Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vacation Photos

These are photos of my sister and her family in Sydney when they had their grand vacation at an island (I forgot the name) at the Great Barrier Reef (yes where NEMO resides!) at Queensland, Aus. She said the island was so breathtaking, oh gosh I wish I was there to experience such pristine beauty. They stayed there for a week in January, after mom had her vacation in their house.

Oh I miss them so much and I would love to be there to spend another awesome vacation with them again. By just looking at the photo the place looks awesome!

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Audiovisual: Reality TV SHows Just love these kinds of shows, makes me so excited to watch every episode
Musical: Pop, love songs I'm a one sappy, sentimental person
Celebrity: Eva Longoria I just love her, she's so pretty and petite like me hehe

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Culprit

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If you read my last post about my aching right arm just recently, then this is the culprit, my mini-mouse !!! ! Wahh.
It's not working properly, i have a hard time moving it as the cursor won't move anymore. So before i can use it properly i have to strain my arm in moving it, leaving my hand aching for 2 days now. I have to put a bandage on it to lessen the pain. Arrgghhh, i need a new one!!
I will be leaving for Greenhills Shopping center now to buy a replacement or else i'll be disabled for the rest of my life hahahaha!! Gotta go now..
Have a great weekend.!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

One tired but Happy Blogger!!

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Ahhhh my life as a desktop publisher, graphic artist/designer and a full-time blogger
can be so boring and tiring sometimes. There is always the deadline for designs to be submitted at the store, irritating clients that i encounter all day here at my shop plus i need to blog 2-3 posts here to earn extra $$$. Arrgghhh gimme a break !!

But with all these stress life can bring to me i can still smile bec. getting online and blogging i met new friends esp. joining the Phil. Digiscrapper Website, where i get to share my love for digital scrapping with fellow Bebots, i get to sell my digital kits at Scrapping Garden Store and i earn extra money while blogging.

With all that i can say i am one tired but happy blogger !!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today is our Town Fiesta, actually i didn't invite anyone by older bro only had about 6 visitors and it is just like a family affair . They just cooked Hamonado, lumpiang shanghai, sweet and sour tilapia, calderetang manok, lumpiang sariwa. We also have green mangoes and bagoong, fresh fruits like melon and pineapple and also Fruit salad that i made which is ohh so yummy hhehe. (yabang 'no). But really it is so yummy.

Yesterday , the 17th there is a parade here and my sis inlaw and i even sold some iced wated and ice candy here in front of my store. We sold about 200 iced water and 80 ice candy plus some chichirias.

The parade started around 2:30 pm and it was fun, with all the bands marching and the motorbikers showing stunts. The fun and exciting thing was when celebrities was on the float waving to all of us.
Richard Gomez happily shaking hands to people, (of course he is running for senator) how plastic of him hmmmp.. Lat year when he was here on parade, before you can approach him his big bodyguard will be to get on your way but this time, he is the one approaching people hmmppp just to get our vote.. i will not vote for him naman eh lol.

Ian Veneracion is also there, gosh he is so cute ! Berwyn Meily is also there (tog. with GOma), Valerie Concepcion is cute and looks very friendly and there other starlets.

It was a fun parade, i will share photos once it is available.


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Today Feb. 18th, Chinese New Year has officially entered. Woooohoooo Happy New Year everyone. It's already the YEAR OF THE PIG!
I am not a Chinese but there's no harm in celebrating their tradition, i am also wearing red shirt today to bring good luck !!

Flower used is from my SWEET NOTHIINGS KIT
Papers used is from my


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Love that smile...

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Here's the new layout that i made usingof course none other my kits like LOVE IS YOU, A WARM EMBRACE available at the Scrapping Garden.

*** That is my oh soo cute nephew Braiden, he just love being photographed ***
I just haad a hard time making the photo a bit clearer, but anyway he is a cutie eventhoug the pic is grainy. ***

Layout insipred by Yen's "The eyes have it"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

Do i have a Valentine's Day date? Who me? Hahaha, i have no date yesterday huhhh. It was just any ordinary day for me, i went to my shop and work till the night. I just recieved few Valentine greetings over my mobile from my girlfriends. V-Day is not a major day for me, no love life, no headache hahaha.

Just watched Tv all night esp. the American Idol, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. Oh i am a date that day, it was Simon Cowell.. hahaha.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bebots Meeting

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BEBOTS: From L-R : Me , Abie, Mich, Jacq, Kaje, Aggie, Rona :
Front: Wanda & Angie
(Photo courtesy of Angie)
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(Photo courtesy of Michelle)
L-R: Jacq, Mich and Me :)
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Last Saturday, Feb 10, my co members at the Phil. Digiscrappers met for the 1st Jacq and Aggie were not there yet so I decided to stroll the mall to wait for them. It was around 4:30 pm when Aggie texted me that they were already in the area, so I met them for the very 1st time and we went upstairs at Rona’s office at the Galleria Corporate Center to meet them. time. I arrived in Robinson’s Galleria mall at around 2:45 pm, over an hour early for the 4 pm meeting.

When we arrived at the conference room, there were other Pinay Digi-scrappers that were already there. We met Rona, Angie, Michelle, Abie, and Kaje for the first time. It was indeed a super fun experience for me meeting all of them. The feeling is different when you meet them in person and not just talking to them only through the board and seeing their pictures.

Wow we had an endless chit chats, can you imagine 9 girls talking and talking hahaha. Abie had to go early bec. her dad is having a birthday party, well at least she attended the EB. Jacq and Kaje had to leave a bit early too.

Wanda came I think around 5:30 to join us. So me, Rona, Angie, Michelle, Aggie, Wanda were only left chit chatting about digi scrapping, designers, our layouts, personal lives etc. Glo even called from the US to join us eventhough it was only 4:30 am there. We had to pass around the phone so she can talk to all of us…
And of course, picture taking is a must, we were like in a studio, taking pictures, almost everyone had their own cameras so we were like looking and smiling in 3 cameras at the same time.. LOL. of course cams are in their timers to picture as all. It was really sooooo fun. Wish we had our 2nd meeting hopefully this year eh.. I’ll share some photos when they have uploaded it on our gallery.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 pm…..and oh boy we didn’t even noticed that we didn’t ate any bec. of the endless chit chats and picture taking..LOL.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Freebie QP

Hey all,
Since Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday already, I wanted to give you a little gift for your continued support. It is a 6 x 6 QP that I made using my Love is You Kit that is now available at The Scrapping Garden Store. I hope you like this.

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Just a note: pls. don’t share the DL link, kindly direct them to my blog. Thanks. I’d appreciate you leaving some love in here. THANKS!! Just add your pic and journaling.
Download QP HERE

Friday, February 9, 2007

Valentine Kit at TSG

Hey all, just released my new Valentine Kit at the Scrapping Garden store and it is up on sale till Feb. 18th so grab it noW.

(Click images to view it bigger)
Here are some layouts that i made using this kit..

Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Digi Blog

I created a separate blog for my designs, layouts and freebies..so they are all together in one place. But you can still see my works here and some updates on my designing here. Thanks

Click here


Hair Disaster

I went to the spa last Sunday and had my hair colored (dark brown- almost black) and to have a Hair Spa. It was a relaxing afternoon for me. If my white hairs are not only coming out i would not want my hair to be colored bec. it will make my hair more dry and coarse.

After the coloring and hair spa, i decided to had my hair trimmed (layered). I told the haircutter to just cut the tip and not cut the other layer of my hair bec. my hair when dry will curl and become fluffy (buhaghag). My hair looks real good after the spa and the blow drying but the nightmare began after a day..

Gosh my hair looks more thicker and more unmanageable, i should have not let it cut by the hairdresser. She had my hair layered and with a very pointed tips not suited for the type of hair that i have. With my frustration over the result,I cut portions of my hair at the back and it looks a bit more ok than before..

The lesson: i will not have my hair cut anymore....LOL

Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Sweet Cravings.....

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I just wanted to share the most delicious dessert that i ever tasted and still my favorite up to this time and it is Pavlova, named after the ballet dancer ANNA PAVLOVA. Aussies referred this as their National Dessert..
Oh yummmmyyy, i can't wait to taste this again. It's my favorite dessert when i was in Sydney, it is a meringue with fruits on top of it, like kiwi, strawberrries, etc. It is not so sweet for my taste so you can eat it over and over. We use to buy the whole cake near the village and one time we are at the mall and had lunch, i bought a slice of it at AUS$4.00 .. Yay expensive when you convert it to Pesos it would be around P200.00 for a slice.
Not sure if we have this cake here in the Phils. for sure i will buy one if it is available here now

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mangga't Bagoong

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Hmmmmmmmm …. I had a very delicious lunch for today. We had Fried GALUNGGONG fish and MANGGA'T BAGOONG (green mangoes and shrimp paste) and oh boy it is sooooo yummy. Bagoong is just irresistible. And one more thing, mom made a sawsawan, she sliced tomatoes, shred some of the green mangoes, put some tagalog onions and put some bagoong that would go along with the fried fish… oohhhhh yummy. I know Pinays abroad really missed this kinds of food but I know Filipino store is available where you can buy some bottled shrimp paste made by Barrio Fiesta for example. You can try this and it is a good combination for fried fishes. And oh don’t forget to brush your teeth and eat some mint after eating this bec. it may smells like yucky.lol.

I remember when I was in Sydney, my sis and I would buy bagoong at the Filipino store and we’d eat lunch with our hands… sarap. Of course we need to clean and spray some air freshener at the house afterwards before her husband (Aussie) would come home or else we’d both be in trouble bec. he just hates the smell of it..lol

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Paper Scrapbooking...

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(Sorry pics are kinda blurry I just took them via my webcam)

Sis from overseas sent me a Walter Knabe paper pack (100 pcs.) for scrapbooking last year but it is just seating here in my cabinet. The papers were all gorgeous and it comes with patterned and coordinated solid papers. I have tried the traditional (paper) scrapping last year at sis’s house and I enjoyed it for sometime, only it is messy and I am afraid to waste the papers.

If only I am into paper scrapping here in Pinas that I could use these papers. I am not keen on starting to paper scrap here simply bec. the supplies are expensive, few stores are selling them and I still need to go out to buy the supplies. Unlike in digi scrapping I can make my own digi “papers” and elements at no cost and I even sell them at the Scrapping Garden or sometimes offer some little freebies. Maybe one day if I get tired of using my pc for scrapping then maybe I can try paper again.

My niece sometimes asks me for some papers to use for her school projects but I told her not to waste it, as it is also expensive. She also at times buys cute little embellishments at National Bookstore to enhance her project.

Have you tried the traditional or digital scrapbooking?, If your answer is no to both of them oh goodness you are missing one third of your life…really ! These hobbies are really addicting like cross-stitching (which I have tried also.)