Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Upcoming Bebots' EB

Wow, everyone is excited because It'll be our grand EB on Friday. 2 of our friends Glo and Trin came home from the US for their vacation and we'll be meeting them at a hotel. Just in case you didn't know what is an EB, it's an eyeball. The term that is coined when you are meeting someone. We are actually group of digital scrappers who met online in a digiscrappers forum way back in 2007 and we all became friends.

We already had our first EB in 2007, and our 2nd EB in 2009 and on Friday will be our 3rd. The 1st EB was fun but of course we are a bit somewhat reserved as we don't know much about each other. Now that 3 years have passed, we have bonded more online and offline, for sure it will be a blast. I can already hear the loud voices and endless chit-chats to each other. For sure there'll be personal and private talks once again and other topics under the sun. I will not wonder if we'll talk about hgh supplements this time. All I know that it will be another fun, riot and wacky grand EB.

If all will come on Friday, we'll be about 20 people and that is enough to bring the house See you guys soon. I'm excited already!

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