Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis I is the New Pope

The whole Catholic Church is now rejoicing for they have a newly elected Pope. A white smoke that appeared at the Sistine Chapel's chimney at the Vatican City signaled that a new Pope is elected. 76-year old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio the archbishop of Buenos Aires of Argentina is the 266th Pope in Catholic History and now will be called Pope Francis.

He is the 1st Jesuit Pope and 1st Latin American to be elected as Pope. At the balcony of the St. Peter's Basilica he vowed and asked the people to help pray to the Lord to bless him. With all the scandals and controversial that the Catholic church is facing now, I am positive and will pray that he can uphold the Catholic faith.

Ways to Get Your Kids off the Couch

What’s that lump on your couch? Get your kids away from the couch or rather computer and active. Childhood obesity is steadily increasing so now is the time to take action. The work starts at home. It’s as simple as encouraging and offering support. The following article lists some simple tips to help you eliminate couch potatoes from your family.

Get active together

Getting active is the best to get your kids motived. You are their role model whether you like it or not. You need to set the right example for them. If they see that you don’t mind get sweaty then they will have nothing to complain about. This means providing a healthy life style. Getting active together is not only a great way to stay healthy but to also have uninterrupted family time.

Sharing is caring

If you already have sport interest you should try sharing this with your child. Don’t force them to get involved, just give them the opportunity to. For example, if you are interested in cycling there are plenty of kids bicycles available. The prices won’t break the bank either.


Encourage your children to sign up for a sport or activity. You just need to ask them what they are interested in. It’s all about letting them know that you will support them with whatever activity they choose. Let them know that they don’t have to make a final decision, let them experiment. There are so many sports to choose from. Eventually you’ll find that one sport or activity that they really enjoy. It might be the activity they enjoy or the social interaction. Most likely it will be a mix of both.


What are your other friends with children doing? Contact your friends and ask them if they have their children involved in any sports or are thinking about it. This is a great way to find out what’s available. It gives you another source from the local parks and recreation facilities. Kids are more likely to enjoy an activity when they already know someone involved, they avoid the new kid status and awkward introductions.

Stay involved

Ask them regularly about the types of activities that are available at school and what they would like to get involved in. Going through the school can save you lots of money and means your children are networking with more children in their grade. Encourage them to practice what they learnt in physical education, it’s more fun than any other home work. Now is the time to start taking better care of ourselves and families. It starts with a healthy lifestyle. Start with small changes like diet and move your way up slowly to active family outings like bush walks. Enjoy life!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Finding your Passion

Every one of us has a hobby or passion on something. Personally, I love arts and crafts and already done so many hobbies through the years. I started out liking making crafts like paper wreath that I used to placed on my doors. I also made topiaries made of paper, buttons and flowers as it resembles small trees that I use to put in a small pot. Crochet and cross-stitching also got my attention and the last time I made a cross-stitch is way back on 2000.

These days, I'm more into digital scrapbooking and digital photography and I'm wondering what would be my next hobby. Passion is not all about hobbies for you can be passionate on different fields like music, dancing, visual arts, mechanical stuff that uses coupling nuts and other supplies.

Some people are passionate about animals, cars and more. No matter what is your passion it can make us relieve our stress or worries in our lives.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Random Thoughts

Wow, it's the 1st day of March already and I'm looking forward to all the challenges and experiences that it may bring.

On the 26th, it will be my dad's 79th birthday and if only he's alive, for sure we'll give him a birthday party as well just like what we are doing when mom is celebrating her birthday. It's just so sad that he is not around anymore, we celebrate his birthday and other events or occasions in our lives. He has not seen his grandchildren grow up and some slowly trying to make a living on their own. Tsk..tsk..

This year, we have no graduate but next year 2 of my nephews will graduate in high school and eventually will continue their college education. It's amazing how time flies so quickly. I used to take care some of my niece while they are growing and now they are becoming mature and ready to face life's challenges.

Today, I'm quite productive as I was able to go to our computer shop to reformat 2 of our desktop computers. It was not easy because some errors appear along the way but I managed to solve it.