Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Diabetic Patients also need to know

I reckon if a person is diagnosed to be diabetic, he has this ailment all his life but with proper diet and self-discipline anyone with this kind of disease can manage and live an normal life. Diabetics should and must always monitor their sugar level to avoid complications and of course not to make the disease more worst.

Getting an ample amount of exercise, eating more veggies and fruits, and not smoking or other vices are good thing to do when you are diabetic. If you have family history of diabetes, it is best to consult your doctor and have your blood tested to know if you also got the disease.

I also learned that not all diabetes medicines are good. In a recent study, it is found out that Actos which is given orally to patients with diabetes can lead to heart attacks, heart failure and even bladder tumor. Affected patients have been filing Actos lawsuit
against the manufacturer of this drug. If you have been a victim of this drug, you can file a lawsuit now and get compensation over the damage it has caused you.

What the ??

Wow, it rained so hard that the clothes outside were soaked in rain. Boo… My SIL called asking me to get the clothes outside but it was already late so it was already The rain and thunderstorm is also non-stop and that made my poor dog Sophie to be afraid that I let her inside the house. She scrambled and hid under my table for I know dogs hate thunderstorms.

The rain also resulted in the intermittent connection of my internet and that is annoying. I need to ping the server couple of times just to get a signal and as of this writing the  signal is on and off.

Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

My brother was rushed to the hospital last July for shortness of breath and dizziness and it turned out that he had a mild attack. He was confined at the hospital for few days and thank God he was out and well after treatment. He just had a night of full cholesterol that may have triggered that heart attack and thankfully he is on medication now and not been smoking as well.

He’s having some withdrawal symptoms like crankiness, irritability, craving for so much food and more but he is fighting it because he is determined not to smoke anymore for his own health.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Appropriate Legal Help

There’ll come in our lives that we can experience accidents brought by someone due to their negligence or carelessness. Sometimes we can just settle the unfortunate event by ourselves by talking to that person but if worst thing happen, you should definitely need to hire a lawyer that can do the legal tasks for you. If you are caught in an car accident or injury while at work and more it is always best to get professional legal help as much as possible to aid you in every legal aspect of the case.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weekend that Was

Weekend has passed once again and we had a good one. Saturday, I managed to iron all my clothes that have been sitting and waiting to be ironed for the last 1 month and yikes I was ironing for 4 hours. Eventhough I was so tired, I’m relieved that the loads of clothes are now ironed and in my closet already.

Watched a movie with the kids and family at the nearby mall on Sunday and just lazed around the house till evening. My older brother also accomplished to change the tires of our van because it got busted the other weekend. Thank heavens it's not that expensive unlike those ATV Tires that I know of. I hope that no more unnecessary expenses will come this week or else my budget will be out of track.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pleasant Surprises

I wasn't suppose to go out today as I'm feeling quite achy and so lazy, blame it on my tumbling monthly hormones. I got up my sit and prepared myself for I had to go to the bank to pay some bills. The weather was hot and humid and it add to my restless feeling. Anyway, I was able to settle the bills in a snap and head to my computer shop.

I was surprised and happy to see the 3 balikbayan boxes courtesy of my sister in Riyadh. We still need to wait for her e-mail or call to know if we’re going to open the box already or not. I’m pretty sure there are lots of goodies inside just like what she sent few months back. I’m also pleasantly surprise to see my mom’s kumare and mom youngest sister’s godmother who came all the way from California for vacation here in the country. I greeted her and she gave me a lipstick as a present and I also learned that she didn’t marry as well. Its been over 3 decades since we last saw here so we’re glad that she visited us even for just few minutes.

I could not refrain from looking at her older brother for his  gold chains are quite eye-catching. After few chats and sharing of stories, they already left but we’ll return soon. It’s always nice to catch up with old friends and relatives from time to time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Billing Statements Aren’t Coming

My internet service and credit card bills should arrive 1st week of the month but up to now they have not arrived so I got worried. I already went to Smart center to pay for my net service eventhough I don’t have the latest statement as I don't want the billings to file up this month. I asked them why it hasn't arrived yet but they can't give me an answer, maybe the courier just got too lazy delivering the bills.

I’m also worried about my credit card bill because as of today, I have not bill yet. My cutoff was last June 24 and the due date will be on August 13 already. What I did was to inquire my balance through phone (I didn’t sign up on online banking) and let them know that my bill hasn’t arrived yet. This is the 1st time I have not receive a statement and since it’s only my 2nd time to use my CC I’m worried I might get a penalty if I’ll not pay it on due. Anyway, I’ll settle it tomorrow even w/o by billing statement.

I’m glad that I don’t have an SPIA overdue bill or else I’ll be worrying about it too. I hope this month, bills should come on time.