Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oh dear, after having diagnosed with some antral erosion or simply slight injuries on my stomach almost 2 weeks ago, I asked my brother to rushed me to the hospital Thursday night because I felt I could not breathe and I'm chilling. I'm on medication and I had a full day of rest yesterday.

I feel a little bit weak and how'd I wish I got flowers from Baltimore flower delivery and for sure it'll make my day. I saw the site of ProFlowers and they have enormous selection of flowers that we can send to anyone. Anyway, even though I didn't get any (flowers), few of my friends texted me that they are wishing me well and that alone made me happy and feel loved.

Today, I feel fine and had done tons of house works. I also need to work on some of my online duties so even though I wanted to take more rest and have a break from opening my laptop, still I need to do that. I pray to God that I'll feel very well soon.

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