Saturday, May 1, 2021

From Blogging to Vlogging

 Wow, life has been so busy for me these past few days and years that I wasn't able to post anything here. There are many things that happened in the last years and as we all know we are in a state of Pandemic since last year 2020. Covid-19 started in Dec 2019 in Wuhan China and rapidly spread all over the world. Right now, our country is still coping to eradicate this deadly virus. There are many health protocols that we need to comply like wearing mask, face shield all the time when we go out. Social distancing, frequent washing of hands and even sanitizing with alcohol is a must as well.

2020 is a very difficult year for most of us, we are all quarantined and stuck in our houses for many days so that virus will not spread rapidly. With nothing to do, I became a plant mom and also have tried baking but oh dear my heart is not for them.

Since youtube is very popular and with nothing much to do, I revived my sleeping Youtube channel and it was on June 13, 2020 that posted a video of me reviewing a hand mixer that I bought for my baking journey. My Youtube channel is TITA JEN . I vlog about shopping, product review, some travel videos and food.