. They also have top 10 green hosting websites or the eco-friendly web hosts.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Nakakakilabot (Scary) Spider

Litratong Pinoy entry
Litratong Pinoy entry: kakilakilabot
Ewwww.. we saw this big (almost 3-4 inches) long legged spider at the our place and yuck it looks so scary. Take a look a closer look, I don't know what it is carrying.. eggs????

-Yuck kadiri naman tong napakalaking gagamba na ito na halong 4-5inches na sa laki. Ang hahaba pa ng mga paa nya at nakakakilabot. Pagmasdan ninyo mukha syang may dala dala , di ko lang alam kung itlog nya iyon o ano? Ito ay lahok ko sa Litratong Pinoy. Magandang Huwebes po sa lahat.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Total Solar Eclipse: July 22, 2009

Total Solar Eclipse will happen on July 22, 2009 and it is the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century . Astronomers said it will last for 6 minutes, 39 seconds.

According to source:
  • The July 22, 2009, total solar eclipse begins at sunrise in India, and from there the Moon's shadow zips across eastern Asia. The track crosses China for much of the morning before leaving the mainland near Shanghai. Observers just south of this city will experience nearly 6 minutes of totality. The track then moves out over the Pacific Ocean. Maximum eclipse occurs about 195 miles east of Iwo Jima, where observers will see the Sun disappear for 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Traveling Can be Fun

Traveling is always fun because you get to learn new things about the place, meet people and learn about the country’s culture if you are flying overseas. If I had my way, I would love to go back in Sydney for another vacation but things became pretty busy for me and my sis so we just set it aside. A forthcoming trip to Hongkong this December is very much anticipated by me. I guess you might have had read some of my posts about it already. If money is not a problem I would love to travel around the world and explore the wonders of each nation. Too bad, that’s seems not feasible.

Anyway, talking about places to go to and US will not be off in my list for I have lots of relatives in there particularly in California and dreaming I can visit there someday too. I never tried applying for a visa though but maybe in the future. Who knows I might step on US soil too.How can anyone not also hope to visit the Big Apple and its surrounding suburbs? These days one can have a pleasurable travel eventhough you don’t own any car when you arrive there. There’s car NYC service that can accommodate you or even your whole family. Straight from the airport, car, van or a shuttle whichever you prefer and that will suit your travel needs.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun Times Ahead

Time really flies so fast and in no time Christmas is here already. I know we all love this festive holiday. If only I can only pull the days so that it’ll be holidays once again. It’s always fun to see old friends or relatives because during these days Christmas Parties and reunions are always held.

For sure I’ll be receiving lots of Christmas Party Invitations from friends and relatives and I just hope they will send them out early so I can schedule my time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Storm Isang is Here, No Classes

It's been raining since the start of the week, Storm Isang is here. Yesterday I got stranded on my way to my shop but fortunately it was not worst. My nephwe who also got stranded in Manila was whinging when he got home because he came home late at almost 11 pm because he there are only few public vehicles on the roads. Floods are everywhere so I can only imagine the massive traffic.

NCR all levels have no classes already today eventhough there is no storm signal yet. Due to floods in Manila, it's impossible and it'll be hard for students to commute. Other schools and universities have declared no classes already. Some students are rejoicing because they can skip class today, they didn't know they still need to pay for the day that they no classes.. LOL

Anyway, it's still gloomy today. Raining and cold. The weather bureau said Storm Isang will still be in the country till Saturday. It's lunch time already and good thing our lunch is hot Nilaga soup. Later peeps..

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

My niece and her friends gather one afternoon after an activity in school. Saw them playing outside so I grabbed my camera and took photos of them while playing. Lucky me they didn't hesitate to be photographed, in fact, they are more than willing to pose for the camera. Just love all the giggles and smiles that they showed. I feel like a kid once again when I saw them playing. How'd I wish I am a kid again.

For the Good of Our Nation

Our country is facing lots of problems right now and I guess every country there is will really face problems not just with the economy but in other aspects as well. From the recent crunch on the economy brought about by the financial crisis around the globe many have been affected because many of the foreign companies established here have been closing down since last year. This has led to the massive unemployment and due to that it contributes to the increase of poverty of crimes around the country. The government is still finding ways to give our people just like the a nationwide job openings( Jobapalooza) last May. I think for sure not all applicants will land a job.

There’s also the A(H1N1) scare that started in Mexico, the deadly virus spread all over the world and have reached our shores already. There are quite some of people being affected and fortunately only about 3 have died from the disease died due to complications.

We’ve also been gearing up for next year’s Presidential elections and many issues have been arising. The last news was the automation of our polling system. This has raised so much scrutiny from political analysts and other people. Public opinions are also been heard because not many believed that we are ready for the full automation. With the signing of the contract bet. the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and Smartmatic recently, I reckon it will already push thorough on the May 2010 elections. I just hope whatever the outcome will be it's for the good of our nation.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sound Tripping: One Last Song by A1

I need a break! As usual music will play a great deal on me because I can't end the day without it. This time I am listening to One Last Song by A1. Dunno but every time I hear this song, I feel so affected. There's even a time when I almost get teary eyed. Talk about being senti.. lol Anyway, I am leaving you with this song that can get right through your heart.

Best Blog Award

I seldom put Memes or Tags here on my blog but I can't say no to this because it is an award. You know it's a pleasure to receive such from a fellow blogger. It was given by Sharque, thanks girl I appreciate it! I'm trying hard to have a good blog hehe.

Anyway, here are the rules:
1. Post Award on your Blog together with the name and the URL of the person who granted it.
2. Pass the Award to 15 other Blogs that you have just discovered as great ones.
3. Contact the Bloggers to let them know that they have been chosen to receive the Award.

I'm giving this award to Race, Tere,

Can I Have These Please?

My birthday is coming in few months time and every year I see to it that I will give myself a gift. Two years ago, I rewarded myself a Canon 400d DSLR and oh boy I was hooked into digital photography since then. Last year, I gave myself a watch and a Canon 18-200mm f5.6 IS lens and oh yeah I’m pretty generous with myself.

Anyways, I’m still thinking what to give myself this year and I was thinking of the jewelries I saw at Holsted jewelers that I came across. My eyes are feasting with all the jewelries that they have from bracelets, rings to necklaces and more. Here is what I found, if anyone is generous enough to give me these, you’re all most welcome. Hehe.
Image Hosted by

I Miss Digi-Scrapping

Hmmm.... when was the last time I did a regular digi-scrapping from scratch? I can't even remember. Arghh.. I miss digi-scrapping already. It's one of my favorite hobby lately and just seeing somenice layouts from galleries makes me want to open my photoshop once again and whip up a layout but I'm a bit busy right now.

Although I am scrapping my Project 365 photos using a photo template form Yin Designs, it's not like scrapping a single photo and putting lots of elements or papers on it. Anyway, I know I can go back to my regular scrapping days once my load is light again. Just so you can view all my photobooks that I made this year.

I Need A Hair Cut!

....or should I say I need a make-over I saw my photos last Sunday that my nephew took and I was disgusted to see that my hair is unruly already. My hair color is also fading plus my white hairs are already showing. I badly need a haircut and hair spa since my last visit to my hair dresser is last April.

I've been thinking of sporting a short hair this time but just thinking about my coarse thick hair I am having seconds thoughts. I don't want to end up like having a wig (lol). My hair is unruly especially if it is also short. My family is telling me to have a new look since I have this long hair for the longest time. We'll see.. I 'll think about it.

I said.. What??

I remember talking to a friend online one time and it was a joy to hear from her again because we have not talked for a long time. Although I can check her blog once in a while but there’s nothing like a chat on YM where you can also see her on cam. Anyway, we talked about lots of things about ourselves and what’s keeping us busy. I told her that I am still into blogging while she updated me about her family and current business.

Being a good businesswoman herself I will not wonder anymore if she’d venture into trading stocks. I said.. what? The curious me came out again and she even mentioned stock options, covered calls and other terms where I couldn’t hardly understand. I know she learned her way by researching and careful planning bec. I know before you enter such field you need to have a little no how.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Love Faces: Pets Category

It's my very first time to join here so pls. be kind hehe. Any I am joining for the PETS Category this week
Image Hosted by
This is our pet Siamese cat, Bell which is actually a boy hehe. My silly niece bought a pink collar for him. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore because he left our place and now he is no where to be found.. We miss him dearly though.

See other beautiful entries at I ♥ faces!

NOTE: This photo won 7th place at I HEART FACES: see it here:

Jai Ho Dance Rehearsal

PROJECT 365: Jai Ho Dance Rehearsal
My niece enjoying her time while practicing for their mini dance at school. Her mom who is so eager to have her daughter learn a dance even hired a dance instructor. I was wonderin' why did she hired it's not even a major dance presentation in school. Anyway, she learned it well after 4 days of tutoring.

Sightseeing Tours

I am already counting the days till our Hongkong trip, it’s only 6 more months to go and we are heading over there. It’s not only me that is excited but our whole family as well. Just the thought of the various rides in HK makes the kids more thrilled to go. It’ll be our very first time there so I know we’ll all have a blast. I am also thinking of the shopping spree that my sisters and I will do. I just need to save more so that I’ll have lots of pocket money.

Traveling with the family is always been great. It’s one of the ways to have bonding time and create memories together. One of our dream aside from going to HK Disneyland is going on one of the. I know it’ll be kinda expensive but we’ll not let go of that dream that we’ll be able to go there. With the New York Tour packages offered by different online travel agents like City Sights, I know we’ll have some good discounts especially if we get the family package. We just need to know our itinerary and plans our trips ahead. They have trips to to Boston, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia & Amish Country plus not to forget the helicopter rides and the famous double-decker ride. There's more to see from the BIG APPLE.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's Sandcastle Sculpture in Belgium

It seems that Michael Jackson tribute, story and anything about him will not cease yet. Just recently a Michael Jackson's Sandcastle Sculpture in Belgium was being made. Wiaczeslaw Borecki, a Russian sand sculptor is the one carving the 2 meter tall figure of Michael Jackson. It was one of the sandcastles being made during the 11th Sand Sculptures Festival in Blankenberg, Belgium that will be open till August.

Although, their theme for this year is about Pirates, they thought of making a sculpture of Michael Jackson and I believe they have done this to attract more tourists. See it here.

Little Cute Dress For Reign

I was recently been fond of my 6 yr.-old niece for she is becoming more cheeky (not in a bad way) and as a child growing up, she asks more questions than ever. If you answer it, another question will pop in her mind and that goes on and on. It’s not annoying because we can see that her mind is really full of curiosity about anything and that is good on her development. Anyway, been taking photos of her almost everyday since I promised that I will be making her a photo book that I have done for my other niece. She is quite excited about it.

Anyway, her mom is even buying her stuff lately like a nice pink dress and matching Hello Kitty shoes. I told my niece that we’ll be buying more especially if she’ll be good. I did my surfing online as usual and found some nice stuff for kids at Style Hive. Love this dress and I know Reign will look good on it. I think I need to find shoes that will go well with this blue dress.

I will not wonder anymore why parents especially moms have a knock on buying stuff for their kids, ahhhhhh how’d I wish I have my own little me for I know I will do the same.

My Sunday Thoughts

It’s Sunday once again and what a great way to spend it by browsing online, watching TV, lazing around the house or even reading your fave book or magazine. Ooooppps and not to forget it’s always pleasant to eat. We just had dinner and now I am craving for a moist chocolate from Red Ribbon or the Silvannas from the Brownies store. I wish I can get up quickly to buy some but iI don't want to dress up again and head to the store. I have to stop my cravings because I will end up reading diet pill reviews in no time hehe. Ok then, I will just settle for some bananas right now and probably just drink coffee later tonight.

I'll be watching the Michael Jackson Special over at Channel 2 at around 10pm so for sure I'll be spending my night a little bit late. Another week will unfold in few more hours and more new days to look forward too. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Red Cross Worker Italian Eugenio Vagni Finally Freed

I just read on the news that the 62 year old Italian Eugenio Vagni was freed early today Sunday. Vagni was a worker of the International Committee Red Cross (ICRC) who was held captive by the rebel Abu Sayaff for about 6 months when they are in a humanitarian mission in Jolo, Sulu.

His other companions Andreas Notter of Switzerland and Mary Jean Lacaba was released earlier than him. Vagni is said to be of good health although he was suffering from hernia and hypertension. He was able to contact his family already and wow I know his family are thankful that he was not killed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's Volt In!!

My nieces and nephews last weekend after our our Sunday lunch. I told them to gather around so that I can take pictures of them. It is seldom that they have picture together so this is a good opportunity. At first they find it silly but later on they found it was fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wish We Have Satellite TV

After hard days work when I go home each night and after a sumptuous meal, all I wanted was to put my feet up maybe sip a coffee and watch TV. Late night news and some info- magazine show would definitely steer my viewing senses, a late night local showbiz gossip would be fine too. Nothing beats a relaxing evening while watching your favorite show but sometimes it is frustrating when you flick your TV channels all is left is the same old channels that sometimes broadcast boring shows.

That made me think that it is also best to have a cable channel but to have a Satellite TV is way more even cool because there are endless channels that you can flick. With my little research I found out that all we need is a satellite dish and an FTA receiver and in no time, tons of channels will appear before our eyes. It’ll be more exciting I reckon and if we buy the FTA receiver from  N2News, as a member we’ll all have the support plus the download keys, latest files and software needed. Sounds interesting eh.? Over 3500 different Satellite TV Channels can be accessed and that is a LOT, and with the FTA forum, anyone can share tip and insights amongst members.

Bunny Love

Can't believe my niece is turning 7 next year and just now she has been telling us that she wants a party where she can wear a long dress that she's been longing for.

It has become a tradition of sort in our family or maybe to some that kids turning 7 will have a party even just a simple one. For sure there will be the 7 candles, 7 gifts, 7 flowers and other highlights of the party. We told her that she must be good so that she'll have a party that she wanted.

Here she is posing for me for my Photo-a-Day project. I am glad she has no tantrum when I took the photo hehe.

Heston Blumenthal's The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

Just finished dinner and I am full already. I just love how food fills me up and give me more energy but sometimes all I wanted was to laze around after each meal. Haha talking about being lazy, I have already forgotten to update my food blog for months now and I guess I need to revive it once again because I have another cook book that I found lately. In the meantime, I will just share it here.

A self confessed frustrated cook, I am always with admiration to chefs who has so much passion for cooking and ma
stered their craft with flying colors. I call them genuis bec.even with their eyes closed they can whisk up a recipe that who ever will taste it will enjoy. Another cookbook that every food lover must have is that of Heston Blumenthal's the big fat duck cookbook
which not only boasts of author’s recipes but Blumenthal’s impressive rise as a British chef.

His Fat Duck has been voted twice (2x) as one of the Best Restaurant in the World nominated by other top chefs. To make it more interesting his resto is the one who popularized snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice cream. You can avail his book at the Book Shop
at a discounted price.

Litratong Pinoy: Basa (Wet)

PROJECT 365: After the Rain
Uy umulan ba sa inyo nung Lunes ng napakalakas lakas? Grabe no? Dito sa amin grabe kala mo eh may mahuhugot na puno sa lakas pati ng hangin. Madali pa naman bumaha sa gitnang bayan dahil medyo mababa. Katawa nga eh sabi ng mga tao "Maihi lang daw ang langgam ay tiyak na babaha dito" hehe. Ito ay kuha ko sa salamin ng pintuan ng aking internet cafe.

May lahok pa ko dito tignan mo
JENNY TALKS, at INTUITIVE REASONING (oo ginanahan akong mag post hehe)

Hey did it rain so hard in your place last Monday? It rained so hard that looks like trees will be uprooted and in no time there's floods in the streets. Funny thing is that we have a joke here that wheneevr the ants pee our place will surely be flooded.

Giving Our Family Peace of Mind

What if tomorrow you will not wake up anymore? Morbid to think but reality is that is our life is just temporary. I have experience death in our family and it is but so painful that after more than 2 decades it never ceased my mind the day that my father was gone. It was disappointing because he was still young but with the lifestyle he was in he eventually succumb to heart attack. My aunt was rushing this afternoon to tell me that the grandfather of my godchild died just last week because of heart attack too. It’s sad to know people you know to be gone forever.

The hardest part is when the family that was left behind was left with nothing (financially wise). In these cases we can think of getting >term life insurance
that can help our family when the unforeseen circumstances arise. We can even now apply online through Relia Quote especially if you are in the US bec. it is available in many states. A free quote is available at their website if someone is interested. I am sure your inquiries will be taken care of professionally and diligently. They also have many services that you can avail of.

My Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Image Hosted by
It's Wednesday once again and I am posting some of my Happy Thoughts.
1. Morning walk with our dog Sophie
2. Finished some of my online works on time
3. Took some photos of my fave things
4. Ate my fave sweet corn this morning that made me a bit full.
5. A dear friend sent me an e-mail
6. Bills are paid on time
7. Received more online blessings
8. Happy I'm alive and kickin'

Remembering The Good Old Days

Project 365: Remembering The Good old days
It was a clean up day last Wednesday and mom paused for a while to view some of our old photos. There she was pointing at a photo of herself about 18 years ago still looking oh so young. She kept on asking me if that is really her and I told her yes. She only about 57 or 58 that time and even holding my niece Kukay when she was till a baby. It's always fun to see some old photos. As you can see I am a photo addict, I have been taking photos each day so that I have lots of memories to cherish when I grow old.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Future Further Studies

A friend of mine quits her job to become a stay at home mom. Her kids are growing so fast they she never wanted to miss anything while they are growing up. Her work almost consumed her that she almost has no time with her family anymore. She suddenly realized that her family is far more important than her career at this point but soon when the kids are settled and things fall into right place then that is the time she’ll do whatever she likes.

We had a conversation once and she told me in the future she is planning to take further studies and that she is looking for a 
school mba that she can sign up online. 

Sound Tripping: The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Break time.. It's sound trippin' time for me again and this time I picked The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Miley is best known as Hannah Montana. This song teaches us how to be brave and not easily give up when there are struggles in our life.

Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

I am still in disbelief over the death of KING OF POP Michael Jackson last week. It was early morning (our time) when I first heard the news. My twitter friends have been twittering about it and later on they said he was gone already. I had fresh news because I was reading CNN's website so even before the news of his death was flashed on our local TV, I already knew he was gone.

Ahhh sooo sad. I am not a big fan of Michael Jackson but his unparalleled contribution to the music industry I can't help but to be sad for his untimely death. I wish he is in peace right now. Thousands of his fans all over the world are giving him tributes and now soon he will be put to rest. Only 8,750 fans got tickets to Staples Center Los Angeles an dhow lucky they are. MJ's memorial will be televised live on all major networks around US and I hope I can watch it live too.

Another Sickie in the House :(

Just last week my college nephew and niece went home from their dorm in Manila because their class where suspended because of the A(H1N1) fear. Just in time they quarantined themselves at our house because they also got sick with colds and fever. Thank God, they only had the common seasonal flu and the rest and quarantine made them recover fast. Good thing is that their cough is just like a dry one and eventhough they had fever, it was controlled when they drunk their medicines. After a week they are now back in the university hoping that they will not get sick again.

Unfortunately my other nephew was sick since Sunday, he’s got fever, throwing up and complaining of headache. He is quite ok right now, though. We are thankful that their ailments where not that serious that it requires hospitalization. They will for sure be afraid to have catheters on them. Just like what happened to my other nephew happened about 2 years ago. It’s hard being sick these days especially when there is an A(H1N1) scare. I am sure hospitals and other medical institutions are alert and have proper stocks of medical equipments. I guess they can even browse for supplies at, online retailers of medical equipments and more.

She Wants All The Barbies!!

My niece (Reign) and I dropped by at SM one weekend and when we passed by the toy section, she immediately hold my hand and pulled me over at where Barbie Dolls are located. She wanted me to buy all of them, pointed at the barbie dolls in nice gowns. I told her this is not the right time to buy toys because there are other things more important to buy.

She was good bec. she didn't cry or throw a tantrum. I just told her that I will take a photo of her with Barbie so that next time we will know what to buy hehe. She obliged and she just had fun posing.

Blessings Poured

I have been a bit disappointed lately on my online works because I have not been given lots of opportunities to make. There are times that I feel low or got envy at my friends because they have been blessed. Little did I know that blessing will pour on me this week. I have such little patience no?

I am very thankful with the blessings that I got last night and early this morning and promised that I will share it. I also need to be extra hardworking so that I can finish them on time.

A Vacation in My Mind

I’ve been working hard lately that sometimes I just want to pack my bags and just head for the beach or somewhere serene. Ahhhhh I know it’ll be nice to let my hair down, not worry about work and just laze around. I’ve been to Queensland and the The Great Barrier Reef in Australia last year and I had a blast. Now I wish I can experience other places that I can enjoy. I know it’ll be exciting if I can even set off on a romantic vacation riviera maya in Mexico. Just thinking about their beautiful white sand beaches, mangroves, secluded coves, their culture and people makes me dream of it more. I hope one day I’ll set my foot there and experience pure vacation bliss.

Ruby Tuesday: Sunduan Beauties

My entry for RUBY TUESDAY
It was colorful last May when we had a Sunduan festival here at our place. These are our town's beauties parading in the streets in the middle of the scorching heat of the sun. Look at their lovely gowns made by our own local designers too. Aren't they pretty?

SUNDUAN - Sunduan is an old Filipino fiesta ritual that pays tribute to the Filipina's unique Asian beauty. This is participated in by the muses and escorts of the town's different communities. These muses are then fetched by their escorts with the town Mayor accompanying them from the farthest end of the town to the festival site.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally Had Time to Blog Hop and Drop EC

Wow, I finally had time. I've been busy updating my other blogs lately that I had little time to blog hop and return EC drops. Thank you very much to all those that are keep coming back to read my posts if not just to drop (EC) Entrecards. I appreciate them all!!!! Sorry for no returning the favor lately.

I am free today so what I did was to hop, make comments and drop some EC and it's good to read other's thoughts and what they have been writing these days. I am really amazed how blogging spread through the years. I started in 2005 and hey I'm still here.

Half of the Year Has Passed...

I can’t really imagine its July already. The 1st half of the year has gone real fast and quite frankly there are so many things happened to most of us and the world. Just a quick recap, it was in January when I met with JennyV over at Galleria to give a gift from sis.

In February I got to meet my high school classmates because we had a motorcade for the upcoming anniversary of our alma mater. It was quite a surprise to see some o f my classmates who was back then so slim and pretty and now have ballooned so much. I could have joked them about weight loss supplements that they might consider but I don’t want to be tactless and insensitive. Anyway, it was all good times, remembering all our high school days and I this December if all things will turn out good we’ll all meet again.

April came and how can I forget the get together party of my online digi-scrapper and twitter friends in Makati? It was a riot and all of us had a grand time especially when Trin who came all the way from the US gave us gifts. The night never ended w/o telling our personal stories and more.

Still in April, I met my co-Litratong Pinoy members where we went at CCP Complex for the Aliwan Festival. The experience is quite enjoyable too. I never thought I’ll be able to meet my online friends in real life. I hope in the next half of the year loads of fun still awaits me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Kandado (LOCK)

This week's theme at LITRATONG PINOY is about Kandado (LOCK). As you can see it's already antique. I found this at my brother's collections. Not sure how it was but by the looks of it, must be over 2 or 3 decades already.

Gaya ng nakikita nyo, ang kandadong iyan ay antique na at kalawangin na. Nakita ko yan sa mga collection ng kapatid ko na nadisplay. Hindi ko lang alam kung ilan taon na ito pero sa tinign pa lang eh mukhang 20 o 30 taon na.
~~TIGNAN PA ANG ISANG LAHOK ko dito promise bago naman sya hehe.