Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Aware of What Medicine You are Taking

Most of the times we take medicines to alleviate the pain that we are having but little did we know that some medicines can harm us as well even if it is prescribed to us by out doctors. That’s the sad part because there are medicines that have severe side effects and we don’t know that.

Topamax, which is known to cure epilepsy, convulsion and even migraines have side effects especially when taken when you’re pregnant. You need to seek help and file Topamax lawsuit
if you found out that your baby was born with birth defect (cleft lip and palate) due to this drug. There are known cases so you need to consult and even get compensation for the damage it has brought you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day of Mourning

This is a sad day for the families of the 3 Pinoys that are executed in China today. Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth were sentenced to death this morning via lethal injection in China due to drug trafficking. What they did is really unacceptable and really punishable by law but as they say they've been a victim. Despite the efforts of the government to appeal at Chinese government, the execution still pushed through.

I was watching a local TV news this noon when they reported that Vice-President Jejomar Binay announced that the execution already happened. I'm offering my simple prayers for the soul of the 3 Pinoys.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Conversation with a 7 yr-old

I had a very funny conversation with my 7-year old niece a couple of days ago and here's some of our talks.

Me: Reign, what do you want to be when you grow up

Reign: "Tita, gusto kong maging designer" (Aunt Jen, I want to be a designer (clothes)

Me: Oh, ic, you're good at it anyway because you can draw and design beautiful clothes. Don't you like to be a doctor that can treat kids or a nurse and wear one of those nursing uniforms and work in a hospital?

Reign: Yay, yoko (Opps, No!)

Me: Why not?

Reign: Takot ako sa dugo "I'm afraid of blood".

My niece is really afraid of needles and blood, she even screams and hides every time she sees blood on TV or movie. I hope she can outgrow this fear and who knows she might even become a doctor or a nurse someday.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dad's Birthday and Earth Hour

Today is my dad's birthday and I just wished he's still here with us. We're having a simple lunch with our family tomorrow. Actually, I've already marinated the chicken satay, pork liempo and fish that we'll be grilling for lunch. My niece and I also made the fruit salad a while ago as our dessert. Here's my fruit salad recipe if you want to see.

It's also Earth Hour today. Actually, I forgot all about it! I just read the tweet of my friend 30 mins. after the Earth Hour started. Eventhough we're already late, I still closed all the lights at home but keep the TV and my laptop open.

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Summertime

Oh dear, it's summer already in our neck of the woods. It is evident because the temperature already ranges from 34C and up most especially in the afternoon. You can't go out of he house without your sunnies, umbrella or your hat because the scorching heat of the sun can burn your skin immediately. The consolation that we can get when it's sunny is that our laundry will dry very easily hehe.

Soon, classes will end already for many, though many of the students in some schools already had their summer break. Now, I'm hearing my nephews asking their parents to buy them buy ps3 games and to enroll them at summer classes. I guess my nephews and nieces in elementary and highschool still has a week in school before they will finally settle at home.

I just hope this summer will not be too humid, which I bet will be.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Digi-Scrapping, Work, and Health Stuff

Whoa, it's Wednesday once again and in no time it'll be weekend once again. Here's an update on my scrapping, work and health lately.

Digital Scrapbooking
I had a full week of free time last week so I took the chance to finish the digital scrapbooking kit that started in February. I finished it last week and since yesterday, I've been making quickpages and templates out of this kit. Actually, it's a Mother's Day kit that I'll enter at Artscow's competition in the next week. I hope I can win again so I can buy more CU elements that I can use and I have extra money for the things that I want to buy.

Last week was pretty slow for me and my other blogger friends and I could hear some of them complaining. I know they need the work and money because they all have family and kids that's why they want some work so badly.

Today, I was happy to see a notification from paypal that some money entered in myaccount. After 6 months or so, a company that owed me a good some of money paid me today eventhough the payment is not full. Yey, for that!

I feel much better these couple of days for I have finished drinking all my medicines. I'm eating healthier now. I try to cook veggies all the time and try to include TOFU or tokwa all the time in my dishes as this is one of the best calcium supplement that we can take naturally. It's delicious and very healthy too. My mom is also buying me bananas as I got low potassium levels in my blood lately that resulted in my dizziness and muscle weakness about a week ago.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Outside my window…it's already so dark. The wind is blowing gently and a little bit cool.

I am thinking… of finishing the digital scrapbooking kit that I'm making. I also need to sleep a little bit late tonight as I'll wait for the e-mail of my sister overseas.

I am thankful for…all the work blessings and for health that seems to be becoming stable.

From the kitchen…I just finished re-heating the Pork with Green Beans that I cooked for lunch today. At first, it tastes bad but when I added some sugar, it became a lot better.

I am wearing…my very duster and a pajama because the mosquitoes are biting me already. :(

I am going…to watch the news later after my dinner. I'm following the developments on the Japan earthquake and tsunami crisis.

I am hoping…that there'll be no more aftershocks that will happen in Japan. Also, I'm hoping that there'll be no more rally in Saudi as my sister and BIL are the

I am hearing…that there's no immediate threat of radiation will happen here in the Philippines.

Around the house…my mom and I are watching a local TV show (Willing Willie) that make our night more fun.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'll be going to the salon this Sunday because I failed to have my hair colored last week because I feel sick.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Prayers for Japan

Oh dear, it's so sad to hear about the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami news that had happened in Japan last week. The images and videos of the disaster give me goosebumps and it looks so unreal but it really happened.

I have a friend who is in vacation and and a cousin working there in Japan and we're happy to know that they are safe. My cousin said that he is traumatized by that event and he taught that it was already the end of the world. I also learned from them that almost everyday, there are many aftershocks.

I'm praying that there'll be no more tsunami that will come and no more lives will be lost. Let's all give our small prayers for Japan and for the souls of all those who perished in this mishap.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oh dear, after having diagnosed with some antral erosion or simply slight injuries on my stomach almost 2 weeks ago, I asked my brother to rushed me to the hospital Thursday night because I felt I could not breathe and I'm chilling. I'm on medication and I had a full day of rest yesterday.

I feel a little bit weak and how'd I wish I got flowers from Baltimore flower delivery and for sure it'll make my day. I saw the site of ProFlowers and they have enormous selection of flowers that we can send to anyone. Anyway, even though I didn't get any (flowers), few of my friends texted me that they are wishing me well and that alone made me happy and feel loved.

Today, I feel fine and had done tons of house works. I also need to work on some of my online duties so even though I wanted to take more rest and have a break from opening my laptop, still I need to do that. I pray to God that I'll feel very well soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling Sluggish and Achy

Oh dear, I've been having a bad headache since Sunday. I also noticed that my hands are getting numbed for some reason and I'm, guessing it's must be due to the medicine that I'm taking. I'm getting scared about it and it looks like the medicine has some side effects.

I didn't take the medicine today and I didn't have a headache but the numbness in my hands are still there. I called my doctor and her secretary told me to just come to the clinic so I can discuss it to my doctor properly.

I'm also feeling sluggish most of the day and I can't perform in my work well. Oh dear, the burden of getting sick. I hope my doc will change my medicine the next time I see her.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Too Many Cables/Cords

It's my turn today to be at our net cafe. As usual, I had the time to check on our computers if they have some problems. I'm the one in charge to troubleshoot our pc while my SIL will take care of the cleaning and some other stuff.

Today, my SIL told me that one of our computers already needs to be reformatted, so I have to do it. I reformatted the pc in a swift but I have troubles connecting it to the internet. I troubleshoot the connections but still the same. I called my technician friend over the phone and asked what is the possible reason and it turned out that I failed to install the LAN driver that's why it's not connecting
to the internet. Now I know what to do next time just in case I encounter the same problem.

I also noticed that the cable wires and other cords of the computers, monitors and other gadgets are an eye sore. I think I need to buy them a cable cover that can hold them altogether and it will be organized. Sometimes, I tend to forget or disregard little things such as this.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Coca-Cola Happiness Truck Philippines

This video was shared by a friend in her blog and when I saw it, it definitely made me smile. Watch how this Coca-cola truck brings happiness to many people after they got their respective gifts. They went to places and experimented if someone will hit the PUSH button on their truck and indeed someone (actually many) did and got a surprise. What a clever idea from Coca-Cola company.

Look at the smile of of the people when they got bottles of coke, flowers, toys, stuff toys, chair, frisbee, fishing rod, guitar, even pork lechon and lots more! How'd I wish they can also give away iphone, ipads and cellphones and come here in our place because it will be awesome!

I'm not a Coke drinker anymore but Coke will still remain in many Pinoy's table. Watch out Coca-Cola truck might come to your place!

Saving Money on the Internet can be Fun

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Special offers and incentives can be found at various deal websites such as Slick Deals and Fat Wallet. These consumers post the many deals they come across while surfing the Internet for goods. You can get the best prices and even try to cash in on price mistakes and quickly updated deals. The websites are usually forum-based and can list thousands of items at the same time. They have codes posted as well to knock money off of items and the information to replicate deals that may involve quite a bit of running around and submission of rebates.

No matter what method you choose, you can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year on the things you plan to buy anyway, so do your homework and look for the best price you can, it may only take you a few minutes, but that time would not be wasted if you saved a few bucks in the process.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

There's So Much to beThankful For

It's the 1st Sunday of the month and unfortunately, I wasn't able to hear the homily of the mass because I was late. It seems that church hours in our local parish changed for some reason and it's been 2 weeks now that I noticed it always start at 9:45 instead of 10 am. Anyway, I really should move fast and prepare myself early for church.

Sophie's injection
Before lunch time, I went to the vet because it's the rabies injection appointment of my dog Sophie. She was behaved and didn't even cry when she was injected. She's just a little sad and maybe not feeling good come night time as I saw her lying on her cage.

My Appetite is Back
We went home after lunch time and I took a nap. I woke up so hungry and with a headache so I asked my niece and brother to buy some afternoon snack. Oh boy, I was craving for Mang Inasal chicken so I asked them to buy one for me and pizzas for them. Wow, my appetite is really back! Before, I don't eat snack at times but lately after consulting the doctor bec. of my digestion problems, I can't skip any snack anymore as I'm always hungry. Chicken and rice for snack and I still ate our dinner. Wow that is amazing! I hope I can gain my lost weight back.

Canon Ixus is Here
I'm really a cam whore and now that I have a new p/s digi cam, I took pictures non-stop once again.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wet Summer

Wow, it's March already and it only means that school classes will end soon for students and it's gonna be summer already!

I already heard that we'll have a wet summer since the weather bureau already announced that we'll have the La Nina phenomenon. With that news, we'll be expecting to rain during summer days and it's kinda good and bad. Good, as it can lessen the humidity and heat that we've been experiencing every summer time and Bad because, summer means the time to go on vacations and it's not fun when it's always raining.

Anyway, I just hope that this summer it's not going to be that bad and hoping that we'll have the time and money to go out of town or just have a picnic anywhere.

On Medication

Yes, I'm back! Not that I'm gone for too long but I'm happy that some of my worries are gone already. Thanks to my friends and family who supported and encouraged me to see the doctor asap as I'm having troubles with my digestion.

I guess you have read that I'm afraid to consult a doctor but finally I did it last week and I underwent some few medical procedures last Monday. The results where impressive but my doctor assured me that nothing is so serious about it. She just gave me medications for 2 weeks and gave me lots of pointers on what to do. I have some food restrictions at the meantime until I feel well.

I'm on medication right now for 2 weeks and I'll be back to my doctor for follow up check up. I'm very positive that I'll be very fine after that and will go back to normal already. Thank God!

Paper Works

I'll be working on some paper works soon and I hope I will not be hard headed again when it comes to paper works. I just need to apply at PhilHealth since it can save me more when I get hospitalized or need some medical assistance. I regret not having one because this Monday I went under couple of medical procedures and it almost break my wallet for I need to pay it cash and in full. As of now, I still don't have medicare, philhealth and other health insurance that can cover my medical expenses so I have to get mine asap.

I have an SSS acct. and paying regularly hopefully it can also help me in the future when I need it just like the social security disability in the US. Oh dear, I'm really mad about myself for not getting one before because I'm too lazy to go to the office to file. Anyway, I know I still can get one though.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Person with Disabilities

So I was at the hospital yesterday with SIL. I'll just share the story about what happened with my tests on another post. Anyway, I could see lots of patients coming in and out of the hospital and it's always sad to see people suffering from their disease or ailments. Some are having a hard time to walk, while others are in pain and some are in wheelchair.

It's also very touching to see disabled people trying to live normal as possible. Good thing is that there are signs everywhere that we should give seats for disabled person on a public transport or anywhere. There are also pathways for wheelchairs, plus I heard recently that public swimming pools in the US need to have pool lifts for it is already required under the American Disabilities Act. I reckon this is a good act so that disabled people will have more privileges in life.