Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Diabetic Patients also need to know

I reckon if a person is diagnosed to be diabetic, he has this ailment all his life but with proper diet and self-discipline anyone with this kind of disease can manage and live an normal life. Diabetics should and must always monitor their sugar level to avoid complications and of course not to make the disease more worst.

Getting an ample amount of exercise, eating more veggies and fruits, and not smoking or other vices are good thing to do when you are diabetic. If you have family history of diabetes, it is best to consult your doctor and have your blood tested to know if you also got the disease.

I also learned that not all diabetes medicines are good. In a recent study, it is found out that Actos which is given orally to patients with diabetes can lead to heart attacks, heart failure and even bladder tumor. Affected patients have been filing Actos lawsuit
against the manufacturer of this drug. If you have been a victim of this drug, you can file a lawsuit now and get compensation over the damage it has caused you.

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