Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Never Get Lost Again

My bro and a helper was asked by my mom to run an errand for her in Manila. Bro was confident he knows the direction for he said he went there once. It should only take them around 3 hrs. from our home but funny thing is that it took them about nearly 5 hours and we’ve been calling  bro on the phone if he finally arrived in their destination.

My irked bro told us that they are lost and wished that they one of those magellan gps just like my sis her on their car so that they will never be lost again.  The thing is my bro hates to ask directions from people and no wonder he was lost. Poor bro, got tired and been in circles just because he doesn’t like to ask for help. lol

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Follow Your Dreams and Aspirations

I know we all have our own dreams and aspirations in life. There are times it’s pretty hard to achieve them but when we set our goals and we focus on what we really want to become, then I guess nothing is really impossible.

If you love cosmetology, hair styling and other ways making yourself or others beautiful, then you can always enroll in a beauty school to get more knowledge and hone your skills. In the US,, a Cosmetology school has been accepting students who wanted to become skilled at this industry. They are one of the leading cosmetology school having been in the business for 50 years already and is continuously expanding.


Safe Water to Drink

Mom is sickly lately and of course we are so worried about it since she's also in her late 70's. We are also making sure that she eats more fruits and vegetables and less of meat and fats. Actually, she herself wanted to eat healthy and to refrain from eating meat as much as possible.

Lately, her bowel movement is not also good so we decided to just buy her mineral waters in the grocery to be sure it's much safer than the water we are drinking now. We are not really sure about the quality of the water these days so we need to be extra careful and just buy her bottled water.

I'm also so worried about that stains that water in our faucets are leaving in pots, in the bathroom and other places and I think it is due to high calcium or other minerals in the water if I'm not mistaken. I heard from a friend that a water softener
can reduce those minerals in water.