Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Sad Day for Me

I was in a cleaning mood this morning so I was able to clean our storage room here at my shop. I trashed all the unwanted papers and old paid bills which was 2 years ago and some other stuff that is just accumulating dust. I did that bec. last night when I was about to get my bag in the room bec. I am going home already, my crumpler bag (containing my Canon DSLR, 50mm lens attached and the 18-200mm lens) fell!!! Gosh what a shocking time that was, I didn't check my cam inside knowing that it will be ok bec. the camera bag has a nice cushion.

This afternoon when I got my camera bec. I will take a photo for my Project 365 , to my shock and surprise, I saw the lens cap of my 50mm loosened. I started to get nervous and I immediately turned my camera and test the lens.. wow it's not working!! The lens is not auto focusing!! I tried to put it on manual focus, the same i could not rotate the focus ring.. yay and I could here a small sound when I shake my camera.. Wahhhhhhhhh..

I got my Canon 18-200mm and wow it is spared it is working fine and there's no chip or anything so I was relieved to know that. I showed the 50mm to my bro and he said maybe the lens got misaligned or something and told me that I should have it checked.

Sad , sad day for me and I was pissed off for quite a while cuz lens are too delicate and expensive. The only consolation I got is that, the much expensive and new lens that I got was not broken or else I will cry a river......I hope my broken lens will still work when I will have it check at the Canon showroom in Megamall on weekend. Poof.. poooof... :(

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