Thursday, February 1, 2007

Paper Scrapbooking...

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(Sorry pics are kinda blurry I just took them via my webcam)

Sis from overseas sent me a Walter Knabe paper pack (100 pcs.) for scrapbooking last year but it is just seating here in my cabinet. The papers were all gorgeous and it comes with patterned and coordinated solid papers. I have tried the traditional (paper) scrapping last year at sis’s house and I enjoyed it for sometime, only it is messy and I am afraid to waste the papers.

If only I am into paper scrapping here in Pinas that I could use these papers. I am not keen on starting to paper scrap here simply bec. the supplies are expensive, few stores are selling them and I still need to go out to buy the supplies. Unlike in digi scrapping I can make my own digi “papers” and elements at no cost and I even sell them at the Scrapping Garden or sometimes offer some little freebies. Maybe one day if I get tired of using my pc for scrapping then maybe I can try paper again.

My niece sometimes asks me for some papers to use for her school projects but I told her not to waste it, as it is also expensive. She also at times buys cute little embellishments at National Bookstore to enhance her project.

Have you tried the traditional or digital scrapbooking?, If your answer is no to both of them oh goodness you are missing one third of your life…really ! These hobbies are really addicting like cross-stitching (which I have tried also.)


  1. It is addicting lol my paypal is hurting too hehehe... Very nice papers Jen since I don't have paper scrapping background I don't know which is best, but most people who switch from that said digital is mess free and they like it better. OH well thanks for sharing.
    I am one busy bee too.

  2. Hi Jen, talagang work ang pag paper scrap, di ko pa na try yan, pero, medyo mahirap nga, kasi it's not a click away gaya sa digital. I might try it someday, though, may ready made kits naman dito. I don't see a lot here either, siguro special orders pa dapat. Okay, regards me. Thanks so much sa kind comments sa blog ko, saka sa prayers. Sige have a good one.

  3. yah, it is kind of expensive to do paper scrapping..gus2 ko rin magstart kaso lang di nga ako gumagastos sa digiscrapping ko kse nasasayangan ako sa pera thinking that meron namang freebies, ewan ko ba pagdating nman sa shopping, gumagastos ako.iba lang cguro priority ko but i also asked hubby na if i can start using credit card to buy elements, he's ok narin next month sisimulan ko cguro,hehehe!


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