Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Sweet Cravings.....

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I just wanted to share the most delicious dessert that i ever tasted and still my favorite up to this time and it is Pavlova, named after the ballet dancer ANNA PAVLOVA. Aussies referred this as their National Dessert..
Oh yummmmyyy, i can't wait to taste this again. It's my favorite dessert when i was in Sydney, it is a meringue with fruits on top of it, like kiwi, strawberrries, etc. It is not so sweet for my taste so you can eat it over and over. We use to buy the whole cake near the village and one time we are at the mall and had lunch, i bought a slice of it at AUS$4.00 .. Yay expensive when you convert it to Pesos it would be around P200.00 for a slice.
Not sure if we have this cake here in the Phils. for sure i will buy one if it is available here now


  1. Oh that sure looks yummy and makes me hungry now lol.
    I better go cook! TFS.

  2. Yum! i can just tell by looking how yummy it is! but that's too expensive for a slice! i guess it's worth a try!

  3. Hi Sis psensya na ngayon lang naka dalaw dito sa new site mo, busy kase daw pero eto blog pa rin halatang blog adik noh? ganda ng header mo sis galing mo talaga mag scrappin idol kita sa scrappin.

    Sounds yummy nga yang dessert na yan, ang mahal nga per slice hehhe


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