Saturday, November 24, 2007

I went back to my eye doctor

I went back to my eye doctor yesterday afternoon at round 5 pm bec. i am having a hard time using my eyeglasses that he prescribed to me since Sept. He checked on my eyes again and measured my specs but he said it was ok and he said the glasses just suits my vision. But oh no it's not helping me esp. when i am using my computer.

He then prescribed me to use a computer eye drops that i will drop on each eyes everyday and as needed. Gosh he prescribed the Bausch and Lomb one and it's quite expensive (mahal talaga) nag Eye-Mo or Visine nalang sana me hehe). He also advised me to make a conscious effort to blink my eyes so that it will not be stressed so much.

Anyway, he also gave me vitamins for my eyes that i will drink 2x a day.. gosh my eyes are really giving me expenses ha...
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  1. talaga bes may computer eye drops pala and may vitamins pa ang eyes mo, parang baby mo na 'yan ah!

  2. oo nga Bes maarte itong mata ko ang mahal pa ng nireseta oo


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