Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Holiday Mode

Ever since I have no net at home since Saturday, I felt that I'm on holiday Lenten Mode already. It's very different from my daily routine where I work in the mornings at home then after lunch I'll go to my shop till 8 pm. At nights, after dinner and resting for while I will go back to work again or browse online till midnight. For the past 4 days it changed and I'm actually not used to it.

I reckon that having no net at home is also a blessing in disguise since I was able to digi-scrap our Hongkong photos and had time for other stuff. I'm also contemplating on making photo cards for the upcoming 7th birthday of my niece Reign on May. She's been bugging me to make the theme "Princess and the Frog" which I find unusual because all along I know she loves "Ariel" of Little Mermaid.

Anyway, I promised myself that I will not do any online works on Friday because I will be the cook for our lunch and we'll be joining the Holy procession in the afternoon of Good Friday. It's also a little sacrifice that I can do.

See you all then on Easter Sunday. Be safe ya'll!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Upcoming Events in Your Area

It’s Holy Monday today and I’m still in full swing in my work here at my store. Having no net at home for the past 3 days has made me slow in my online work. I’m comfortable in doing my online stuff in the mornings at home but my schedule was interrupted bec. of that. Anyway, I’m actually trying to finish some more work load so that by Holy Thurs and Friday I will not be doing any online work.

For sure I’ll be busy with some offline duties eventhough we are just going to spend the Holy Week and Easter at home and at my bro’s place. There'll be lots of "Pabasa" (reading/chanting of passion and death of Christ) here in our neighborhood and although I'm not participating in any, it's a noble and good tradition that we have here in our place.

I Missed the Fun

Zanne and Kaje texted me yesterday for a possible meet up today. I replied I'll try because I'm in pain and not feeling so well.

This morning I still feel crap and having a bad day. My hormones are acting up and I felt so sluggish and so lazy to go out. I didn't have the energy and the will to go out so I texted them that I could not make it and I hope they understand that. I think they went to Greenhills for shopping, ahhh I missed this opportunity. I was hoping that I'll buy a nice blouse and a sandals that I saw once in one of the op displays in the tiangge at the center mall. I also believe they will eat at Conti's and will go shopping at Trinoma. I really missed the fun and the time with these 2 online friends turned real friends.

I just hope they'll be next time and I hope that my hormones will not be jumbled once again just like today so that I can come next time. I know I'm a kill joy today but what can I do when my body is just not cooperating with me :(.

No Net at Home :(

Ok, I'm getting piqued right now. Sorry for feeling this way because it's been almost 3 days that we have no net connection at home. I called Smart Bro technical support already last night and it was pinpointed that the base station and my antenna are working good but still I have no net connection.

The tech support asked me to isolate my connection from the router and tole me to connect it directly to my laptop. She instructed me some things to do but later on the there's still NO NET. I was so tired plugging, unplugging, and restarting my laptop hoping the connection will come back again but still nothing happened.

I asked the tech support of what is really the problem but she can't tell me exactly and she only asked me to monitor the connection if it will come back for 24 hours. Wow 24hours?!! Must be kidding! Right now, we still have no connection at home, lucky me I have net here at my store or else I've gone crazy hehe...

If tomorrow morning, if the service is not yet back I have not option but to bombard the tech support again with my calls. Arrghhh... no net connection feels like half of my body is!

Are You Ready for Summer?

Ahhh summer is definitely here and I can somewhat hear the sound of the waves and splashing of water. This Holy Week, I bet many families will go out of town to spend their holidays in the beach, pool or just near nature. It’s a perfect time to bond with the family and spend quality times together.

As for my family we are just staying at home this Holy Week and probably just witness the Penitence and will join the procession this coming Good Friday as it became our yearly devotion. I might as well reduce my online surfing during Holy Thurs. and Friday or if I can I’ll not go online on Friday as a little sacrifice.

It’s also summer vacation here on our part and now that the kids are off from school and the temperature is getting high as the days go by, what a fun way to spend summer is to go outing, picnic, nature tripping , meeting friends/relatives and more. Activities are endless but most families prefer to go swimming.

I happen to drop by the department store near our place and beach accessories are saleable already from beach bags, flip flops, plastic boats/balls, goggles, and more. We have no plans on swimming yet but I can’t wait to bring all my swimming gears and pack my bags now that I also saw an innovative and unique beach towel that I saw. It can serve as a sun lounger cover and can be converted to a beach bag as well that I can carry during trips.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Image Hosted by
Yay, it's always fun to take note of some happy thoughts whether big or small. There are actually many things that I'm thankful about, aside from not getting caught in an accident and seeking the help of a motorcycle accident attorney every time I hop in my brother's motorbike here are my Wed. Happy Thoughts for today.

1. Reconnected with my college friend once again via Faceboook
2. My dog Sophie feeling refreshed about I gave her a bath this morning
3. Cooked snow peas with chicken and vermicelli for lunch
4. Nephews and niece graduating from pre-school, elementary and one in College. Their parents are so proud of their accomplishments
5. Got my Proj. 365 photobook and very satisfied with the result

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Alma Mater's Golden Jubilee and Grand Alumni Homecoming

It's always nice to see my former friends and classmates in highschool and to know how they have been after we graduate in 1984. Almost all of us are married already with kids, some remained single (that includes me), some are doctors, most are professionals, and some are SAHM or WAHM.

Last February 26, 2010 is our high school Alma Mater's Golden Jubilee and Grand Alumni Homecoming and I was able to attend it. It was celebrated at the school grounds and it was a blast!
Aiza Seguerra is our special guest of the evening

I Heart Faces: Photo Challenge “Focusing on Angles”

This week's challenge is about “Focusing on Angles”.

I chose this photo of my niece and her 2 friends while playing in our yard. They are full of life and they seem to have so much energy. Thought of tak
ing a snap of them with this angle and I find it a bit hard lying down lol. Anyway, here is the result.

More entries at

Things That I'm Looking Forward To

Wow, it never failed to amaze me how time surely past us by so quickly, there's no stopping it really. Aside from getting plumbing fixture for our kitchen, I have some few things that I'm looking forward this week and in the future and I guess you have your own set as well.

1. My photobook coming from Hongkong
2. My shopping loots from the US
3. Our Trip to Singapore this year (HOPEFULLY) not yet sure but we want it
4. Team building with high school batchmates
5. Vacation of my older sis and cousins from overseas here in Pinas
6. 7th Birthday of Reign on May
7. and more....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #168

Wow, I can't believe it, it's Friday once again. I hope you're having a good day and your weekend will be fun as well.

1. Today I will be try to take a nap in the afternoon because I slept at 4:oo am already.
2. Cream Puffs and I say why not?
3. What do you think of I'm suppose to do when I have my bad days?.
4. At this moment it's free Pastry Day til 1030 Friday!
5. People say that what we're all seeking is love, love, love.
6. The image I cherish most is photos of my family together.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping early, tomorrow my plans include cleaning my room and Sunday, I want to cook something special because it's the birthday of my nephew Hans!

Craving for some Cream Puffs!

Actually, I'm no sweet tooth. In fact, I don't like chocolates that much like others do but cream puffs are exception.

I just like the sweet taste of the cream or custard filling inside this little pastry. I don't mind gaining few pounds due to eating lots of it bec. there's a quick trim diet anyway hehe. I remember when I was in college, most of the time I used to buy some at a nearby bakeshop before going home from the univ.. Just like yesterday, I wanted to eat cream pufff but there's no bakeshop available that sells them. I tried to look for a recipe online and probably have it cooked. Now I;m hungry!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Summer is Here!

Wow summer is officially here so expect hotter and humid days ahead although we already had the taste of it since February. Summer means vacation and time to hit the beach or pool but for those that have some skin conditions like eczema, the hot summer months can alleviate their condition making their skin more dry. I guess they just need to go on medication and as much as possible gear themselves with proper summer accessories.

Summer can be fun most especially for the kids because it is also the time for their school break. 2 1/2 months of being away from school can send them into euphoria, while some parents will be worrying how to keep them busy and not too much annoying or handful.

Anyway, enjoy the summer and don;t forget your sunblock!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks to Facebook

I never thought I'd join Facebook, a social networking site. I've been invited and asked by my friends to join but I'm keeping myself away from it because I thought I'd be addicted to the games as well. Just about a month ago, I could no longer escape the temptation so, I finally Fortunately I don;t have time and desire to play games there.

It was a nice to add friends, I only add people whom I know and only allow my photos and other info be seen only by my friends. It became already a daily routine to check on my profile and my wall for some updates.

I got so thrilled and I became giddy when a former college friend message me. We've been exchanging messages now and hopefully fill the communication gap that we had. I think it was about 15 or so years that we have no contact at all, so I was so happy when she found me at Facebook. I'm hoping to find my other friends in college because I've already reconnected with my highschool friends. Thanks to Facebook, my long lost friend found me.


For me that is what Derek Ramsay has :). He's got a great body and I don't think he needs a maxoderm hehe. Every woman loves and fantasize about him, Angelica P. is lucky to have him. His not only got good looks and great body but he can act as well.

I heard in his interviews that he is not into gyms but to keep his body good, he keeps himself active by doing sports that he loves. I bet some guys wanted to have a body like what Derek has.

Teen Woes

I know how it feels to be a teenager, been there.

It's the time when you mature a little bit, your choices in dressing up changes and you became more conscious about your physical appearance. Just one of the major woes of puberty is the appearance of acne. Good thing is that there a site like that you can read most especially if your acne is not just on your face but at back as well.

Having acne can be embarrassing at times, I have experienced that and up until today I still get a zit or two. Like many experts say that you must not prick your acne, a derma doc will greatly help you out with that. Eating veggies and more fruits will also help.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Heart Faces: Bundled Up

It's been a while since I joined I Heart Faces, it was when I was one who won at the I Heart Faces: Pet Category. Here's my winning photo:

Anyway, I'm joining once again and the photo that I picked is at Ngong Ping Cable Car Ride in Hongkong and on our background is the giant Buddha. It was soooo cold during that time (December 21, 2009) and we bundled up but my nieces and nephew still managed to eat ice cream while me and my sister are posing like we are too cold but it's really cold!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Won Against Joshua Clottey

We are excited to watch the boxing fight of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against Joshua Clottey online and on TV today March 13, 2010- and noon March 14 Pinas Time and we are happy once again when he won.

It was a unanimous decision and Pacquaio is still the WBO Welterweight champion of the world. Joshua Clottey was so defensive (hiding his face with his gloves). It would have been a more exciting bout if Clottey was as aggressive as Manny.
Congrats Manny! Balota naman dyan oh hehe! I hope he'll remain humble and always dedicates his fight to our country, his family and to God. He is truly blessed and the best fighter these days.

Net Cafe Maintenance

I have this net cafe business for about 3 years now and I can't say that it's a lucrative business on my experience because our profit is just break even. My net cafe is purely for net rentals or chat only as I don;t have network gaming. I want it that way. The only problem that I'm having is when the computers are breaking down, I sometimes need to troubleshoot it myself to spare me from paying my technician. Fortunately there are times I was able t fix them but when the trouble is big, I just send it to my trusted technician.

I also need to upgrade the headset most of the times because it is usually the ones breaking easily due to constant use. I'm glad that I don;t need to replace some of the cables, router and the network switch yet. I just envy a friend who has a net cafe because he knows how to repair his own network pc and he has this KVM switch that can control several computers. He does it good bec. he is a certified computer technician.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Solve the Problem if Firefox Won't Let You View Some Photos on Blogs/Sites

Finally, I got my problems solved!! If you read my last post about Firefox Won't Let me view some photos on blogs/sites then I got the answer already. It's been bugging me for a while so, I seek the help. Fortunately, I saw the Mozilla support group and someone taught me how to solve the problem and I want to share it here.

1. Click >> TOOLS >>> Options >>>Content
2. Click >>Exceptions on "Load images automaticallly" and a dialogue box shown below will pop out.

3. See if there are sites/blogs being blocked then just remove it. In my case Firefox blocked some images coming from blogspot so some images are not appearing. I just removed it and now they are appearing already.
Here is what the Mozilla support taught me:
A way to see if images are blocked is to click the favicon (''Site Identification'' icon) on the left side of the location bar and click the "More Information" button.
This will open the Security tab of the ''Page Info'' window (also accessible via Tools > Page Info).
Go to the ''Media'' tab of that Page Info window.
Select the first image and scroll down though the list with the Down arrow.
If an image is grayed and there is a check-mark in the box ''Block Images from...'' then remove that mark to unblock the images from that domain.

A Little Upgrade Will be Nice

Lately, my schedule going to my shop became different as it seems because I still need to work at home before I'll go to our net cafe. My sisterinlaw in turn is the one who manages it in the morning till early afternoon. I stayed up late in the evening and woke up at around 8 am and then work till half past 12noon.

Just noticed that I've been neglecting the needs of my shop more particularly the computer accessories like the headset and the mouse. I have to purchase new ones because some are almost not working. I also have to check out a table at the office furniture shop this weekend as I intend to add a new computer table in my shop. I hope I will not get lazy going out again.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cars. Motorbikes and more

My Bro borrowed my p/s camera and told me he is going to take just some photos. Not quite sure where is going last weekend, I handed him over the camera.

The other day I found myself snooping around my brother's photo files on my camera and it seems that he went on a car show once again with a friend. Saw some photos of cars and motorbikes and me being not knowledgeable about types of cars, I wasn't able to recognize some of them. I know it's a guy thing and for sure he and his friends are talking about Ferrari, Ferrari parts, Jaguar and more.

Quest Crew: America's Best Dance Crew 2010

I got the chance to watch the replay of the Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew Finale last night and I was wowed with the performances of the 2 competing groups. I was able to follow the weekly routine of Quest Crew and Beat Freaks and they are simply amazing. Donned with their hip hop clothing and unique moves, I was at the edge of my seat when they are dancing.
I personally liked Quest Crew and I wanted them to win. I was not wrong for they have been voted by Americans as the America's Best Dance Crew of 2010.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Firefox Won't Let me View Some Photos

Oh dear, I'm already getting annoyed with my Firefox 3.5.8 version for a while now because there are times I can't see some of the photos that I have here on my blog and other blogs!!

I already uninstalled the old version and installed this new fresh version but it's still the same and now I don;t know what's wrong with it. I can view pictures properly using IE, Opera and Chrome browsers but not with my FF !!

Is there anyone here experienced the same? Can someone help me fix it :(

Some Things to Consider

I guess some of you also want to be frugal these days since almost all the prices of services and other goods are continuing to hike. I have once thought that our economy will continue its downfall in the recent years but negative thoughts and vibes are not needed in this case. Being positive is always the best so I am glad that while the world economy is in recession before, there are still fearless investors who are creating jobs for many employers who lost their works.

I personally know some relatives and friends who lost their jobs and they are slowly trying to pick up the pieces and getting back to the workforce. Some opt to think about more ways to generate extra income for their family by putting up a business or investing on something worth.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Jollibee Party for Bebots and their Kids

Posting our Jollibee Party with Bebots and their kids at Jollibee Blue Wave in Pasay, very near Mall of Asia on Feb. 20, 2010. After our so fun Grand EB with Bebots at Astoria, last Feb 19, Glo and Trin hosted another party and this time it is for the kids.
Not only the kids enjoyed the party withe Jollibee and Twirlie but we adults had so much fun as well because of the games for adults. The mommies and the daddies where so game to take part and that makes it more special. The foods are over flowing and of course the fun and laughter. I hope there'll be more gatherings like this in the future. I love my Bebots group!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Web Agency Napoli

You have a business and you want to have your own website but a bit clueless on where to start. If you don’t have any knowledge about web site building chances are you’ll erase that thought, set it aside or seek professional website designer.

These days more companies are creating their own website to gain more exposure. It definitely helps to reach to more people and a good venue to showcase their services and products. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have been invaded by companies as well for they know millions of people are using these medium around the globe. The more your company is expose possibilities are endless, more clients and of course more profit.

If you are considering of building your own business or personal website, check out RYHAB, a web agency napoli in Italy for all your web solutions. Collaborate and plan with them a web site that you wanted. They are offering web solutions are from website planning, web design or layout to web marketing. That doesn’t stop there web owners also want to attain the 1st page in most of the search engines, RYHAB can definitely help you with the SEO and facilitates your site to attain the best position in the search engines.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Image Hosted by
Wow, it's Wednesday once again and it's already March! Time really flies so fast that if you don't cherish every minute of the day, it will just come and go. There are many things that I'm happy about not just today but everyday.
1. Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping and my dog wanting to play.
2. Online works that will keep my bills being paid lol
3. Not having major illness
4. Food on the table that I cooked. I'm having chicken with pineapple for lunch
5. Having Twitter friends that keeps me company all day long
6. Browsing e-bay for bags that can excites me and feast my eyes
7. I can hear caching caching coming in at my paypal acct.
8. My dog recuperating from being anemic

First Aid Kits: A Must Have These Days

Wow, summer has officially entered here in the country according to the weather bureau and that only means that we’ll be expecting hotter temps in the coming days. Though we are accustomed with the warm weather all through the year, summer is even more hot, humid and almost always sticky. Going out without an umbrella, eyeglasses, or even a hat is not recommended because aside from making your skin darker, you are vulnerable to suffer skin disease and of course heat stroke.

Summer vacation and Holy Week are coming as well, so I’m expecting lots of families travelling with their kids to provinces, beaches and other tourist’s spots. I hope you’ll be prepared when you travel long distance, it’s always safe to pack extra clothes, money, food and other things that you might need. With kids in tow you should always be alert and take extra precaution.

First aid kit is also a must have, aside from having it at home, it’s also best to bring along when you travel. Minor accidents can’t be avoided so it’s always best to be prepared. Bruises, scrapes and simple injuries can easily be treated. I always bring my small first aid kit with medicines, band aids etc. with me when we travel so it’s handy.

One of the good sources of first aid kits and supplies is AB First Aid online. A family owned business with the commitment of providing quality types of first aid kits, supplies, flashlights, bags and more. I guess with the recent earthquakes or calamities happening around the world, owning first aid kit at homes or office scan help in a way.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Schedule of Rotational Brownout on MArch 1, 2010

Wow, I just heard on the news today that there will be a rotational brownout today, Monday, March 1, 2010, between 10AM and 10PM and people are advised to see the schedules. The rotational brown out is caused by the boiler tube leak of Sual 1 and Masinloc 1 power generation plants. Affected areas will be Cavite, Laguna, Manila and more.

View the complete rotational brownout at MERALCO

Hello MARCH! Hello Heat!

Hi everyone.... Feb. just gone by in a blink of an eye and here's MARCH now. Holy Week is coming as well and I just heard in the news that the coming months will be more hot like never before. It is predicted to be like in the 39-40C in some areas in the North and oh my gosh that is way toooooo hot.

El Niño is already here and drought is also making the lives of some farmers too tough because of these. Some of their crops have been damaged and they need more water supply. We also need to keep ourselves cool by wearing thin and loose clothing and keeping ourselves hydrated at all times. You don't want to end up with heat stroke, right?

Anyway, I hope we are all enthusiastic about our work, life and family this month and may it bring more love, joy and peace to us.

Full Speed Ahead

Driving comes with a responsibility and every vehicle drivers must be disciplined on the road. Following road signs, traffic rules and other road safety is a must to avoid road accidents that can literally take many lives due to recklessness. I hate drivers who seem so invisible on the road when they drive, driving recklessly without minding that there are still other vehicles and people on board that can be hurt. I also am not happy when drivers of jeepneys and buses stop in the middle of the road to load and or when they passengers go off, they just cause traffic and it's dangerous.

I could go on and on with my ranting over not disciplined drivers but it will be endless. Anyway,owning a vehicle these days is a must and a necessity most especially in countries where there is limited public transport not unlike here. There are car sellers offering wide range of vehicles from brand new and used ones.

Ford Motors who has also been affected by the recent global crisis did not stop from coming up with a new sleek and performance 2011 ford mustang that any Ford lovers can't resist. Reviews said to be fuel efficient and runs on 305 hp and more.

Hedonism Escapes

I’ve always wanted to have another vacation this year like what I had with my family and friends last year. It’s always fun to have bonding times with them, breaking from the house and work load that we have been doing all year long. Everyone deserves a vacation, a time to unwind and just relax. There are practically myriad of adult vacations hat adults and fun seekers can explore.

Soaking in the pool or beach under the blue clear skies with friends in adult resorts can undoubtedly be enjoyable. Hedonism Resorts offers singles vacation with a day or night passes. Just choose among 2 of their resorts located in Jamaica (Hedonism II and Hedonism II) where you can full meals, drinks and fun activities in their resorts. You can either chill under the sun or thrill yourself in the nude beach. Whichever you prefer, your vision of a perfect singles vacation will be met.