Friday, November 30, 2007

Busy at work

It's National Holiday today commemorating Andres Bonifacio's b-day so it's a long weekend for many. There's no holiday in my store and in fact this is the perfect time to open my internet cafe since there is no classes and work.

I was busy after lunch since my customers flocked at that time. I was busy attending to them esp. those that don't know how to operate the webcam, the headset for voice chat, printings and more. One customer got me irritated for a while bec. she was complaining about the YM bec. she can't read the msgs. that was typed by her friend. I told her to restart and was kinda irritated too lol. Di makaantay!! Of course there are glitches or errors sometimes at YM or over the internet. Oh well, in no time she was able to use the pc with ease.

Anyway, I hope you'll have a great weekend!! TGIF!!!
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Friday's Feast

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What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?
~Actually I’m really a coward when it comes to scary rides (like Ferris Wheel) so I always am contented on riding the BUMP CAR.. lol I know it is kinda boring but hey, I don’t want to die or make myself miserable. I have extreme fear of heights and anything that goes up and down. I have experienced riding those rides but oh gosh, I almost die of nervousness.. lol

How do you react in uncomfortable social situations? ~ I am usually quite and would observe

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?
~I’m not that comfy when it comes to that so I guess only 3.

Main Course
Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?
~No, and I don’t know if I will have one.

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?
~I usually just watch TV work in the evenings from 8 pm till about 11 pm or 12 midnight. So I can say about21 hours/ week.

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Will renovate soon

I am getting tired of my header and my blog's look already and i guess you are too, right?? Don't you worry I will be buying a nice new Kit at Digichick so i can use it to make my header. And since it is already December tomorrow i know it will be nice to put a holiday theme for a change. I have seen lots of blogs already dressed up for the holiday so i reckon my blog will follow the same too.

Oh BTW, I have not yet started my Christmas decorations here at my shop and at the house and hopefully on weekends we will be able to set up the old tree in the house to give some Christmas spirit at home. What about you have you decorated your homes now with Christmas decors?

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I need some luvin'

Hehehehe.. actually it's my other blog that needs your attention and visit. Just in case you didn't know i have a shopping blog and it needs some traffic.

Your visit makes me happy and if you don't mind say hi as well. Thank you and here is my shopping blog, THIS AND THAT hope you can take a peek..
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Political Unrest again !!!

Yay ! What's happening to our country again??? There's political unrest here, started in Makati. Sen. Trillanes and co. wanted Pres. Gloria to step down. Gosh, this will put us on the news again. I hope nothing worse will happen. As of this writing there were tanks in the Manila Peninsula Hotel now where Se. Trillanes is there.

My Birth Month: November

I got tagged by Race and Emmy Rose. Thanks for tagging me ladies!

1. Mention the person who tagged you and create a link back to them.
2. Copy-paste the traits for all the twelve months (see below).
3. Pick your month of birth.
4. Highlight the traits that apply to you.
5. Tag 12 people and let them know by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment for them.
6. Let the person who tagged you know when you've done it!

NOVEMBER: Has a lot of ideas. Difficult to fathom. Thinks forward. Unique and brilliant. Extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking. Fine and strong clairvoyance. Can become good doctors. Dynamic in personality. Secretive. Inquisitive. Knows how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative but amiable. Brave and generous. Patient. Stubborn and hard-hearted. If there is a will, there is a way. Determined. Never give up. Hardly becomes angry unless provoked. Loves to be alone. Thinks differently from others. Sharp-minded. Motivates oneself. Does not appreciate praises. High-spirited. Well-built and tough. Deep love and emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest and keeps secrets. Not able to control emotions. Unpredictable.

Buy your digi cam

As you all know I am a new proud owner of Canon 400d RebelXti DSLR cam and I know I'll be taking great pictures soon. I hope I will have more time to shoot a lot of photos though. We all know that owning a digital camera these days are the best way to capture our photos w/o worrying about films. There are many digi cams on the market today and you can compare prices at Savebuckets for your reference. So if you have digital cameras in your wish list this Christmas, better start scouting for great prices so you can buy them early. If you are really planning to buy a digi cam, compare prices and features 1st so you can save a lot.

Promo Items

Don’t we all love receiving custom pens from companies to advertise their products especially during Christmas? I do, I just find getting any kind of promo items exciting bec. it is for free hehe.. And with the Christmas coming I know many promo items like calendars, calculators, key chains, umbrellas and more will be given and that is something to look forward.

I remember receiving pens from my prepaid ISP card supplier and free clock from one the bookstore where I buy stuff frequently.

My Server down?!?!

Oh gosh i hate this my server is DOWN (on and off) since 10:00 am, i have been trying to submit an important assignment but it wont' get through bec. it says the URl takes time to respond. Arggghh... this is the 1st that it happened so i hope they can take a look at this asap bec. i will lost a lot in my online business hehe..
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Blessing

I think that my b-day almost two weeks ago has brought many good blessings.
  • 1st, my visa was granted
  • 2nd, already got my dream Canon DSLR after my b-day
  • 3rd, Monday i already bought my Airline Ticket when i got the money sis sent to me.
Thanks to Almighty God for these blessings!!
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WORDLESS Wednesday

Take the time to make fun of yourself, it'll make you young hehehe. !!!

Yikes i'm so brave to post my own yucky pic lol.
Take note of my paper CROWN hehe.. I just wanted to match it with my CROWNED PRINCE see who it is here

An argument with my sis-in-law

My sis-in-law is always the one takes care of our internet cafe when i will be out. Last Monday, before i went to to the mall to run an errand there is a customer that asks our printing services. Sis inlaw tried to open her file through networking using my own pc but unfortunately my pc unexpectedly froze when she used it. I got irritated a bit bec. there are times when she uses my pc it will froze/hang or will not work for some reasons.

So after the customer left, she told me that when i will leave next year i should lock my pc in the house so nobody will use it. I replied back with a different voice and that it all started. To make a long story short she wanted to close the store that day bec. she's angry at me.

I left w/o making peace at her but later in the evening when i come back home from shopping and all she was the 1st one to talk to me and we are already ok.. hahaha. And in turn i bought a nice maong pants for her daughter. It's good that we don't exchange too much harsh words to each other. Ahh i know this is normal, we always have misunderstandings with our loved ones, most important thing is the we have space in our hearts to forgive and forget.

Don’t forget to call your loved ones here in Pinas this holiday

For many Filipinos living overseas I know they always miss home and they would always make it a point to call their relatives on the phone whenever they can. Pinoys are known to be family oriented and with strong family bonds that is why it is innate to us to miss our family and to think of them everytime. Calling overseas can cost a fortune though especially if they call on a weekly basis just to keep in touch.

One of the best solutions that many Filipinos found is through the use of calling cards where they can have more airtime at an affordable price and they can get it at PhoneCardsAvenue. Filipino calling card rates are as low a 5.2C a minute. PhoneCardsAvenue.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekly Drawings: Me and my Crowned Prince

Image Hosted by

I always believe that my 4-year old niece is very good in drawings so i will post her works here weekly. She loves to draw anytime and anywhere. She is like her dad who started doodling at age 2, we still have her dad's drawings in a box.

Anyway, she showed me this one and I asked her who is in the drawing and she said that it's me and my future boyfriend heheeh. WOW !!! take a look at my bf he is wearing a crown, is he a prince hahaha !! I just love the crown and my eyelashes, isn't my lashes long hehe..??

RA is my niece's initial actually it should be AR which stands for Aidel Reign. Do you have kids, realtives who loves to draw at an early age??

When there’s something strange in your home…....

who you gonna call?... Ghostbusters??, oh yeah you can call them when you have ghosts around the house hehe. Seriously speaking isn’t it hard when the things in the house don’t work perfectly like the faucet is leaking, your heater is not working, there are pests in the house, or even molds in the basement. Ahhhh I think that is a major problem esp. for homemakers, for US residents they can always call experts like American Home Shield to help them. Here in the Phils. my mom usually takes care of that; I mean she is the one calling her helpers to do all those dirty stuff.

Baby was bitten by a mouse!

Yikes!! Have you heard this news few days ago? A baby (months old) was bitten all over its body by a mouse, almost big as a cat and was still on the hospital due to massive bites. Poor baby, she must endure such pain due to her parent’s negligence and their place’s dirtiness. I will not wonder anymore why they have such big pests in their place bec. when I saw their place being featured in the news, I can’t help but to say that they are just damn lazy in cleaning their place. They should call pest control experts like Terminix bec. for sure not only mice are living in their house but cockroaches and mites. Yucky!!

Another Award

“Be The Blog” award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun.”

I got another award and it was given to me by Race and Yen. Wow this is really something ha.!! And i think my bloggin is so worthwhile when i receive awards and tags from my co-bloggers. Thank you guyss!!

Ok i am passing this to Lutchi, Chikai, Nita, Mitch

I miss blogging

…. Oh well only yesterday hehehe for I was out the whole day. I will tell more about what I did yesterday later. Although I was out to enjoy a little bit outside my store, I can’t help but to think my blog and if there are comments and tags for me that day. I am an addict? Hehe.. Anyway, I feel like I’m cut off from the www when I have no time to blog. Right now I am doing blog marathon bec. I have couple of tasks that will be due like this Tru Green Land Care, providers of commercial landscape and lawn services in North America. Ok I better warp this up and will take a break and snack first, I’ll be back later.

Moving Woes

I know many of you will agree with me that moving from house/place to another is one of the hardest things to do. The packing alone is time consuming and exhausting especially if you will do it by yourself. Plates and glasses are always hard to wrap and pack in boxes for they are very fragile plus if you got a mover that is not professional that is where the night mare will occur. Yikes!. If you need help in moving, local or long distance, you can check out Shepplers movers New York, they might help you with your moving problems.

I am afraid that the maniac will appear again

Remember my previous post about the maniac that has been appearing in front of my store for two times already? That incident has left me so paranoid at times especially when I am alone here at my store and in the evenings. Lately I have been making a conscious effort to lock my store’s glass door and I will open it when a customer will come in. It is tiring at times but it is better to be sure. 

Aside from that I remember when a robber poked a gun on me (Oct. 2005) that left me so scared for many months. I could not do anything but to give in to the robber’s request. That incident made me realize that life is really precious and it can be taken away in just a snap. I am still very thankful for my life right now. 
Right now, I no longer wonder why many people are learning karate or other self-defense bec. there are many bad things happening around us.
I just hope that maniac will not ever come back again here in front of my store. I guess the next time he appears I better call the cops or big guys so that he will learn his lesson.

Yay earthquake!!

It was exactly 12:25 on my clock when an earthquake shook us here in Pinas. I was in front of my pc when that happened and i thought i am just dizzy or something. My customer and I looked at each other and i said there's an earthquake. It only lasted for about 5 secs. and i heard it was an intensity 3 or 4. My mistake is i run outside to let my mom and others know that is has earthquake, i just dizzy afterwards.

My sis-in-law who is a high school teacher went home early today bec. classes were dismissed bec. of the quake. It was quite strong at the school and building (4th floor) where she is teaching. I hope in some other places no one is hurt.. NEWS HERE

Did you feel it and what are you doing when that happened?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sissy's b-day !

It's my youngest sister's b-day today and I already called her on the phone this morning to greet her. She is living with her family in Sydney and she has 3 adorable and cute kids plus a loving and handsome husband (oh very generous too!). Just wishing her more b-days to come, good health and more blessings. See ya sister soon, i can't wait to pack my luggage hehehe. HAPPY B-DAY!!

Don’t stop learning

These days, there are many ways where everyone can learn, the Internet is probably the easiest accessible medium to learn. We are pretty lucky to have experienced this technology age where resources and information is just a click away.

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Brand Conscious?

Was bloghopping and saw this at Kaje's blog so i snagged this one

1) wristwatch? 1 Guess, 3 Fossil, 1 brandless pink watch

2) bracelet? No brands golds from Saudi
3) cell phone? Nokia 6030 given by my broinlaw almost 2 years ago
4) computer? Desktop: HP Pavillion a5058d, and assembled pc
5) bags? Nine West, and lots of replica of branded bags and nameless
6) undies? Local brands lang
7) flip-flops? Rusty Lopez and generics
8) shoes? Naku puro local brands lang (rusty lopez ang halos kasundo ng paa ko)
9) wallet? LV and Esprit
10) shirts? Lots of local brands
11) TV? Sharp
12) cars? Toyota
13) mp3 player? I don't have one hehe
14) make up? Max Factor, Cover Girl, Maybelline and local brand careline
15) shampoo and conditioner? Sunsilk and Creamsilk
16) jeans? Lee, Freego, Bobson and divisoria skinny jeans lol
17) laundry soap? Pride
18) lotion? Jergens and Johnson and Johnsons, Calvin Klein's Euphoria lotion
19) toothpaste? Colgate and close up
20) ballpen? HBW ... sarap isulat

Find the right cartridge

I have a small desktop publishing business so having a printer is a must to print all the business cards, invitations, typing works that I have here. I have HP 2 printers here at my store and it is always nice to have 2 since one will serve as back up when one printer will go out of order or becomes low on ink in the middle of the printing. I always panic when sometimes there is a rush work and I run out of ink.

If you are like me who always need to have spare ink, it is always good to buy it at a cheaper price. I am also into digiscrapping and although I have not tried printing my layouts at home there are many scrappers that print layouts on their own. Cartridge Finder is a useful tool in finding the right ink for your printer. Browsing is just simple, click the brand of your printer and look for the specific model, click on it and you’ll see prices from their vendor.

Bag Tag

I got tagged by Yen... so sorry Yen a long overdue tag. Thanks for tagging me. I have been busy since my birthday so it slipped my mind, actually i already took a photo of this over a week ago.

Anyway, here it is, my bag and wallet etc. I didn't put my "basura" in the pic hehe coz it's nakakahiya.. You can see i have a big bag bec. i am not comfortable with just a small one even though I don;t have much to put inside.

What is your favorite perfume???

I have couple of fave perfumes that I always love to wear, I just finished a bottle of Estee Lauder’s “Pleasures” and I went to buy a new bottle of perfume of Calvin Klein this time. I am loving the mild scent of CK’s “Euphoria”, it’s just perfect for me. I just hate those strong perfumes that others are using that sometimes it makes me dizzy; a mild flower scent really captures my nose. I only wear perfumes everytime I go out to the mall, special occasions or on Sundays but for everyday use I only wear colognes.

Christmas is coming in no time and I just hope someone will surprise me with a new perfume, am I giving a hint? Hehe. Anyway just found an online perfume store where I can shop for perfumes by brand, aftershave and skin care line that you might want to check out.

Can you feel the cold air already?

Brrrr.... lately i found myself already getting lazy getting up in the mornings bec. it is already getting cold and that is definitely a clear sign that Christmas is coming. And with the recent typhoons that have entered into our country it doubles the cold temperature esp. in the early morning. Ahhhh i can't really take a bath without a hot water. Don't you think it's a nice time to snuggle in bed or have a cup of coffee? It's gloomy outside and a bit wind?

It's another lazy Sunday for me here, i'm not going out today so i have more time to finish all my works and bloghop and read our forum. Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Big Boys will love this

Don’t we (ladies) always hate it when we saw our brothers or your husband’s garage tools cluttered all around your garage? Ah I just don’t like it esp. when they ask me were did bro puts his screwdrivers or anything, hahah I end up scolding him. Well, I have found a perfect gift for the big boys to organize their stuff. I saw a heavy duty tool storage online and I bet they’d love it. so wives out there check this out and make your husbands (and you) happy!

I hate it when it is noisy

My mom already knows that I hate it when she turns the volume of the TV up especially when I am working in front of my pc. I’d always tell her to put the sound down bec. I can’t concentrate of what I am doing. I am just irritable when the noise is just unbearable that I need to also tell the kids to get out of my way. I know I am hard when I am working bec. I need some peace to make me work. Arghhh…. Sometimes they are uncooperative but most of the times they understand me already.

With my trip to Australia hopefully be end of January next year, I know I will have to bear with my fear of heights again and aside from that, the deafening noise of the plane. I reckon I have to buy one of those travel ear plugs that will reduce the pressure on my ears. I saw one online and definitely it will be a good choice bec. the price is also affordable. I have to check that out soon.

Many people are also subject to too much noise bec. I saw some people listening to music with their earphones on almost the whole day. I believe that it will contribute to hear loss. For musicians who are also subject to constant noise they need to wear those musician ear plugs to protect their ears. And if you are bothered with your spouse’s snoring, you can put ear plugs for snoring and get the sleep you deserve at night.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


The theme for this week is HOT: and here are my entries : Hot dishes that i served during my lunch birthday party.

HOT & SPICY BBQ WINGS - my favorite!!


Aren't you getting hungry? hehe Have a great Weekend and Happy Photohunting!!
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First Aid in the house

I recommend that every house should have a medicine cabinet or first aid kits in their bathrooms or any appropriate place. Emergency and freak accidents are always hard to avoid so we need to be prepared. Minor cuts or wounds are easy to handle but when it becomes worse a medical doctor is already needed. Wound Care supplies like cotton swabs, dressing sponge, elastic tapes, gauze and bandage rolls are just some of the important things inside a medicine cabinet. You can buy them online for a much quicker supply at Allegro Medical. They have wide range of medical supplies that you will ever need available in different brands. Aside from medical stuff they also have Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear.

I went back to my eye doctor

I went back to my eye doctor yesterday afternoon at round 5 pm bec. i am having a hard time using my eyeglasses that he prescribed to me since Sept. He checked on my eyes again and measured my specs but he said it was ok and he said the glasses just suits my vision. But oh no it's not helping me esp. when i am using my computer.

He then prescribed me to use a computer eye drops that i will drop on each eyes everyday and as needed. Gosh he prescribed the Bausch and Lomb one and it's quite expensive (mahal talaga) nag Eye-Mo or Visine nalang sana me hehe). He also advised me to make a conscious effort to blink my eyes so that it will not be stressed so much.

Anyway, he also gave me vitamins for my eyes that i will drink 2x a day.. gosh my eyes are really giving me expenses ha...
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I'm an addict !!

Oh yeah right I am, but not from drugs so I don’t need to be inside a drug rehab and no way I will ever try prohibited drugs bec. I don’t want to ruin my life. What I am saying is that I am an addict about blogging, digiscrapping and digital photography and that keeps me occupied and busy. Life is so much fun to enjoy! It’s fun to have a healthy living so stay away from drugs!

It sucks when you don’t have money, right?

With the holidays coming it is so sad if we will not enjoy it if we will be broke too. And for those people that are so tied up with unnecessary expenses like bills and more it is disheartening at times. Almost all of us are on a tight budget during holidays and some people find it hard to have extra cash.

One of the best solutionsanyone is eyeing is a payday loan offered by companies like They can give instant cash without you being hassled of not being able to get a loan through your banks. And they can fund your checking or saving account fast over the internet. However, there are some criteria before you will be given a cash loan and once approved you can get loans at up to$1,500 securely online. I reckon many have been considering this type of loans to alleviate their cash needs. Check out the site now if you need emergency cash on hand.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I've got a new toy!!

Oh i almost forgot to share this. Anyway, last Monday i went to Quiapo in Manila with a friend to buy my 1st DSLR cam. I asked Wanda, a co-bebot where can i buy DSLR with a good price and she told me that Hidalgo is photographer's haven.

I am so happy to buy this CANON EOS 400D (Rebel Xti) kit with a free 1GB Kingston Compact Flash out of my blogging money as a birthday gift for myself, isn't it great huh? I also got a Lowepro camera bag, extra battery and a SANDISK Extreme III 4GB Compact Memory.

I am still reading the manual about the different settings and all i will just share photos in the future using this cam, right now i am so happy and exciting in tinkering with it.

extra Memory card

Yikes, me and the saleslady are all smiles while buying my cam at Henry's Photoshop
Please excuse my haggard look here i just came from shopping in Quiapo and Divisoria

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Australian Visa was granted !!

Yahoooooo !!! My sister called me up a day before my b-day and she told me that she received a letter from the Australian Embassy there in Sydney that my Sponsored Family Visitor Visa was granted in just one (1) week since they submitted my papers!! Wow that is really a very nice birthday gift that i received.

I called the Australian Embassy here in the Phils. yesterday and arranged a courier pick up to get my passport for visa stamping. And just this afternoon the courier got my passport and the letter and hopefully they will deliver my passport w/ visa already by early next week. Although i have been in the Land Down Under 2x already since 2005, i can't help but to be excited once more bec. i know i will have a grand vacation again.

I have already called my Travel Agency to ask prices of the tickets and flight schedules and i think i will be flying mid January of next year. I am getting excited now and in no time I will get my my old luggage from the storage room again to fill it up with my stuff.

Australia watch out for me hehehehe!!!
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Vacation Tag

Snagged this one from Yenny and i enjoyed answering them

1. When was the last time you went on vacation (where a vacation means time away from work/school and not at home)?

~Last May we went to my dad’s hometown for 3 days together with my relatives who came home from LA.
2. When on vacation, are you more likely to do and see as many things as possible or kick back and watch the world go by?
~When I had my vacation in Australia last 2006, my sis and I see to it that we will go to many places as much as possible. My broinlaw would also ask me where do I want to go and he’d let me experience things and places that I don’t normally do here in Pinas.
3. You’re visiting a new place. Would you rather go shopping or hit the museums?
~ of course SHOPPING! Nothing beats shopping you know haha
4. Where are your favorite vacation spots?
~Queensland in Australia… I had a blast there and soon we will be goin to the Great Barrier Reef .. woooohoo
5. Do you have any vacation-specific fears or worries, like a fear of flying or of forgetting your toothbrush?
~I love vacation but sometimes my tummy won’t cooperate .. so embarrassing lol

Beautifying our homes

I always admire homes that are so neat (especially the kitchen) and well organized. There is nothing more inviting when you have a home that is cozy or welcoming. I’ve been dreaming to have my own house in the future where I can have the full authority to design and decorate. Just one of the places in the house that would like to maintain is the kitchen, they say that you can know how neat a house owner by the way she maintains her kitchen. Am I right?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WORDLESS Wednesday

Saw my niece watching DVD last night and loved her pose.

Happy WW everyone!!
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We all need a holiday

With the Holidays coming in so fast, we all deserve to go on a trip or holiday wherever we want. Christmas is always a perfect time to spend it with our loved ones and nothing can beat that. I have no travel plans this Christmas yet but I know it’ll be a good one since my niece in Sydney will be coming home for a holiday here in Pinas this Dec. and for sure we will be goin out to the mall or other places.

So what about you? Where are you heading these holidays? Going on a cruise, trip to Bahamas, European trip (I dream of this!)? Don’t you know that there are cheap flights to Majorca that you can get at HolidayHypermarket if you want to go to enchanting Majorca in Spain. They offers millions of package holiday bargains, last minute deals, cheap flights and all inclusive holidays to destinations all over the world that any one can choose from. So what are you waiting for contact them now.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My post birthday celebration

Hello peeps how are you all? I have been busy lately since i celebrated my b-day on the 16th. I celebrated my bday with 2 of my friends on my bday itself. See our photos HERE.

My birthday didn't end w/o small celebration together with my family and relatives last Sunday. I had a small lunch at bro's place and you'd be amazed because it is like a children's party , lol!! There were about 30 kids that have attended, children of my bros and cousins. It was fun esp. we had a videoke machine where i got to sing away. The dishes that i have are chicken bbq, spaghetti, stuffed bangus and more.

BTW, i have already chosen a WINNER for my mini-bday contest, you can read it and see who won.

Here are just some pics that i want to share.

the videoke machine that we hired
with my Aunt, Mom , cousins and their kids
yay, look at my guests.. KIDS galore haha
Thanks for peeking guys, have a great week!!

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We never know

As much as we would like to be financially stable but there are times that our financial resources go down the drain and we have no control over it. It is sad to say but there are times we borrow money to our friends or relatives to augment our needs financially. I hate it when a member of a family become so sick so suddenly that there are times we are not prepared with this kind of situation. It is always good if we have savings in the bank but if we don’t have that is where the problem arises.

It’s no surprising that people will apply for personal loans just to have extra cash in a flash.
For those people that have bad credits
on their loans will find it hard sometimes to apply for another one. Loans are a huge responsibility and we need to pay it on time. Anyone who is considering of getting home loans, auto loans, and credits cards should try to read reviews or compare prices and services before getting one. There’s nothing like being informed, we never know when we will need these loans so being informed is a good thing.

And the winner is........

Hello guys, how's your weekend? Mine was so busy till yesterday and i will make a post all about it. As i have promised i will be announcing today the winner on my mini b-day contest that I had since Friday.

First of all i want to THANK YOU all of you (i will not mention each one of you anymore) for your heartwarming birthday greetings for me, it made my birthday oh so special. I was really happy to see all your comments and messages.

So with no further adieu .......

All of your messages are truly heartwarming but when i read Tere's message for me, I was teary eyed (may kurot sa puso ko hehe) so i chose her as the winner..

CONGRATS TERE,!!!!!! give me your paypal addy and i will send you a small token.
Here is Tere's msg:
Happy Happy Birthday Ate Jenny!!! Wow life begins at 40!!!
I pray that you would always be granted with good health, sincerity and friendship from people you meet, peace of mind and heart, joy and happiness in everything that you do and may you offer each day for God's glory! May you be granted more blessings to share to people who need it most as we are often used as instruments to help people. Enjoy each day and the realization that the best things in life are indeed free! We just need to look around and find the precious and little gifts that God has already showered to us but we have just taken for granted. Love and never expect anything in return. Take care ate Jen and live life to the fullest. Remember that life is what we make it. God bless! Happy 40th birthday!!! :)
Again thanks to all of you!!
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Have you been in a cruise?

Holidays are coming and I guess many of us already dream of taking a relaxing trip anywhere together with our family. I know it is a well-deserved vacation since most of us worked the whole year and it is but good to reward ourselves. Many have planning already like a trip to Paris (my dream vacation), trip to Hawaii or even a royal caribbean cruise aboard a cruise ship. I have not experience it yet but I know it will be a great experience to enjoy. Not quite sure when will I ever taste such a soothing trip.

Super Bowl anyone?

I have never been to Super Bowl but for sure those Football fanatics would be dying to see the much awaited Super Bowl 2008 that will be held in Glendale Arizona. I just read that the Superbowl tickets are are very hard to get and they are now being sold and if you are heading there next year, you better grab your tickets now online bec. for sure they’re be selling like hotcakes. It’s always good to be early you know.

Healthy Living

Mommy Yen tagged me wih this one Thanks YEN.

1. What is your definition of ‘healthy eating’?
~I am somewhat conscious now when it comes to eating. I have already been eliminating canned foods in my diet and that will surely help my body. I eat veggies but not that much. As much as possible I refrain from eating too much nuts as I will get zits on my face and fatty foods don’t help me much.

2. Do you exercise on a regular basis? What is your favorite form of exercise? Least favorite?
~ Yay I am guilty I don’t really exercise !! I know that is not good especially I am not getting any younger anymore.

3. Do you take vitamin supplements?
~Oh gosh Nope, I tried but I think my body doesn’t like it!

4. Can you tell that your body is getting older? If so, how?
~Ngek, when I turned in my late 30’s that is when I know I am really getting old. My feet hurt immediately after only an hour of shopping lol. My varicose veins also appeared on my left leg which is so unsightly to see yikes! I also can’t withstand too much cold temperature anymore.

5. Would you call yourself healthy?
~I can say a little bit

I'm tagging LUTCHI, CHIKAI, DIANE, ANA PS and feel free to snag this anytime..

~~BTW I will be announcing the winner later on the day, i still need to finish some opp, hope you understand.~~

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Backgammon Masters Launches Live Customer Support

I personally don’t know how to but I sometimes see it played by my brothers and cousins when they have the time to get together on weekends or if we have family reunions. They had so much fun and I find it interesting but me being not a card player; I guess I have to exert more effort in learning that card game. I’m not sure if they already know that they can already play online at but I will certainly will tell them about it. So far blackjack is the most played online games.

Backgammon Masters allows players to play games at the comfort of their homes; this is much easier than going out to play at the casinos. There’s not much hassle bec. you can enjoy it too with your friends and family. There are many online games aside from blackjack; one of the popular games that they have is Backgammon where online gamers worldwide can play with each other. They also give tips and blackjack basic strategy over at their site.

I just remember Backgammon Masters just recently launched their software which is available in 12 languages and here they are again growing bigger and better with the launching of their Live Support Feature that lets their customer to click the Live Support button in the game lobby. I think this is very useful for the any gamer bec. they can ask help and support immediately when they need it. They can be immediately connected to a live operator or they can answer the questions that will appear in the screens 1st. Either way they are giving the customer their full support. I bet Backgammon Masters will have something great in the future again.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

PHOTOHUNT: I Love............

I love birthdays bec. it's my 40th b-day yesterday and i love celebrating it with 2 of my best friends way back in high school RACE and HELEN.

Last night we went out to dinner at Don Henricos in Sta. Lucia mall and we had a blast. We first strolled the mall and when my feet hurts that's the time we decided to eat lol. Actually we had a hard time where to dine because i was looking for a steak house, we never found one so we ended up eating at Don Henricos. We had an endless chit-chats talking about our highschool life, lovelife and more, the evening is not enough for us.

I love spending time with them bec. i feel loved and comfortable. Love ya guys!! Thanks for making my b-day special!!

with my bestfrend for life RACE

with Helen

Fettucini with white sauce

Buffalo ala chicken

Ceasar's salad w/ chicken breasts

(A bad shot of the restaurant)
I almost forgot to snap of pic of the resto and we are already far when i took this one.

Oh BTW, if you still want to join my b-day raffle you can join HERE. Winner will be announced Monday or Tuesday. Thanks.
Happy Hunting!!!

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I'm back to work

After having a day off yesterday and having a nice dinner over at Don Henricos with friends bec. it was my birthday I am finally back at work. I woke up late this morning bec. I am so tired over last night, when I got to my store, I immediately logged in to see how many have posted over on my mini-bday raffle and I am thrilled to see that there are many who joined. Thanks again. I am still at my lazy-bday mode up to this time but I need to get moving bec. I have lots of opps to finish. There are days that there were none but today I need to stretch myself. There are many things to be done and I still need to accompany a friend probably on Tuesday to help her open a saving accounts instead of checking account at the bank.

Ciao every one and have a great weekend. Oh BTW i will post the b-day pics later today before i go home at night.

It would be nice to receive a jewelry for my b-day

It’s my b-day yesterday and the celebration didn’t stop yet bec. I still have a lunch party being prepared for my relatives tomorrow. It is always nice to celebrate birthdays but this one is special bec. I already hit the big 40. I am proud to say that many don’t think I look like one bec. I look younger at my age.

rat (ctw) Martini Set priced only at $199.

Anyone who wants to give me jewelry gift for my b-day you are more than welcome, I am not that picky hehe. Anyway, my eyes are popping while looking at the gorgeous jewelries at an Online jewelry store that I found. My Jewelry Box have rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, engagement rings and more. Such a perfect treat for my eyes and if I saved enough that is surely a perfect b-day or Christmas gift for myself. Anyone can buy jewelries as low as $100 and up to over $5000, that is of course depending on the carats and craftsmanship.

They also have free Fedex shipping when you bought over &99 worth from their store and aside from that Free Packaging is a plus for their customers. They also have online secure shopping so you will not be afraid to shop at their store. I can say that women loves jewelries and one is never enough for us. Guys would always think of jewelries as a perfect gift for any woman in their lives.

My birthday is not yet over

Yes... you read it right! Eventhough my birthday is yesterday, I am still receiving text messages on my cellphone. I was really happy to get one from my long lost friend way back in college days. It was from my doctor friend Ruth. It was her bday also last Nov. 9.

Anyway, aside from that I will be having a small b-day party here at my brother's place tomorrow (Sunday) where I invited relatives and family. It will be just a small one, actually I don't want to have a party anymore but oh gosh they keep on teasing me to give them a blowout. Right now my sis in laws are cutting the meat and marinading them for tomorrow. I will be making the fruit salad tonight and we will make leche flan too. I will post pictures later... Don't forget to join my mini b-day contest if you want bec. it is still ongoing.

Moving made easy

One of the hardest parts of moving to a new place or house is packing all your things. We especially don’t want to damage all our stuff so we careful put them in boxes or wrap them in papers and other packages. We have experienced that one time and it is actually tiring and the unpacking makes it more difficult. Aside from packing you have to find a reputable moving company that will take care of all your belongings, you don’t want to end up losing them at a hoax company right? Service Network has a network of International Movers- Long Distance Moving Companies in their network where they only accept qualified movers to make sure all your belongings are in safe hands. They have instant online quote over at their site for your reference.

Friendship Award

Oooops I almost forgot to post this award that i got from Yen and JennyR

I just love receiving any kind of awards so keep them coming. I have gained a lot of online friends while blogging to i am very grateful for that. Also remember that you've got a friend in me too.

I'm just a click away.. Thank you!

Compare, decide and Apply

Credit Cards are popularly used these days in many transactions either shopping online or paying your bills and more. It is convenient and very helpful for some users who know how to handle such finances but for some it is evil bec. they just been drowned with too much interest for not paying on time. Don’t be discouraged though it is not that evil, you just need to be responsible and have self control. Just in case you are considering of getting one, try to read this informative Credit Card Search Engine site where you can compare credits cards by brand like Visa, Mastercard etc or by categories. It also helps consumers to think what credit card offers they want to get. It will be helpful for us to be informed 1st.

Thank you very much!!!

Hello guys, first of all i just want to say BIG THANK YOU for all the b-day greetings, poems, saying that you have left on my last post. I am really overwhelmed with that. There are many great msgs. that i have read and one have actually put me into tears ... awwww. If there were no more msgs that be posted till Sunday that will surpass that msg., i think that will be the winner. I will announce it here by Monday or Tuesday so you'll have to watch out. Of course i will be notifying the winner.

BTW, we had a blast last night i had dinner with 2 of my best friends. I ll share pics later once i have uploaded them. Just in case you still want to join my mini b-day contest you can still do so, i would love to receive more greetings, just read the details there ok.

Once again my WARM THANK YOU to all of you!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun Quiz site

Hello guys, it’s my birthday today and don’t forget to join the lil’ raffle I have for today. The details can be found below this post ok. I can't believe I’m already 40 today and what a great blessing it is to be alive today. I was blog hopping this morning and trying to invites friends to join my little fun for my blog when I stumbled upon a quiz site. I love answering memes and quizzes were I can put in my blog. It is sometimes funny to know the result afterwards. Anyway I am sharing you this new fun quiz site that if found and hope you can check out the result. Right now I am checking out and answering the quiz<? and I hope the answer is great bec. it is my b-day today.!!

Let's celebrate !!

Image Hosted by

Yay, I finally turned 40 today and there are many things to be grateful about. I want you to celebrate this special day with me. I've received lot of blessings this year and I want to thank our dear Lord for that.

I have a little raffle or contest today that will run till Sunday the 18th. All you have to do is leave a b-day message or a cute poem for me. I will draw the winner and you will receive a $10 that i will send only through Paypal. It's not that much i know, it's just a little token for celebrating my b-day with me today.

So post your messages away here at the post (not tag board) and it'll make so happy.!! Thanks for all the advance greetings friends!!! I will announce the winner by Tuesday (20th).

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