Wednesday, February 22, 2012

KABANG: the Faceless Hero Dog from Zamboanga City

I'm a pet lover so I could not help but to feel sad and got teary eyed upon learning this news about this hero dog. KABANG, the Faceless Hero Dog from Zamboanga City touched me! It was known that this dog saved the lives of 2 kids who were about to hit by a motorcycle.

The dog jumped on the motorcycle but unfortunately her face got stuck in the engine leaving her face severely damaged. Her nose and almost her face is gone and it makes her hard to eat. Oh dear, I wish she'd live more and will not get an infection.

Poor dog! She is now faceless but she truly deserves to be called a HERO!
He’s on the news

Tweaking My Blog Theme / Header

I just thought that this blog needed a change. My header and theme remained the same since I think 2008 and it needs a revamped. Last night, I changed my header but this morning I'm not satisfied with the colors and the design so I changed it again today.

I noticed that I still love the darker shades on this blog that's why the header is still similar to the old. Yay! I thought I need a change but I guess not. Please bear with me as I continue to change my theme from time to time. I guess I'm just used to the old color theme that's why I can't move on.

Here’s my old header:
blog hearder slice

And the new blog header, which I really don’t like but I love the new layout and the post title’s font.
header_slice simple_1

I will tweak it again today until I’m satisfied.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Music Keeps us Alive

Access to music is very easy these days. You can just turn your radio on and you'll be able to listen music at your fave radio station. My radio, which I rarely use anymore was only glued to one station whenever I like to open it. There's also Youtube online where you can hear music and even watch videos. Turn up the volume and get one of your akg headphones and just move to the beat of the sound. There are times when I enjoy music wearing my headphone and at times when I just turn the speakers on in full blast (but not noisy enough for the neighbors hehe) and drown myself with music.

Music keeps me upbeat, lively, in the mood, relaxed and sentimental at times depending on the type of music that I want to hear. I love pop songs, ballad and pop-rock.

Monday, February 20, 2012

$6500 Rolex Thief Caught on Video at Florida Airport

Wow.. I was shock to see this man caught on surveillance video from the security checkpoint at a Florida airport on January 18th. He was clearly seen stealing a $6,500 Rolex watch and a bracelet from a fellow passenger and how could he do such a bad act. Didn't he know that there are lots of surveillance videos at the airport to have done that? And why on earth he puts on his rubber shoes in there, he should have moved a little further.

I guess he really has an intention to get it in the first place. I bet he would not steal if that is only arturo fuente cigars left on the The passenger who forgot her rolex watch and the bracelet is Gloria de Regalado.

Too bad, the airport security didn't manage to catch the thief but I hope they will soon! If you know that guy, let the authorities know and there's a $1,000 reward.

Here's the video I found at Youtube.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Hello all!

It's a rainy Monday morning and I can't help but to feel a little bit sad. The sky is so gloomy and it's very conducive to to just laze around the house. I'm cooking pork sinigang for lunch today and it's very perfect for the weather like this.

The weather is just so crazy lately! It's suppose to be dry season for us for it's gonna be summer come March but it's raining for most of the times now since January. Rainy days usually starts end of May or early June but I'm noticing the we'll have a WET SUMMER and VERY wet rainy seasons soon. Oh dear, Mother Nature is kinda suffering already.

Here's Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters

Friday, February 10, 2012

Time to Renew Our Passports

My mom's passport expired last Nov. 2011 and mine will expire this June 2012. Since we are planning an overseas tour soon, we need to renew our passports already. I'm not excited going to the DFA Aseana building because it's very far from our place. Going there means it'll eat half or 3/4 of my day because of the traffic and of course the processing time. I heard that DFA will open new offices at SM malls this month but I can't wait for it anymore so I have no choice but to renew our passports asap.

I already set an appointment online at DFA's website and it's good to know that setting an appointment is quite easy already. There's no need to wait for weeks and weeks to get an appointment. I will post the step-by step procedure on how we'll renew our passports by next week. It's my first time to go to DFA Aseana building and I heard it is spacious and can accommodate lots of applicants. It can be compared to other modern buildings of other country. I also heard about the good service of the DFA and that I have to experience yet.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shielded Wallets

Oh how I hate to go shopping in too crowded malls or tiangge or during big sale for there are lots of pickpockets and con-artists roaming around. Don’t let your bags open or exposed because you’ll end up with no more wallets or money. Pickpockets are very fast and clever as they know how to get your wallets in a speed of light so shoppers need to be more alert and conscious of their bags and belongings. It’s really hard to trust people these days, you know and it’s sad.

Not only pickpockets are getting smarter every day, just think about those hi-tech crooks that can rob you with your personal details via your credit cards. You see, some credit cards have this small  rfid (radio frequency identification) chip where your personal details can be read. Would you believe that they can be read even if your card is in your bag or wallet? Amazing huh? It's good to know that there are now shielded wallets that can be purchased. These wallets can block the rfid from being read.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Oh dear, what happened today, it seems that I’m so unproductive today unlike the previous days. It’s already almost midnight and I have not made any online works done yet. Tsk.. tsk..

Looking back, I spent that whole day doing some house chores, and spending all day just browsing online wahhhh.. and that is not acceptable. Oh well, there are really days when I’m not that productive but there are days when I chose to just blog and blog. I hope tomorrow will be a different one because I have so many things to be done and I have some online works that are expiring.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pest Control

We always strive to make our homes clean and presentable as much as possible but there are times that no matter how much we clean, pests can invade our homes. Ants and cockroaches (ewww!) can come when there are left over foods on the table or sink for long periods of time. These pests also love unclean places where they can find lots of dirt that can serve as their foods and breeding ground. I’m sure it’s too overwhelming and annoying for any home owner if you find your house with pests.

Pests can be health hazard because bugs, cockroaches, mice etc. carry diseases so always be aware not to leave foods just anywhere. Often times these pests can be controlled by using insect repellants or sprays but if they are in numerous numbers already it’s already best to leave it to the pest control professional pest control that can get rid of them.