Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Songs of Praise in the Church

I am very proud of my friend who is a very dedicated Christian. She and her family are so faithful in their faith and church and they will never trade their faith for any worldly riches in the world. They have dedicated their lives in serving the Lord and will continue to do so. The songs of praises to the Lord are heard during their weekly church servings in their humble church. Complete with sound system along with drums, piano and guitars their church is filled with music and praises all the time. I'm sure they are always looking for the musical products that they can use in the church and studio 10 from musicians friend will be a good option for them.

I also had the chance to attend one of their worship during the baptismal or dedication as what they call it of my godchild and their service is not ordinary one. There are a lot of singing, praises and testimonials. Like any other churches, their mass is sacred and solemn.

Up to now, they are still singing songs of praises for the Lord during their Sunday services while they have Bible studies every Wednesday. Children are also involved for they have Bible study for children and musical ministry that they are enjoying.

The Joys of a Family

Last Christmas was the best holiday we have ever had as a family for we are complete. Wish my dad is still alive so that he witnessed how big and grown up his grandchildren now. He only was able to see 2 grandchildren that time in 1989 and now they are 11 all-in-all. Some have works already while the youngest is 9 years old.

My siblings with their family came home from Sydney and Riyadh  for our grand reunion last December and we all had a grand time. We've been to many places for our vacay, dining out and even shopping. The memories are priceless!

They are all back in their second home but last week, my niece and my sister w/ hubby came home for another quick vacation. It was so short that wish we could spend more time with them again. I hope they will be back this Christmas once again or if not another 2 years again.

I am wishing that all families are enjoying their time together for the memories and bonding times, like what I have said are priceless.

Monday, March 17, 2014

In Search of a Nice Acoustic Guitar

My niece is taking up Bachelor of Entertainment Management degree at AIM (Australian Institute of Music) in Sydney. This course can let students combine business management education with a creative focus and since she is into it, she might as well learn how to play some musical instruments.

While she took a short vacation here last week, we end up stopping by a music store to find for the perfect acoustic guitar that can sound great with amps like bugera v5 and the likes. She tried several guitars but end up buying nothing at that store for she wants a quality one. I guess she might just look for one in Sydney but for sure the price is so incredibly high compared here.

I'm just wishing her good luck in her course since she only started this year. She told me that it is tough but if she really wants to excel and finish that course, she needs to study very hard and be good at it.

Slow Work

Ahhh.. ... this 1st quarter of the year is kinda tough for me... Didn't have a lot of work since January unlike last the last quarter of 2013 . I'm just hoping and praying that it will peak up once again very soon as I need to save for some monthly expenses.

This is the 1st time that I feel like I'm on bottom so much that I need to think of some other ways to earn. I love my work online but the Google updates and some other advertiser's requirements, it seems that  my blogs are tailing at the bottom.

I'm not losing hope and I know I can make it big again because I need to.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guitar Playing Dog Toy Poodle Mocha

I can't help but to smile when I saw this cute toy poodle dog playing with her "daddy"on the guitar. Mocha, seems to really have an ear for music and the guitar because she knows when to strum the string! Goodness, I will not wonder if one day she will also tinker with reverb effects and sing with

Watch this cute video and for sure it will also make your day. How'd I wish my own dog Sophie will do the same. I might have to introduce my dog to music and musical instruments to be like Mocha.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Family Reunion and Jamming with the Band

It's already 2 years in a row when our clan (mother side) had a reunion. It's certainly not an easy task to reunite all your relatives so I salute my mom's cousin for organizing our reunion. Each family has our own color theme so we can recognize easily on what family you belong. The fun started at around 11:00 am with the registration started at 10 am. My family came around 11:30 with food contribution and raffle prize.

To tell you the truth, I really don;t know each and everyone on our clan. It's ceratin that I might have seen them on the street or grocery not knowing they are my relative already. We have abig clan anyway that is why we can't know each and every single one.

The reunion started with a prayer and right after that the introduction per family. My mom's siblings and their families are present to represent our clan. There are games, raffles and surprise numbers and I have to say that we have a good bunch of relatives with good talents.

Some can dance while many can really sing. In fact, they even jammed with the band that we hired for the occasion. The sound system was also loud and clear so we had hired one of the best musicians that we have on our area. I bet they can also get heath and allen gl2400 at guitar center if they want to upgrade their instruments.

Since the reunion is successful, our next reunion will be on May 2016. Can't wait for it!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Creativity in Kids

Every child has its own liking and passion and parents or their guardian should always be ready to support and lend them a hand when they need it.

Every child wants to explore everything in their surrounding and that is the way they also learn. If you see your child always looking for paper, crayons or pens, always make them available. Kids love to draw, doodle and make a mess in the paper. Cut and paste, making all sorts of creations that can their feelings of emotions.This is their way to show their creativity and who knows one day, they will love painting or visual creativity.

Some kids love to sing and dance to express themselves. You can never turn away a child whose passion runs in music for they will eventually end up with music in the end. Getting them to join a music class or perhaps a neighborhood band or something can make them more confident. There are also a lot of instruments you can buy online like floyd rose special at guitar center ift hey need it for their practice or performance.

Local Artists' Controversies

Lately a lot of local artists are having a lot of controversies.. Nothing new with it I guess. They are on public eye and media is sometimes hyping up the issue so they will have more viewers or readers.

For many of us who loves to read and hear stories of celebs, it's always sad to know that some artists who have good image will be caught in a not so nice issues. People or their fans look up to them all the time and the mere fact that they are a public figure they should be careful in everything that they do. But, who can blame them anyone? They are humans and they commit mistakes too.

Another very intriguing and hot issue today is the alleged rape case filed by Deniece Cornejo to Vhong Navarro (actor/comedian). I am following the case as it unfolds and every now and then they are on the news. The evidences are very vital and those will help the case. I know that whoever is saying a lie will regret all the actions they have done.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hard to Find Items Online

I'm slowly getting back to work after the long holiday with my family. Our Christmas and New Year celebrations are super fun and memorable because we are complete as a family on 2013. Now that my siblings who lives overseas are back to their own routine, I'm working again and at the same time looking for great finds online since my work requires me to be online all the time.

Summer is coming very soon here in our part of the world so I see it as an opportunity once again to do our yearly home improvements and repairs before rainy seasons begins in the middle of the year. I always pass by home depot stores hoping to find unique pieces for our home as I'm planning to give our living room a mini-make over. It's always refreshing to see some new items like furniture or decor in the house. Hard to find items online is a great place to find items that sometimes we don't normally find at our local stores and it's a good alternative place to shop.

If I delegated January 2014 as shopping freeze month for myself, I can't wait for Feb to come for I can shop once

Happy New Year!

Wow.. it's a brand new year for all of us and I hope you are all having a great start!

My holidays are very hectic and so fun because my 2 siblings came home for the holidays this year making our family complete. I have to say that Holiday 2013 is by far our happiest one for our family bonding is awesome. Words are not enough to express the happiness that we all had.

This year, I'm hoping for more adventures, good health, more blessings and love.