Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Speed Ahead

Driving comes with a responsibility and every vehicle drivers must be disciplined on the road. Following road signs, traffic rules and other road safety is a must to avoid road accidents that can literally take many lives due to recklessness. I hate drivers who seem so invisible on the road when they drive, driving recklessly without minding that there are still other vehicles and people on board that can be hurt. I also am not happy when drivers of jeepneys and buses stop in the middle of the road to load and or when they passengers go off, they just cause traffic and it's dangerous.

I could go on and on with my ranting over not disciplined drivers but it will be endless. Anyway,owning a vehicle these days is a must and a necessity most especially in countries where there is limited public transport not unlike here. There are car sellers offering wide range of vehicles from brand new and used ones.

Ford Motors who has also been affected by the recent global crisis did not stop from coming up with a new sleek and performance 2011 ford mustang that any Ford lovers can't resist. Reviews said to be fuel efficient and runs on 305 hp and more.

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