Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want this! I want this!

Yay, Nikon has just released a new cam this year and this is NikonD60. !! I was just thinking of perhaps upgrading my Canon Rebel Xti (EOS 400d) to a Nikon D80 ut I saw this new Nikon at the commercial last week, I can't take it off my

Seriously, even though i already own a Canon Rebel Xti (EOS 400d), i am still drooling over this and I am dreaming of having a Nikon cam someday (perhaps on my b-day this Nov. or at Christmas time??) What you think??

I know, i know i just got my DSLR last Nov. and now i am still planning to get a new one? Hey once you get into photography i gues you can't get enough of good cameras. 

Look I even saw at the product catalogue here, Nikon D60 is priced at AUS$1,347 (around Php 52,000) with 2 lenses: 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses, and  free bag.

Hmmmm... i guess it's a good deal but right now I will just wait bec. I know by Christmas time, the price will go down. 

So what is your DSLR cam? 

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