Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7 Unique Ways to Make Money from Home

If your circumstances indicate that it would be better for you to generate an income whilst at home, there are many ways in which this can be achieved. Working from home will save on costly overheads, such as leasing property, staff wages and transport to and from work. In the current financial economic climate, the workforce is constantly changing. Establishing a home based business is a smart strategy. Making money from home is suitable for all ages; stay at home mums, retirees, the incapacitated, the healthy and actually, anybody at all. It may be challenging at the outset, but the eventual rewards will be worth the effort.

Call Centre

Call centres redirect their calls to home based individuals. If you love talking with people on the phone and have a good telephone manner and can collate information efficiently, you could make money this way. You will need a quiet uninterrupted area to work from.

Selling unwanted items online

The best way to begin is to sell all your unwanted household and personal items online. There are several online auction and classified sites where you can begin. Make sure your uploaded photos are clear and include a concise description of the product for sale.


If you have a talent, whether it be making crafts, are an accomplished musician or have teaching experience, tutoring may be the perfect way to make some extra money. You can choose the hours to suit you. You could organise to have a weekly craft group where you can pass on your knowledge and skills. You could teach budding musicians skills on instruments or help students by tutoring in various school subjects.


With so many families where both parents have to work and childcare centres filled to capacity, childcare has now become a booming home based industry. There are regulations to follow but many parents prefer to have their child looked after in a home environment.

Daily Tasks

Time poor people prefer to let others do the day to day tasks. You could establish a laundry/ironing/alteration service from home. You can feed or walk pets. If you feel you have an inner masterchef, perhaps you could cater for small parties.

Freelance writing

There are many online job boards for freelance writers. To begin marketing yourself, send samples of your writing to these companies. This will take commitment and persistence.

Making and selling crafts

If you are creative, there are many online sites that specialise in selling craftwork of all kinds. You can list your items for a small fee and join these sites which have a huge following of lovers of handmade items.
There are many other unique forms of home based businesses. Decide what type of business you would like to see yourself in and do your research. It is also important to establish a schedule when working from home. If you have left the workforce, your skills as a typist could be put to good use doing resumes, data entry or transcriptions. You could also do small run digital printing jobs from home. Making money from home can be a very rewarding experience.

Jenna is a stay at home mum and full time blogger. She likes writing about children’s activities and DIY arts and crafts.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aspiring Singers

There are so many singing competition shows on TV right now like The Voice, X-factor and other talent shows as well where aspiring singers are joining with the hopes of winning. The prizes and fact that the winner can become popular are very appealing to all the contestants that is why we can never blame them for lining up, patient in waiting and rehearsing just to achieve their dreams.

Those that have won already will work double time to impress their audience and their fans. It's hard being in the limelight but I guess if they love their work and what they are doing then it will not be hard for them. There are also many studios where anyone can practice, I am sure that there are hi-tech gadgets and instruments where they can get them.

If you have dreams, chase it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Phillipine Election 2013

As a good citizen, I have exercised my right to vote yesterday. May 13, 2013 is our national elections. Senators, Congressman, Governor/Vice-Gove, Mayor-vice etc. will be elected.

Voting is much easier and faster these days as it is automated already. As for my experienced, from finding my name and precinct number to casting my vote it just took me only 10 mins. and that is so convenient. PCOS machines worked well in our precinct and no other problem arises as what I know.

Right now, my TV is on since this morning waiting for the results and I just hope only those deserving and those who are capable in serving our nation and people won. Though there are some incidents of crimes and other election related incidents, the Comelec (Commission on Election) said the election is generally peaceful.

Happy that I voted!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beating the Heat of the Sun

It's summer here in our part of the world and it's hot hot hot!!

Summer started around mid March and it will last till end of May. Since it's summer, going to the  beach, swimming at the pool and going out of town are just some of the things people will do. It's more enjoyable when you are with your friends and family as it become a great bonding time and creating beautiful memories together.

When it's summer, the scorching heat of the sun can damage our skin and eyes if we don't protect them properly so it's s must to wear something that will protect us.

If you intend of going out for long period of time, remember to bring hat, umbrella, wear sunglasses (you can wear designer glasses like prada sunglasses at eyesave.com), and don't forget to put on sunblock. Also, wear comfy clothes and drink lots of water.

Enjoy the summer!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

There's so Much Treasure

Ahh.. finally back home from 4D/3N Ilocos Getaway with my niece. We've been dreaming to go there for long time now and finally we're able to go there. I have so many fond memories while there. There's too much historical stories and treasures that I have known and I am so blessed and fortunately to have been there.

The province is full of history and treasure, the old house, churches and the way of life are something they are proud of. I guess those are more valuable than a silver bullion that you can get online. They are priceless!

I will share more stories and photos soon , maybe on my travel blog as soon as I get them organized.