Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grand Bebots/Twitter Friends EB at Astoria

I had a grand time with my Digi-scrapper (Bebots) /twitter friends last Friday (Feb. 19th) when we all got together at Astoria Plaza in Ortigas. 2 of my friends GLO and TRIN came home from the US for their vacation and they hosted our get together. It was fun and riot indeed.

Just imagine 21 girls chit-chatting all together and what do you think will be the outcome? Noisy but fun! We also had games and raffle that bring the house down. We all got excited to know what we got as a price. I got a box of lip gloss while others got branded bags and cosmetics.
(L-R) Top: Jacqui, Mich, Trin, Joy, Glo, Thea, Peach, Alpha, Jody, Kaje, Abie, Zanne, Aggie
(l-R) bottom: Buge, Diane, Toni, Abie C, Mai, Jen, Rache
Some left a bit late on the evening while most of us stayed because they brought along their husbands and kids in their rooms. I slept at 2:30 am with Zanne, Diane, Buge and Glo.

It’s Time To Get a New One

One of the house chores that I hate the most aside from ironing clothes is doing the laundry. I remember way back in the days where washing machine is not existent, washing clothes can take us about a whole day or so depending on the load. Clothes will we washed manually by hand, and then rinse off with water a few times to take all the detergent and then will be wringed before putting in the clothes line to dry. Bed sheets are even a struggle to squeeze and hand without help. The clothes then need to be in direct sunlight to avoid getting the not properly dried smell and to make drying a little bit faster.

Washing machines are indeed heaven sent, one of the good household appliance invention that is making our lives easier when it comes to doing the laundry. Though most of the times we use washing machines with drier, delicate clothes are usually washed by hand.

Our present washing machine is about 3 years old already and funny thing is that it gives out funny squeaky sound when in use. I bet it’s already struggling and soon to be breaking down but it served as real well. I guess I need to look for a replacement soon and I can do that online without a sweat.

Do you still remember the feeling when you walk down the aisle and saying your vows?

For those that are already married, do you still remember the feeling when you walk down the aisle and saying your vows? I know you are excited and nervous as well. Some maybe calm and focused while some are so nervous and can’t describe the feeling. Weddings are sacred and special and I can’t blame couples who want nothing but the best for their special day.

Have you imagine yourself tying the knot witnessed by your loved ones in the church or destination weddings? Weddings offered by Karisma in Mexico beachfront setting is for sure an awesome place but wherever place you decide to join union what is more important is that love is overflowing in your hearts when you say “i do” to your life partner.

Still Zzzzzleepy

Came home 3:30 am this morning from an affair last night. It was our high school's 50th golden alumni last night and all batches are there from year '64 till batch 2009. The affair was grand and so much fun. I am so lucky to have attended it with my friends and classmates.

Now I am still sleepy but need to get up to work again. I'll be looking forward for more gatherings soon. Life is too short not to attend affairs.

Thanks for the Blessings

Thanking God for all the blessings I've been receiving and hoping He'll not get tired doing so in the future.

I got some this morning when I opened my e-mail and I almost jump on my seat. I know I also work hard for it so I am more inspired to blog. I must say that what I'm doing is easy and hard at the same time. You just have to be patient and work extra hard.

Anyway, just thanking the Lord today and every minute!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yay! Crazy Heat

Yay, I can feel that it's going to be another hot and humid day ahead!!

I reckon it's already 30-34C outside and if you're out in the sun for sure you'll be burned and you'll be sticky and smelly anytime soon.. lol It's summer now, there's no doubt about it. There's even an El Niño, drought has struck many of the provinces and farmers already made some water pumps to replenish water in the fields.

It's only February and the real summer months are still coming so for sure, it'll be more hotter. We need to keep drinking water to keep us hydrated. Keep cool everyone!

I'm the Root Chakra

You are down to earth and stable. You are aware and alert in all aspects in your life.
You are compassionate and connected to other people. You enjoy spending time with others.
You are comfortable with your body and very agile. You are coordinated, if not athletic.
You take good care of your health and your body. You enjoy being physically active and eating healthy foods.

Potter's Paradise

Having a hobby is always enjoyable, not only it can keep you occupied but it can relieve what ever stress you are having from work, personal or from your family. It’s like a stress buster if I can say. I do have hobbies if you want to ask, I love making crafts (cross-stitch etc) but recently got hooked on digital photography and scrapping.

For some pottery making can be a joyous thing to do on their spare time or as a business. Forming a vase or a pot on your pottery wheel clay can release their creative minds. Just like any hobby, it needs patience and love for the art or else you’ll end up giving it up.

Pottery is also a nice way to bond with your family, kids can join seminars or training where they can be thought how to make. Who knows they might love it and it’ll be a start of a whole new hobby or business for your family. Check out Amaco/Brent for supplies and other stuff.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adult and Singles Vacation

Summer is here in our side and oh gosh it’s hot as usual. I always think of going to the beach with my friends or even my family for a quick vacation to unwind a little. I know that I’ve been out with my friends last weekend but we just stayed in a hotel and had a good laugh and good food. This time I want to go out and feel the heat of the sun while soaking in the pool or perhaps in a beach and I heard that there’s even an adult resorts where anyone can enjoy and just have fun.

Who says that we should only enjoy vacations with our family or with kids in tow, singles and adults can have fun as well. There are various adult vacations and singles vacation packages being offered by Hedonism Resorts. Just take your time browsing the site and the resorts that they have in Jamaica and for sure you’ll have the best vacation ever.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Business VoIP for Small Business

If you own a small business, chances are you’re veer away from the traditional telephone because VoIP systems are getting affordable these days. With VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), all your communications such as phone calls, e-mail, conferences and more are squeezed into one system thereby reducing your monthly phone costs.

Just one of the companies offering secured business voip for small scale business is Vocalocity. With their easy to set up VoIP system, affordable and feature- rich VoIP system business owners can readily benefit from it since all your communications will be just in one phone using the internet.

Some of the benefits using Vocalocity VoIP solution are: low-cost, scalable, feature-rich (500 features), hosted PBX, unlimited calling and more. At Vocalocity, small business owners have many pricing and plans to choose from that will suit the company’s needs of VoIP communications.

Just recently they offered the Voicemail Transcription Service for small business that can convert voice messages into an email for more accessibility. That only means that Vocalocity is expanding their services even more to serve their clients more. You can reach them at 877-VOCALOCITY or at their website for inquiries and more detailed information. You can even request a custom Vocalocity quote via their site.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Hey all, it's a hot and humid Thursday in our part of the world and I'm kinda pre-occupied with some offline works. I was able to give Sophie, my shitzhu dog a bath and then after I cooked sweet and sour pork for my lunch. My daily routine is different these days as I get to spend the whole morning till after lunch at the house. I was able to practice my cooking skills again and that is a good sign.

After lunch I went straight to the grocery to get some supplies and to get some ingredients for the salad that I will be making on Saturday. It's Thursday today so I also need to go to my net cafe since my SIL is working today, not that she is into energy auditor training but she is working as an auditor for a neighborhood cooperative.

Later on I need to run go to the next town to purchase a delicacy that I will be bringing tomorrow for our grand Bebots' EB. I also need to finish some more works and I'll be ok then. I can't wait to go out on Friday and Saturday and meet my online friends once again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things to Look Forward

It's a busy February for me here. Online work is doing good while my net cafe is picking up slowly because the school year will end once again. During the end of school year, there are more students who are using the computer and net for their projects to be submitted to their teachers to get a clearance. That only means that net rentals as well as printing jobs will be ok again. After that my net cafe is going to be slow once again.

Anyway, here are some few things that I'm looking forward to:
1. Our digi-scrapping (Bebots) grand EB on Friday
2. Jollibee Party hosted by Glo and Trin still with the Bebots and their family
3. Our highschool Alma Mater's Golden Jubilee on Feb. 26.
4. Graduation from elementary of my nephew Dither who is always joked upn bec. he is too small for his age. I guess he needs some hgh, hehe because he is still mistaken for a grade 3 student. :(
5. Graduation from pre-school of Reign
6. Balikbayan of my auntie and uncle for LA
7, Meeting my college friends

Yay.. I can't wait!!

Upcoming Bebots' EB

Wow, everyone is excited because It'll be our grand EB on Friday. 2 of our friends Glo and Trin came home from the US for their vacation and we'll be meeting them at a hotel. Just in case you didn't know what is an EB, it's an eyeball. The term that is coined when you are meeting someone. We are actually group of digital scrappers who met online in a digiscrappers forum way back in 2007 and we all became friends.

We already had our first EB in 2007, and our 2nd EB in 2009 and on Friday will be our 3rd. The 1st EB was fun but of course we are a bit somewhat reserved as we don't know much about each other. Now that 3 years have passed, we have bonded more online and offline, for sure it will be a blast. I can already hear the loud voices and endless chit-chats to each other. For sure there'll be personal and private talks once again and other topics under the sun. I will not wonder if we'll talk about hgh supplements this time. All I know that it will be another fun, riot and wacky grand EB.

If all will come on Friday, we'll be about 20 people and that is enough to bring the house See you guys soon. I'm excited already!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Sistah!!

Happy Happy birthday sis Beng!!
It's her birthday today (Feb. 13th)and i guess it would be nice it it falls on the 14th. Anyway, I'm not sure where are you going to celebrate it because we don't have that communication lately but for sure you'll dine out with your family there in Riyadh.

I just wish you all the best and good health, I know you are still looking for a quick weight loss, I know you have tried lots from tea, pills and more but just like what we are saying always you gotta exercise lol. Have a great birthday sister!

When It Rains It Pours

Last night I saw a friend tweets about about the work blessings she got and I'm so happy for her. Not long enough I received my blessings too and that keeps me awake till past 12 midnight. I have to get my brain and fingers working again so that I can do all of them before deadline. It doesn't happen all the time so I need to strike while the iron is hot like they say.

I always thank the Lord for giving me and my friends blessings because that really helps a lot. I know I will be staying more at nights to extend my work and I hope that my wrinkles will not be too visible or else I have no choice but to get the best wrinkle cream in the market today. I'm also worried about my eyebags because they are appearing lately.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Envy Food Lovers

My family says that I only have a simple taste when it comes to food and I must admit that I am not that adventurous when it comes to eating. I envy those people who have fervent desire to try on new menu whether local or foreign. I don’t know but I’m not that excited in trying out something new most often although I also drool over certain foods and deserts at times. I reckon I’m not blessed with good appetite which is also a good thing bec. I can’t consider myself big.

I remember we went on an eat all you can lunch at Cabalen resto last month and while they are feasting, I found myself just picking some viands on my plate. I’m just trying to make myself eat more but my stomach must be so small that it can’t accommodate lots of food. Hahaha. Same story goes when we always dine out in Sydney. My plate usually ends up not empty and I have to excuse myself for that but take a look at that mouth watering chicken (photo) that is an exemption, I finished that, must be bec. I’m really hungry.

How’d I wish I am such a happy eater because I envy those who are. I reckon it’s also nice to dine in other key cities in the world. Food lovers will be happy to note that they can easily pick and book the best fine dining London restauants online. Nothing can beat eating in style and having exquisite food.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Looks Like Everyone is Going To Hongkong

~My family inside Hongkong Disneyland ~

Looks like all the Bebots' (my co-digiscrappers) are going to Hongkong lately. Thea went there in October and this January with her family, then followed by my family in December. We just stayed in a hostel but how'd we wish we stayed at one of those
downtown disney hotels, for sure its great.

This month Litz, Dzoi and Mich's family went there as well to have their kids enjoy Hongkong Disneyland. In June another Bebot will be flying there and this time it's Kathy's family. I think Aggie is also planning and who knows other Bebot's will go there too bec. it's fun eventhough it's a bit expensive to travel esp. with kids in tow.

Just in case you have not been to Hongkong, you better go there now bec. there are lots of fun places to go!

Of Shopping, Blogging and more..

My twitter account is busy as ever again. Everyday I can read my friends talking about their Hongkogn vacation and of course shopping. I love my twittermates, I can learn a lot of things from them. We all share tips about anything whether personal, shopping, blogging, earning extra, business and more. Who knows we might be talking about how to buy gold bullion as well. At least we know now that where to get them or sell them.

I am just so thankful that i found some online friends who are so generous enough to share their thoughts, tips and experiences. I can’t wait to see them on the 19th of this month as we are all getting together once again for an EB (eyeball). This for sure will be a blast. I will share stories soon.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Animator vs. Animation

A friend of mine shared this great animation thru e-mail and I was wowed and admired the maker of it in Deviantart. Just in case you have not seen this just click the image above, click the play and leave your mouse and just watch.

Hormones Tumbling Here and There

Oh yeah, it's the time of the month once again when my hormones are tumbling here and there. I know ladies can relate to me. Another 3-4 days of feeling crappy,bloated, emotional and difficult etc etc.

I was not feeling good early this morning but I need to got to my net cafe this afternoon that is why I decided to drink my Mefenamic acid already so that I will not feel the pain. My pain threshold is not good today so I needed that. I'm glad that I'm quite ok now but still feels lazy to to the resumes that I will type and the layout for my customer. I am just one lazy person today but I'm dragging myself to work.

Skecher Shape Ups: Shape Up While You Walk

Poor me, I'm not doing any exercise these days. Gone are the days when I used to play badminton with my brother or SIL very morning before I go to work. They have been telling me to put that schedule back every morning so we can at least be fit once again.

If not badminton, maybe brisk walking down the subdivision will do. Just saw this skechers shape ups infomercial and I reckon it's a nice way to shape up while we walk. Have you tried this shape ups by Skechers?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Huwaw It's February already!

Time sure flies so fast and in t he blink of an eye it's February already!!

Too bad I'm not done yet posting our New Years and despedida party photos of my sis on this blog and it's Feb. now.. I will definitely share it soon!

My bestfriend says it's the Love Month.. I told her it's corny Ok gotta do some more things before I lose my sanity and my time here.. Have a great February everyone!

Continuing my SSS Contribution

I failed to complete my SSS (social security system) contributions last year because there are times when it slipped into my mind. I just hope this year I will continue and will not forget to pay monthly or quarterly my self-employed contributions so that in the future I will be entitle to the benefits that other members are getting when they retire.

I'm not getting any younger so I really need to think about my security since I also don;t have any family but me. I don't want to be in the losing end and get " style="font-family: disability appeal when I get old.