Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

Wow can't believe it's 2007 already !!! How time flies so fast..

Our New year's eve was so fun. I'll make another post for that when the photos are already available..

Sis from Australia called on the phone on New year's day and we were able to talk to mom and we could not believe it, she wanted to go home already. She could not wait to go home from her Christmas vacation so my mom's flight back home is already on Sat. the 6th, where in fact she was only there last Dec. 13.

New Year's day was a lazy lazy day..arghh i ate lunch at bros house, while most of them went to a friend's house to eat at the bday lunch. I din't open my shop that day, just browse a bit online, made some designing and oh boy i was so sleepy due to new years eve celebration. Went home and just watched tv endlessly , watching the news etcc.

Today, i cleaned my shop a bit, removed all the Christmas decorations already even if 3 Kings celebration is not finished yet. Most of the business stores are all open while schools will be opened by tomorrow.

And with the start of the year, i have this new blog at blogspot. Happy happy New Year everyone!!!

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