Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mangga't Bagoong

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Hmmmmmmmm …. I had a very delicious lunch for today. We had Fried GALUNGGONG fish and MANGGA'T BAGOONG (green mangoes and shrimp paste) and oh boy it is sooooo yummy. Bagoong is just irresistible. And one more thing, mom made a sawsawan, she sliced tomatoes, shred some of the green mangoes, put some tagalog onions and put some bagoong that would go along with the fried fish… oohhhhh yummy. I know Pinays abroad really missed this kinds of food but I know Filipino store is available where you can buy some bottled shrimp paste made by Barrio Fiesta for example. You can try this and it is a good combination for fried fishes. And oh don’t forget to brush your teeth and eat some mint after eating this bec. it may smells like

I remember when I was in Sydney, my sis and I would buy bagoong at the Filipino store and we’d eat lunch with our hands… sarap. Of course we need to clean and spray some air freshener at the house afterwards before her husband (Aussie) would come home or else we’d both be in trouble bec. he just hates the smell of

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  1. Hi Jen, I miss the mango with bagoong talaga, there's nothing like what we get at home-I'd say that. Naku! I never realized na I would miss our food so much, I'd be lucky if my cooking will taste as good as like at home. Medyo not the same ang ulam dito kaysa sa Pinas, iba ang lasa-di ko type. I just cooked kare-kare, it didn't good at all. I would like to cook dry fish, pero pagagalitan ako ni Rick dahil sa mabaho, he hates the smell din, lalo na Winter dito, it is so cold if I open the windows. Rick can't stomach the smell, so I'm stuck. I don't like it. Hay, buhay talaga dito. Anyway, back home na Nanay mo ha, pasalubong pala ng sis mo ang paper scrap? Okay, thanks for sharing the tasty snack here.


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