Wednesday, February 22, 2012

KABANG: the Faceless Hero Dog from Zamboanga City

I'm a pet lover so I could not help but to feel sad and got teary eyed upon learning this news about this hero dog. KABANG, the Faceless Hero Dog from Zamboanga City touched me! It was known that this dog saved the lives of 2 kids who were about to hit by a motorcycle.

The dog jumped on the motorcycle but unfortunately her face got stuck in the engine leaving her face severely damaged. Her nose and almost her face is gone and it makes her hard to eat. Oh dear, I wish she'd live more and will not get an infection.

Poor dog! She is now faceless but she truly deserves to be called a HERO!
He’s on the news


  1. This is very heart wrecking!!!! HUhuhuhuhu.. I can't even bare to look at the picture that long!

  2. I saw this over the news. It is actually a "she". Kabang is pregnant for a month already and the vets are trying hard to take good care of her because she can't eat well. Pups inside her tummy needs to be fed well, so they gave her vitamins.

  3. we salute you kabang..

  4. hi Jason, thank you for correcting me..


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