Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things to Look Forward

It's a busy February for me here. Online work is doing good while my net cafe is picking up slowly because the school year will end once again. During the end of school year, there are more students who are using the computer and net for their projects to be submitted to their teachers to get a clearance. That only means that net rentals as well as printing jobs will be ok again. After that my net cafe is going to be slow once again.

Anyway, here are some few things that I'm looking forward to:
1. Our digi-scrapping (Bebots) grand EB on Friday
2. Jollibee Party hosted by Glo and Trin still with the Bebots and their family
3. Our highschool Alma Mater's Golden Jubilee on Feb. 26.
4. Graduation from elementary of my nephew Dither who is always joked upn bec. he is too small for his age. I guess he needs some hgh, hehe because he is still mistaken for a grade 3 student. :(
5. Graduation from pre-school of Reign
6. Balikbayan of my auntie and uncle for LA
7, Meeting my college friends

Yay.. I can't wait!!

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