Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photohunt:: Furry

Meet my nephew's furry pet hamster named JINGLE. He took a bath this afternoon and he looks so fresh and clean now. I laid him on the grass and oh boy he was so playful and would like to go to somewhere else. It's pretty hard to take photos of him bec. he is so mobile and would not stay in just one place. I'm lucky to have this shot of him, maybe he doesn't want to have his picture taken.

This is my entry for PHOTOHUNT this week.
Day 31: Fresh & Clean

Thursday, January 29, 2009

LP: Lila (violet)

Ang tema sa linggong ito sa Litratong PInoy at LILA o Violet.

Ito ang mga natitirang malulutong at bago pang P100 na pinapalit ko pa noong bago mag pasko. Di ba maganda ibigay sa mga inaanak kung bago pa ang pera? Ayaw ko ngang gastahin ito dahil nanghihinayang ako, siguro itatabi ko na lang para sa susunod na pasko hehe.

Tignan nyo sunod sunod pa ang serial nos. nila. Marami pa rin akong tig P50 at tig 20's na bills na nakatabi pa rin hehe. Buti d nga naubos nung pasko dahil d lahat ng inaanak ko eh hindi pumunta .. ayun nakatipid ako bwaahahah. Ito pa ang 1 lahok ko
These are the leftover P100 bills still new and crisp from last Christmas, I still have 50's and 20 bills that I don't want to use

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 Years of Blogging !!

Wow, I can't believe it, I have been blogging for 4 years already!! I started blogging since Jan 7, 2005 and here is my VERY 1 ST POST at my very 1st blog at bravejournal. At 1st i thought it was so corny to make an online journal where anyone can view your posts but later on i found myself having my own blog and after a year or so i bought this domain and the rest is history. Now I have multiple blogs to keep and to update. I also gained friends from through my blog and there is even an instance where someone commented a not so nice comment and who is so coward to even put her/his link.. ol

I will continue blogging as long as I like it and as long as I am earning extra from it. 4 years is a long time and didn't thought that I will keep on doing it till now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am taking photos each day for my Project 365 and actually it is helping me hone my photography skills. Took the time to experimenting with some angles and B&W here..View my other shots HERE


Thanks Thea for this, now I know me and my blog are fabulous hehe
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List 5 addictions that I have and to pass the award/tag to 5 more fabulous blogs.

Here’s mine. In no particular order:
1. Pictures - hmm i'm an addict of taking pictures and of course I want myself to be in the pictures as well.
2. Patis - I want this always when I eat viands with soup or sauce.. they make the food more tasty.
3. Blogging- i have multiple blogs hehe
4. Reality TV SHows - ahhhh love them sooooo much. I can trade soap operas and other shows over it.

5. Coffee- Ahhhh I can't stand the day w/o drinking it.

Passing this tag to anyone who wants to do it.

Destination Weddings

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


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Chinese New Year that is.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Orange (Kahel)

Yay, it's good to be back in LP after so many weeks of absence. I took this photo one cold afternoon when I saw my 5-yr. old niece asking her mom for a candy again at their mini store. She loves this ponkan candies so much that she can ate probably around 6 or more pcs. in just one sitting. No wonder why her teeth have cavities already lol.

Thought this would be a great entry for this week's theme: Orange, so I told her to be my model, actually she already getting tired holding on to those candies trying hard not to let them fall. LOL. In the end she asked me if I am already done bec. her arms are kinda tired already lol. She ate some after the shoot too. My other entry HERE (connected sila hehe)

Day 14: Want some?
Image Hosted by
My tired niece asking me if I'm done with the photoshoot.. LOL Join us HERE

(Sa wakas, nakasali ulit itong blog ko sa LP. Kinunan ko ito noong 1 malamig na araw ng makita ko ang pamangkin ko na humihingi ng kendi sa nanay nya. Naisip ko n amaganda itong lahok sa linggon gito kaya sabi ko hawakan nya ang mga kendi at kukunan ko sya. Nangawit na sya sa kakahawak nito at tinanong ako kung tapos na ako lol)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will The Economy Boom?

With the global crisis going on since last year, we can't help but to worry even just a bit about our own economy and finances. There has been many predictions that this year will be the worst for us. The poor will become more poorer and there will be more workers that will be out of work. Although this seems to be just an ordinary scenario already cuz poverty is already here we just need to be positive and we all need to move and work doubly hard so that we'll not be included in that percentage.

It's been many years now where our own countrymen seek jobs abroad, away from home and their families just to live more comfortably. Each year more health care jobs and other high paying works are being sought after by our workers. We can't blame them for doing so bec. jobs locally are scarce and don't pay that good. In these times, we need to tighten our belts for a while but I know there's a bright future for all of us.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Sad Day for Me

I was in a cleaning mood this morning so I was able to clean our storage room here at my shop. I trashed all the unwanted papers and old paid bills which was 2 years ago and some other stuff that is just accumulating dust. I did that bec. last night when I was about to get my bag in the room bec. I am going home already, my crumpler bag (containing my Canon DSLR, 50mm lens attached and the 18-200mm lens) fell!!! Gosh what a shocking time that was, I didn't check my cam inside knowing that it will be ok bec. the camera bag has a nice cushion.

This afternoon when I got my camera bec. I will take a photo for my Project 365 , to my shock and surprise, I saw the lens cap of my 50mm loosened. I started to get nervous and I immediately turned my camera and test the lens.. wow it's not working!! The lens is not auto focusing!! I tried to put it on manual focus, the same i could not rotate the focus ring.. yay and I could here a small sound when I shake my camera.. Wahhhhhhhhh..

I got my Canon 18-200mm and wow it is spared it is working fine and there's no chip or anything so I was relieved to know that. I showed the 50mm to my bro and he said maybe the lens got misaligned or something and told me that I should have it checked.

Sad , sad day for me and I was pissed off for quite a while cuz lens are too delicate and expensive. The only consolation I got is that, the much expensive and new lens that I got was not broken or else I will cry a river......I hope my broken lens will still work when I will have it check at the Canon showroom in Megamall on weekend. Poof.. poooof... :(

Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365: Day 19

Day 19
More Tax..
I was at our nice new Municipal Hall this morning at around 10 am to renew my business permit. There were lots of people transacting all kinds of business there so it takes a while to process my papers.

I have to go through lines and lines and gosh didn't had my lunch till 2:30 pm. Wanted to finish it so I didn't went home when they had a lunch break, I just waited there.

Oh boy it was a bit hard to finish it but it's also my fault cuz I should have renewed it last week..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post Christmas Get Together

This is a long overdue post and almost forgot to share here. Last Jan. 3 my former classmates in highschool batch '84 had a post Christmas get together party. It was held at one of our classmate's house and he was kind enough to accommodate us. I think we are about 20 classmates who attended the gathering and it was great. It was fun to see myformer classmates after so many years (25 years after highschool yay!, go figure my age lol!).

Some of the girls looked exactly the same, they looked as if they have not gave birth and with many grown up kids while other have ballooned so much that i think they already need to take Anoretix already. Hehe just kidding! Ahh the boys.. they have changed so much that some of them I didn't recognized.
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Two of my best friends in highschool Race and Edith, I was so happy Edith came over after a short notice on the phone. Missed her so much so I was ecstatic to see her again. I hope our Grand 25th Silver Reunion this year will push through bec. I want to see more of my classmates and I know it's gonna be fun!

Photohunt:: HATS

I can't remember when was the last time I joined photohunting bec. I became so busy during the holidays. I am back hopefully each week I can join again bec. I am missing the fun.


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Anyway, here is my entry for the THEME: HATS and this was taken at Taronga Zoo in Sydney when I had my vacation there early part of 2008. There's an Asian theme there so when I saw these native hats I thought it's pretty nice. We also have lots of them here in the Phils. aside from hats we also have nice native bags and even accessories.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Spell

Brrrrr.... I am having a hard time getting out of my bed every morning bec. it was really cold or chilly every morning. It's been how many days now since the cold spell suddenly came in. It's always a cool month here every January but this year is really so different, it was too cold and windy even at lunch time. You could see many people wearing jackets esp.old folks and that includes my mom, the whole day she is wearing a jacket bec. at 20C it will be cold enough for her. Imagine we are used to 30-33C most of the year then we will experience a sudden drop of temp. so there's no doubt that we will all chill.

Every night when I go home from work, it will be cold and windy so I see to it that I will bring a jacket with me bec. I will still commute before I reach home. Hahaha , today I brought along the Abercrombie fleece jacket with hood that I used in Australia so tonight I will be kept warm when I go home. Every night, after dinner it's the best time sip my coffee, open the TV which is mounted on my tv stand and watch my fave reality TV show. Ahhh I hope it will not be too cold and windy tonight or my hands will surely be frozen.. lol

I'm a Scrapping Addict

I have not been blogging too much lately and the reason why is that I am engulfed by my hobby again. I’ve been digi-scrapping mostly everyday bec. I am finishing some photobooks that I will order at Artscow. My goal is to finish the photobook of my niece this month (keeping my fingers crossed) so I can start a new one next month.
Jump for Joy
I am just taking advantage of my scrapping mojo so I can make lots of layouts bec. once it is gone for sure I will be so lazy to scrap again like what happened to me mid last year. I am so thankful that I am being creative once again and there is no idle time for me. I will share my own photobook that I finished last week and once it was delivered I will take photos and show it here.

Aside from that, I am busy with my offline work which is my store and it is picking up a bit bec. students are doing their projects and thesis once again. I guess I need to put another
digital signage to catch more customers just in case some of the people don’t know my store/shop yet. I will be blogging from time to time though so pls. come back for more.

Meeting a Co-blogger

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It was last Jan2, 2008 when I met Jenn V for the 1st time. She was a co-blogger and co-Litratong Pinoy and a fave blogger of my sis JOYD. I met her bec. I gave the small gift from my sis JOYD that she sent. Jen was always smiling and seems so jolly always, it's nice to meet co-bloggers once in a while.

After meeting her, my niece and I went to see a local movie that later on we regret having seen. lol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Local Movie Date

Hello everyone, it's been a busy new year for me here at my side and I guess that is a good thing to start the whole brand new year. Been busy with so many stuff that I rarely have time to blog and put updates here, sorry for that.

Anyway, last JAn, 2, my niece Kath and I went on a movie date at galleria and we watched a local movie that is included in the Manila Film Fest and it was "Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat and I was soooooo very disappointed bec. it was not good, to say it was corny.. hahah. I thought I will be laughing hard in the cinema but yay no (though there are few times that I chuckled). Yay, we should have seen a different movie, it was a waste of money.

After the movie we strolled the mall and there were lots of items still on sale,those were the items that were not sold during the holidays. Clothes, toys and even office furniture have sale signs but not many shoppers are there bec. holidays was just barely over. I am pretty sure their sales will pick up again in the next quarter of the year.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Late Updates

Hello everyone sorry for the lack of updates here. Just been busy lately with some offline works and of course with my digi-scrapping. I am actually making a photobook for myself since December and I hope I can have it printed soon.

Anyway, we had a great new year celebration, there were firecrackers in our neighborhood, see the photo of my nephews and niece enjoying. New Year's day was a lazy day for me, didn't go out. There are many things that happened lately and I will just share them once I have more time.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009 !!

Wow, it's already 2009 and I just want to wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It was a great celebration last night here in our place, lots of food etc. I will make another post and share photos for that.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the photos that I took last DEC. 30. It's actually a fireworks display that SM Department store hosted here in our place. My bro and his family, my mom and I went there to see the display. It was around 8 pm when the fireworks started and we are all very excited. Just love the presentation. Hope you like the photos that I took.

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