Monday, March 31, 2008

A day at the Farm

It was last Saturday when we went to the FairField City Farm (Sydney) to see some farm animals. Not only did the kids had a great time looking at the Australian animals but me as well. Although this is not the 1st time i have seen a kangaroo but still I just love having a picture with them.

I was a bit scared when i tried to pat this native kangaroo bec. who knows it might kick me or somethin', but hey look i managed to go near it and touch it. They are gentle as long as you don't hurt them and that is why you are free to go near them, you can even feed them too. I have tons of photos but i just wanted to share these.

Ahhh..... this camel scared me, it was walking towards me, I wanted to pat it but gosh, I didn't find the nerve hahahaha.. It was a nice day for all of us, we saw quite few animals like the camel, horse, kangaroo, wombats, lamb, goats and a lot more. This is a nice place for the family to go to see farm animals, have a picnic, or just laze around.

Oh btw, there are many great places here in Australia that you can visit like the Opera House in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hamilton Island, Gold Coast and lots lots more. You can get vacation deals now just in case you might want to book your next travel here. More photos to come !!!!

Keeping it clean

Ahhh.... sometimes the bathroom is the hardest part of the house that is hard to keep neat and clean. And don't you hate it when molds are starting to show up in our bathroom vanities when we don't dry it off properly as it should be? Just recently the sink here in sis' house got blocked due to hair strands and we had to put a de-clogging solution to get rid of it. I just keep on mentioning to Micah that she needs to keep it clean always.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photo Hunt: High

Wow it's been a while since I participated at Photo Hunters since I went on vacation. Anyway here is my entry and i hope it is not too late.

This is my niece jumping high at the backyard. She loves doing it bec. she is having a real good time. Look, she is flexible and I don't think i can to a split in the

Anyone here suffering from PMS?

Oh definitely that includes me. Every month, I have been suffering from physical and emotional symptoms like legs cramping, bloating, migraine, tenderness in my breast and whole lot more. I also find myself crying easily when I watch an emotional movie, or just by reminiscing old sad memories yay ! I know every woman has different symptoms and for those fortunate ones they don’t even feel anything. I usually take just pain reliever tablets to ease the pain or put a hot compress but I read that others use progesterone crèmes. All I know is that I hate it when that comes every month. !!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Twit, Twit!!

Gosh, autumn is finally here at OZ land, it's getting cold each day esp. at nights and early morning. Wat better thing for me to do is wrap myself with my jacket (jumper as they call it) and put socks on as my feet get really darn cold. 

Anyway, it's past midnight here now and just thought of writing my last post for today. I was blog hopping and saw people twittering. I have been seeing it a lot but was not interested at 1st to join. Oh well, finally just few minutes ago i finally joined Twitter and you can see my 1st update on the right side. Nakikigaya sa iba hahaha. Not quite sure if i can keep up Twittering though.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Thai Lunch

We had lunch over at Laong's place on Thurs. . Laong (in black blouse-left side) is a Thai friend of my sis Joy here in Australia but she looks Pinay, isn't she? Once in a while they get together like this for some female bonding and chismis hehe. 

She cooked Thai foods (of course!) for us and it was delicious but oh boy it was chili hehe. She also thought us how to cook Tom Yam soup and the Pad Thai noodles, which i love!! We had a great lunch and a great laugh that day. 

The Tom Yam Soup (it looks like our sinigang)

The chili minced pork with string beans

For youthful looking skin

Have you noticed that some people age too much way ahead of their age? Wrinkles and sagging are major problems when we age bec. we lost elastin fibers. Oh well we can’t help ageing as we all be passing that stage. To brag a little here, man have told me that I don’t look like my age, a good compliment I can say bec. I have not been using an products to keep myself young.

Anyway, for those that wants youthful looking skin, at these age it is not far in achieving it. There are many cosmetologist and chemists like Chantal Burnison who are now making a lot of research and trying to come up with products that can help. She is the owner of the company named Chantal Pharmaceuticalsthat is selling Ethocyn skin care line. Their products contains Ethocyn which helps in restoring elastin on our skin thereby preventing wrinkles. It is available in creams, spray and even serum form. I reckon there's no more reason not to stay young.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want this! I want this!

Yay, Nikon has just released a new cam this year and this is NikonD60. !! I was just thinking of perhaps upgrading my Canon Rebel Xti (EOS 400d) to a Nikon D80 ut I saw this new Nikon at the commercial last week, I can't take it off my

Seriously, even though i already own a Canon Rebel Xti (EOS 400d), i am still drooling over this and I am dreaming of having a Nikon cam someday (perhaps on my b-day this Nov. or at Christmas time??) What you think??

I know, i know i just got my DSLR last Nov. and now i am still planning to get a new one? Hey once you get into photography i gues you can't get enough of good cameras. 

Look I even saw at the product catalogue here, Nikon D60 is priced at AUS$1,347 (around Php 52,000) with 2 lenses: 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses, and  free bag.

Hmmmm... i guess it's a good deal but right now I will just wait bec. I know by Christmas time, the price will go down. 

So what is your DSLR cam? 

Renting a house can be good as this

For those people that can’t actually own a house right now but still want to live comfortable there are now nice house or apartments that you can rent. If you are looking for a place in Lewisburg in Pennsylvania, Lewisburg Luxury might help you. Quality apartments and house for rents are their forte, their houses are equipped with Chef’s Kitchen, Kohler Fixtures and Radiant-heated Bathroom Floors just to name a few. And not only that they are just arms reach to Bucknell University and downtown Lewisburg so you have an easy access to almost anything. You can now achieve luxury living even if you don’t own the place.

A Day at the Play group

Every Wednesday morning, Braiden and Bianca goes to Playgroup at Mater Dei School. And since I wanted to see the school and how Braiden interacts with the other kids with similar problems, I asked my sis Joy to tag me along with them. So this morning, we hopped on the car and we went to the school. I met few moms with their kids and sis Joy introduced me to some of the workers there. Braiden and Bianca were so happy to play along with the kids outside and inside the school. 

Web Hosting

I reckon every one of us who has a domain site or blog would love to have a good webhost that is reliable and would not give us a headache esp. when our site is down. I once experienced my blog being down for a short period of time with my current webhost and I am so worried and stressed during that time. Luckily I have not experience it again for a long time now. I guess I am not the only one who has experienced down webhost, it looks like Kaushal Sheth, a web designer and wordpress theme maker is not lucky with his webhost right now. I just read in his site that after experiencing such he managed to research for the best web hosting that he could possibly found online. He was able to scour the net and he was generous enough to share with us his good finds. He has enumerated quite a few web hosts that he thinks are not only reliable but also cheap and with good reputation and customer service support.

Double-glazed windows

We sometimes put a good effort and time in improving our house or property, from renovation or putting a nice piece of furniture that you bought at your local store to fixing doors and windows for more security. Nowadays, many homes esp. those that live in cold countries are replacing their old single glazed windows with energy-efficient Double glazed windows as it cuts heat loss through windows giving you thermal insulation.

Just before you decide to have one installed, I reckon it is best to look for some info about it and look for the best double-glazing installer available that can offer good quality. There are probably hundreds of double-glazing companies out there but who knows they can rip you off or will just give you second best quality products. So to make your search much easier double galzing UK will provide you companies within your area that can possibly give you decent prices.

Just browse their website and you can get a free quote now where you can then compare prices from different companies. Not only that they also have some interesting articles like Choosing Double Glazing Do’s and Don’ts and more. These are very informative and can guide you as well. You can even request for a free brochure, just fill out their online form and they will attend to you asap.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I just wanna have fun!

Hahaha, it’s me just havin’ fun while jumping at my sister’s trampoline at their backyard. This is where I play with Bianca and Braiden at times and it was actually a lot of fun and it makes me feel like a kid while jumping up and down there. The nice thing about their trampoline is that is has a net so that no one will not accidentally fall when they made a wrong jump. Aside from that we also play basketball, ride the seesaw and a lot more.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

24 more days and I will be home

Hmmm. What a sad and happy thought that is. Sad bec. my Australian vacation will be over. I have been here in Australia for 3x already in 2005, 2006 and this year 2008 and I have come to love this country so much. It is always great to be here bec. I have my sister and her family who lives here in Sydney who are so generous and kind enough to sponsor each of my trip: all expense paid !!! I am one lucky banana huh?? Oh yeah.

I have been to a lot of nice places from beaches, shopping malls, tourist attractions, hotels and apartments with elegant wall sconce and interiors in it. I have never imagined that I will be able to eat delicious and fine foods, go on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, and see a kangaroo and lots more. All I can say is THANK YOU to my broinlaw Joe and sis Joy and I hope this is not the last one ..hehe.

Happy thought bec. I'll get to see my family back in Pinas and be back at my old routine. 

Watching a movie and eating popcorn

Isn’t it always what people do when they watch a movie on theaters or DVD at home? Popcorns always accompany us and we never get tired of munching them. Popcorns are just sometimes hard to make esp. if you don’t have one of those popcorn machines that can easily cook them. I remember cooking popcorns one time and they are just overflowing the kettle leaving a mess at the kitchen. I bet those that can afford would want to purchase one for their homes.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A different Holy Week

It's Holy Week now and I can't "feel" it here in OZ Land. Way back in Pinas we never failed to attend mass on Palm Sunday and there are lots of "Pabasa'" stations where anyone (usually old folks) singing the passion of Christ. We also usually join the Friday procession where a life sized image of Christ is marched along the street. One of the most popular ritual that you can see there is the carrying of the cross and the crucifixion, which have attracted some local and even foreign tourists.

Here almost everyone are busy preparin' for Easter Sunday, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter lunch and Egg hunting although there are Lenten masses and other activities that will be commencing at all Catholic churches. 

Good night (morning) everyone !!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My nephew's b-day!!

It was my sis Joy son Braiden's 5th birthday today and we had a sausage bbq dinner to celebrate it and it was only a family gathering. He was happy when he woke this morning and we greeted him a happy birthday while he respond to me he will have a chocolate cake. 

His Dad bought him a Pirate suit and I had fun taking photos of him.He was happy to receive gifts and wanted to open it immediately. Blowing of the cake made him real excited and he was smiling from ear to ear when we are singing him the b-day song. 

Upcoming De La Hoya/Mayweather rematch

I cannot believe its coming around again, a rematch bet. Dela Hoya and Mayweather. My brother-in-lawhe thinks Oscar promoted his fight even though he lost but he made lots of money from the promotion of the fight. My bro in law watched their 1st bout via on pay TV and went on the full 12 rounds. But leading up to the fight there is a 6 week series on the training of these 2 fighters: how they train, what they ate, what they said, they did and it was an enthralling series and quite unique and he had never seen a building up fight like this before.

It is ironic that Dela Hoya also promotes MayWeather in his preceding fights. A ticket for their next bout would be a dream come true for my bro in law to see it in LA. There is no doubt that it’ll be a hot selling tickets in this coming match. Regardless of who wins in this fight both fighters are already good in this field. They have already proven themselves to the world. Bro-in-law is hoping to have a full 12-round and he has a soft spot for Dela Hoya, the Golden Boy.For boxing fans out there I know you’d be thrilled to watch this fight live on Sept. at Las Vegas so get your tickets

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef !!

Oh yeah.. you read it right at the THE GREAT BARRIER REEF  here in Australia ! I could not believe I'll be there to see that wonderful place and thanks to my sis and bro inlaw for bringing me there. FYI, it is the world's largest coral reef system and it has been sited as one of the World's Heritage Site. 

We went for a a 1 week holiday at the Hamilton Island (some pics here) and last Friday my sis Joy and her family went on a tour at the Hardy Reed in the Great Barrier Reef. It wasn't a s
mooth sail I tell yah.. The waves are about 2 meters high and our boat were like rocking but it was one great adventure. 

Here are some pics ( I didn't have pics while on the water as i can't bring my cam there-sayang nga eh)
With my nephew Braiden wearing our stingers suits before we dive. Mind you I got really scared diving in that deep water but once there the view below is amazing. You could see fishes swimming around you and the corals are just awesome. 

Look at the fishes just swimming near my feet.

The underwater viewing submarine

Have you paid your bills online?

Have you ever thought that we’ll come this far, technology wise? I reckon that the World Wide Web is a remarkable invention man has ever made and it is bringing us a lot of good advantages.

Researching for just about any topic you want is just a click away. Students don’t have a hard time making their projects or assignments now. We can blog, book flights or accomdoations with at ease buy stuff at e-bay and I was surprised to know that anyone can also get auto insurance online now. Wow. Sis Joy also pays her bills online securely and did grocery one time when she run out of time to go out .

Sis Joy's mailbox are always full

Yes.... it is, not with letters all the time but with store’s leaflets like that of clothes, jewelry, grocery and even furniture catalog. Sis and I love to read them after our breakfast and whenever there is a sale like at Target, Big W and other stores, ahhh our feet are itching to head at the shops..Aussie loves shopping and so are we.. lol. Just this morning we went out shopping with friends and we grabbed some.

2 Pinays made it to the top 10

I am religiously watching So You Think You Can Dance Show here in Australia and I am glad to know that 2 Pinays (1 half) made it to the top 10.  
Rhiannon Villareal  (her father is Pinoy)
I know that she can make it on the top 10 as she can gives her best every week

Demi Sorono loves break dancing and hip hop but she can show how to dance really well with other types of dance. She is pretty good and of course I want her to win hehe.

NOte: Photos are from So you think you can dance

Late night blogging

Oh wow it’s already 12:30 am here at OZ Land almost everyone are already sound asleep except for me and my sister Joy. I think you don’t need to ask why bec. obviously we are blogging at the same time. We only have time to go online at night after we have done all our household stuff and when my sister’s 2 kids are asleep.

Here we are sipping our hot coffee to keep us awake. We are just having an instant coffee coz they still don't have a coffee maker.  I have some other online stuff to do and I also wanted to post more pics of our recent trip to Hamilton Island. Just watch out for that.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tying the knot

Hmmm.... not me yet. Oh well how many times I have been asked “When will you get marry?”, “Are you getting married?” Why are you not married yet?”. Wow sometimes I got irritated over those questions already as they are not music to my ears anymore, hehehe. Seriously, it is annoying at times but what can I can do people are really nosy at times esp. to those people who are not married yet esp. at my age (don’t ask how old hehe). I firmly believe that marriage is a sacred vow and should be taken seriously and with a lot of thinking. It’s not that I don’t want to get married, I do actually but that’s my fate I guess. Oh I think I need not elaborate on this one. 

Anyway, many women dreamed of tying the knot and having their own family. I have lots of friends who are married and have kids and living they are actually enjoying it. I even had the chance to make a wedding invitation for a friend and for my sister and help them in making their wedding favors. Now you don't have to do it yourself bec. there are about hundreds of wedding favors that a couple can think of but of course every bride and groom want to have their own unique wedding favors for their special guests.

I have attended lots of weddings from my sisters and bros, to my cousins and friends. Just love to see couples in love getting married. What makes any wedding more special are the favors that you can give to their guests. I for one love getting favors like candle wedding favors, soaps, hearts, and more. These favors are easy to order now and have it personalized over online so couples will not have a hard time making their own. You can take a look at HQ wedding favors as they got vast collections to choose from. Trust me they are really nice.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Hamilton Island vacation

Hello there peeps!!! Did you miss me? Oh well, we arrived today from HAMILTON ISLAND here in Australia for our 1 week holiday. We (sis Joy and her family) actually left last Saturday lunch time in Sydney aboard Jet Star airplane and we arrived Hamilton Island in the afternoon. We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment with in house amenities so we were able to cook our breakfast most of the times and do our laundry etc.

It was really great to be there, we have done a lot of activities already such as island hoppin' at DAYDREAM ISLAND, kayaking, swimming at the pool, snorkelling at THE GREAT BARRIER REEF, go play mini-golf with the kids, go sailing on a boat and lots lots more !!!!

The weather is a bit crazy while we are there bec. sometimes it rains, sometimes it is sunny and hot and most of the times it is windy. We usually go walking along the beach in the afternoon where it is low tide most of the times. We can pick up some shells, look at the baby crabs, took photos and just have fun!!

Here are some pics to share:

We just arrived at the island and immediately we walk along the beach when it was low tide

Ahhh breathtaking view of the Hamilton Island (feeling model hahaha)

Watch out for more pics!!

I'm back , I'm back

Have you guys noticed that I have been away for a week??? Oh yeah and I miss blogging so much but i had a lot of fun at Hamilton island for our vacation. It's a once in a lifetime experience and i would not trade it for something else.

I did blog for a while at the island but oh gosh the net connection was so expensive, imagine $10 for an hour!!! My bro in law was so generous enough to buy me an internet card just to make sure that I will have time to submit my assignments that are due.

Think of moving?

Moving to a new home is definitely exciting and wonderful. How much more if you are moving to a new country with new culture and new environment.? It can be a new phase of your life but moving can be sometimes or I can say stressful. Just think about the packing of the things that you need to move, it may be daunting and requires a lot of time to do that.

Just in case you need an international moving company that can help you in any way there’s an international shipping directory that can comes in handy over the net. They some articles that are informative and worth reading and you can even have free international moving quotes to use. Let the experts do that job.

I won, I won!!!

Oh yes.... It was a sweet surprise to know that i won at my co-bebots birthday contest. KAJE had a contest on her blog the other week bec. she turned 30 and she is giving away free 1 yr. Flkr subscription or paypal money. 

I joined the contest not thinking that i will win since I don't win in any contest so this is a surprise. 
Thanks Kaje you made my day. Happy birthday again !!!

Boat Hoist

Owning a boat is a great joy in life. If you are fortunate enough to own a larger vessel you may have to consider getting your boat anti-fauled. To get this done properly you need a boat hoist. Marine Travelift are a great source of Boat Hoist that are designed to lift boats from 15 to 1,000 tons. As a leading manufacturer of boat products they only manufacture durable and high quality.

I got my pagerank back !!??

Wow this is amazing!! Actually this blog has a page rank of 3 before Google slapped me with a zero (0) rank few months ago. It is very disappointing back then bec. you know how precious page rank is to us bloggers. I have been reading from my other  co bloggers that they got their pr back too, so this is a good news ha.

I was really shocked to find out just today that Google gave me a rank again, not 3 but PR2,, hmmm not bad at all. Thank you thank you GOOGLE!!!! Muahhhh love yah. Hope you can keep my rank for a long time pls.pls pls. hehehe.

Here's the proof: Yahoooooo!!!!

Free Page Rank Tool

There is a solution

It makes me sad to know that many people (esp. teenagers) are into some drug problems. I know they have different reasons why they have chosen this path. I reckon it is really not too late for those people since there are many drug treatment centers that are willing to help them and they need to realize that. Just in case you now someone having this problem let them know that there is help.

Long overdue

Hello everyone I am back and i just saw my e-mails increased bec. i was away for a week. Anyway, I just wanted to share the awards that I got before i left from fellow blogger Suzanne. Zanne thanks for all of these, it really made my day and it was great to receive gifts from blogger friends.
Here they are:

I got new Sunglasses

My old Guess sunglasses got broken when we went to Port McQuarie few weeks ago. I think i am the one who accidentally jumped on it while when i put it on the ground, not a good think to do i know. Well anyway, I went to Mc arthur Square mall the other week with friends to buy a new one. We have been looking around at different shops to get the right shape for my face. Of course I also wanted a branded ones so that it will last longer. There are many branded sunglasses in the stores like Prada, Guess, Panoptx, Dior, and more. But I got the Oakley one and it looks good on me. Here in Australia, you always need sunglasses when you go out as it becomes hot most of the times.

Franchise anyone?

When starting up businesses it is always in a business plan to either start from scratch or to buy a franchise. This may include companies like McDo, KFC, Pizza hut or even cleaning services. There are literally thousand of businesses to choose from. The advantage of buying a franchise is that you already have the company's name well established and a business plan already in order. You usually have one-off payments and you have back up servcies from the company headquarters. Although it has the same problem owning a franchise I think it is less risky from starting from scratch. If i will have the capital I'd love to buy one of those McDonalds where every loves.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blogging sisters

I taught my sister JOY how to blog just this February when I came here in Australia for my vacation and I know she is having a good time. We always do our blogging and other stuff on the computer at night after the kids were all in bed. This is our bonding time like what she said.  We sometimes start at 9 pm and we end at 12 midnight or sometimes at 1

She allows me to use her IMAC but i frequently use the pink MacBook laptop of her daughter Micah when we are both online. At 1st i am having a hard time using the Mac since i am used in using windows al the time back home but I have learned how to use it with at ease now.

Take a look at these!!

Just take a look at these Rain Boots aren’t they just cute. ???? Just found them at while browsing the net for good finds, you know I always do that. With a crazy stormy summer here at the Land Down Under, people can actually wear something that can make their feet dry while walking in the streets and still can be fashionable.

Aussies are fashionable people so I am sure many will like this Burberry Rain Boot to go along with their wardrobe. They are also perfect for countries that rain all the time. Not only they will be comfortable wearing them but it is stylish as well. They even have styles for kids that are way too cute not to check them. Rainboots are just one of the items you must put on your shopping lists.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just an update

Finally my skin allergy is almost gone now. I am not itchy anymore but my skin still is rough and i could still see some small rashes (just hate touching it).

Anyway, last Sunday, we went to the Steam Train Festival here in Thirlmere here in Australia. It was gloomy that morning and it rained so it was cold when we got there. Fortunately the rain stopped so we were able go around and see the parade. There are street stalls where some sell foods, toys and other goods. The kids had fun riding the kiddy rides and of course riding the Steam Train. 

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I got allergies!!!

Oh my gosh i am so itchy!!!! I started to get itchy after my sis and I went to her doctor's clinic and at the mall. I could not really pinpoint where i got it. All i know is that after our we had lunch at KFC (i had chicken and fries) and then i started having rashes. I always eat chicken but it never give me rashes so i don't really  know.

I woke up with red rashes all over my body and a swollen face yesterday morning and I was alarmed by it. I showed it to my sis JOy and she gave me a med for it. Right now I am still taking the Phenergen medicine (made me drowsy though) but it lessens my itchiness. Yikes i hate to see my rashes on my body and I hope it will disappear soon. !!!

Well, that's all for now I'm still on my vacation here in Australia and have been to many places already. I have tons of photos but gosh I am so lazy uploading them here (soon i will!) 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

I miss digiscrapping

Yes, i really do, i just envy my co-digiscrappers bec. they have new layouts and new kits purchased. I was hoppin' around some digi sites and gosh i wanted to buy some kits but I was able to control myself from buying since I can't use it here anyway.

I hope when i get back in Pinas on April I can continue to scrap again. Right now, I am contented on looking at digi layouts and freebie kits. Ahhh i can't wait to scrap soon..

We've got a massage

Sis Joy and I went to Mc Arthur Square mall few weeks back and it was quite interesting to see an automatic massage chair at one of the corners of the mall. Sis wanted us to try it so we sat on the chairs and we put AUS$2.00 coin on it to work. It was a bit ticklish at first but it got used to it after few minutes. Not too bad for a $2.00 massage haha.

We went shopping again

Hello there guys.. I hope you are all doin fine. My sis and I went out on Thursday. We 1st went to her doctor’s clinic for her follow up ultrasound of her thyroid. It was a pretty quick and just few hours we were able to get the results.

Anyway, it was raining so hard that morning and I almost freeze, lol. We saw a shop that will close out soon so we bought some stuff there. We then went to Target and David Jones store to see what’s on sale. There were lots of clearance sale at Target esp. the summer clothes that they are disposing.

Since winter is coming in no time most of the displays are winter clothes now both for women and men's fashion. Just love what they have on display. Sis Joy got some for the kids and she bought me a nice pair of shoes (we had the same but of different color.

Ahhh… I just love shopping and tell me who doesn’t??