Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Trick or Treat this year

We don't care about trick or treatin' this year, in fact we are not going anywhere. I guess the kids are tired of dressing up and goin to the mall and fall in line just to get those candies, or is it me and my sisinlaw who are tired to bring them?, lol. I remember when my other 2 sisters are still here in Pinas we see to it that we go to Robinson's Galleria or Megamall to participate in the event. We dress up the kids with any nice costume that we can think and of course they will wear it bec. we will say they'll have toys and candies.

My nephew once won in a costume contest in Shangrila Mall and he got gift certificates and trophies. I hope we'll get to participate next year.

What about you? How's your trick or treatin'
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The case of missing hair

Don’t we sometimes make a joke about men who are bald? Men are very sensitive about their hair and once they are thinning they worry about it. Ah I know it coz my dad had to wear a wig to cover his bald hair, it runs in the family so bro is not too happy with that coz he is already loosing some. Oh anyway, there are many solutions now that they can use both for men and women.

There are Hair Loss products like provillus that are available and for your info it ranked no. 1 at’s review of hair loss products. Other products that are reviewed are Procerin, Thymusil and Advecia but Provillus topped with 94% rating. Reviews of the products are actually made by users. Don’t we all love reading reviews so we have an insight of the product that we want to buy? Reviews help people get their money’s worth by not buying products that don’t really work.

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Just another noisy day

Oh goodness me, the loud noise started again this morning as the store who is renting the place right beside my store has a big speaker outside to attract their customers. What i hate about it is that the sound is too loud and the songs are mostly rock (hate it!!) and there is too much booming. I always hate it when it is noisy bec. when i am making my post I cannot concentrate and construct a good one. Who on earth can concentrate in writing a quality post when it is noisy? I cannot tell them to stop playing loud music bec. they are renting our place (aba baka umalis, syang ang upa ahaha)..

Anyway, i feel my brain will explode right this minute bec. of the noise:(loud music, kids playing and teseing, jeeps/tricycles sounds.. It's getting too much !! Gosh my brain is scattered right now.. Boo.
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Selling online has never been easy

Lots of people nowadays are considering of having their own business esp. if it home-based. There are many business ideas that you can get online but I suggest you must start a business that you are passionate about and really have knowledge on it bec. as per my experience no business will succeed if you don’t know about your products. There are many business owners who are also venturing online bec. as we all know there are so many people using the internet these days.

Setting up your own online store may be daunting at first but if you have the right resources and software in no time it will be up and running. AShop has an affordable shopping cart software that you can get to get you started. It is an award winning software designed for your online store needs. The ease of use and easy set up makes it the favourite of many business owners. Setting up is easy as it is web-based, fully customizable, and intergraded with all major banks. Get the 10 day free trial now.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sunday at the mall

My sis-in-law and I went at Greenhills Shopping Center (my fave mall) to buy refillable ink for my printer, headset, CDRs and more. Just take a look at the CD and DVD movies that is on sale at Shoppesville selling at P75 up. I tried to look for a good title but we where in a hurry.

The new Shoppesville

This is at Robinson's Galleria, love the decors so I managed to snap a photo of their display.

Another way to start an online business

Ever since I graduated in college I have never been employed to any company bec. I had the opportunity to manage our home business (video tape rentals) in the 80’s. When the video tape industry become down in the early 90’s I have decided to venture again into a new business and have kept me busy for over 10 years now. My business have evolved through the years, I also have small merchandise store and lately an Internet Café and desktop publishing to keep. So with all those years in the business I can say I am the boss and having your own business allows you to have your own time and do whatever you want.

I also have tried doing online business by making graphic designs and selling them on a scrapping site but I became too busy with my real work so I resigned. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that you can find other means of making money by having your little business. I have seen recently while browsing online about the phone card affiliate program and it caught my attention. coz it seems like a good one to have an online home-based business. Just read that it can give high commissions at up to 50%. Steps would be like this : You just have to choose your domain name (they will register this for you), pay $74.95 and this is a onetime setup fee and maintain online business for $19.95 every month. Aside from that, they will provide training from logging in, managing accounts, and selecting prepaid card products, setting of prices and checking sales, profits and checking customer sign ups. There are always risks in business so I think this is worth risking so if you are interested just browse through their site.

Trying to be different??

This is my niece Kathleen, she come up to me one time and ask me if her nails are beautiful . Holy cow, they are of different colors i said. She said it's the in thing to have it hahaa.. Teenage girls are really doing things to look diffrent. She put her own polish and i think it only last for a day or two.. lol And take a look at her hands it's chubby hahahaha..

Awards awards

Oh it's always nice to receive this kinds of awards from fellow bloggers. I want to share them with you.

This is given by my Bes Racel
This is given by sweet mommy Yen
Thanks to both of you!! I passing both the awards to CARYL, NICE (morning), DAUPH, AMORE, CHIKAI.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Keep those plasmas away from kids

There are times kids are the reason why some of our appliance not to work. Oh they love to turn on the knobs left and right and turn of and on those buttons without our knowledge and we find it out it’s already too late bec. it is broken already. I remember my nephew Braiden used to open the door of their stereo cabinet and disarrange the cds inside it and I have a hard time putting it back.

When they bought an LCD TV, they made it a point to put it on a higher stand so that their 2 kids cannot reach it. I even suggested putting it on a wall using an lcd but I don’t think they have done it just yet. Dekomount a UK based online store offers brackets available if you have different brands of lcd/plasma tvs. It’s better to be sure than sorry, so again keep those lcd/plasma away from your kids if you want to use it for a long time.

I'm a certified voter

yes....and that's the proof ! Today is holiday bec. the SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) and Barangay elections are being held. I went to the voting precinct (my former elementary school) with my brothers and sis-in-law to vote. Actually i really have no plans of voting today but they encourage me to do so, to give more points to the candidate we want.

And so we went of and we find our room we no difficulty. It took me only about 2 or 3 mins. to finish my voting, yeah that is fast bec. i know who will I vote and there are no voters inside the room. Right at this moment we still don't know who won as our Barangay Captain but we just wish our candidate will win. Did you vote?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quality Furniture for our homes

When it comes to furniture in the home, mom has always had the final say on what to get for our house. I always wish to have a house of my own in the future so I have the liberty to arrange and purchase whatever furniture I would love to put. I just wanted to have cozy and comfortable house where I can laze around after a hard days work. It would be nice to have this Platform Bed in my home that I saw from FurnitureFromHome. This bed is Japanese inspired and is m ade from all natural solid mahogany and veneers.

I browsed through their collection of furniture and I was impressed with all of them as they all look durable and of high quality. They also have Leather Dining Chairsthat anyone can choose from. Holidays are coming so probably you can can put them at your Wish List. I always noticed that during Christmas or New Year people tend to buy new furniture for their home.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Oops i'm a bit late in posting my entry. Anyway, our theme for this week is PINK and here are some pink flowers at my mom's small garden at home.

Happy Hunting and Happy Weekend everyone!!
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Good Things are coming !!

With Google’s recent updating of our blog’s PR I know that many good things and a lot of opportunities will come to us bloggers. It only means that for those of us in that are writing for ad companies will have more opps to post and that means more moolah in the future. Ahhh I can’t wait to save again for a Hongkong trip? And who knows in the future it’ll be Vegas this time??? Aww what a big dream that is! Dreams do come true in matter of time I believe. So let’s party bloggers. Is the updating finish yet?
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Fluctuating PR

The blogosphere is very busy nowadays in keeping an eye at Google's final page ranks (PR) updates. There are many blogs/sites that have been penalized meaning their page ranks have went down. My blogs
SIMPLY JEN, has gone down from pr3 to 2,
JENNY TALKS still remains at pr2
SCRAPPIN' JEN went from pr0 >> Pr3
my domain blogs:
and this blog A SLICE OF LIFE >>> Pr 0 - around pr3 or 4 it is still dancing.

I just hope this blog will have pr4 bec. i will be so much happy !!!!! What about you does your PR went up or down?

Lookie..lookie at this blog's PR! ( i hope it will stay- still fluctuating though)
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Meet Remy!!

Hey guys, i want you to meet REMY, he is the pet Hamster of my nephew Karlo. Actually Remy was given by his friends to my nephew as a gift for his birthday. He is only about 4 months old and i never thought that this creature is nocturnal. He sleeps in the morning and very active and playing at night.

My nephew brought it home that last time he came from his dorm and instantly the kids in the house flocked on his cage to see him. Actually he doesn't stinks eventhough he has his droppings on his cage.

The kids love to see him play at the spinning wheel inside his cage and eat his food. Anyone have a pet like this?

Any plasma TV owners here?

Owning my own Plasma TV is I guess very far from becoming a reality. Actually I don’t have it at my Wish List if you want to ask. But for some household owners and appliance buff owning one of it this Christmas is very important. Sis Joy bought one I think a year ago and her husband even bought one of those plasma tv lifts where they put it on top like the one on the photo. This is also a neat way to keep the TV away from their 2 small kids who were fond of pushing all the buttons of their stereo and TV sets.

Just in case you will buy a Plasma TV, would you care to share the photo of it?

Love this !!

Sweet mommy Yen gave this to me.. Thanks girl, i appreciate it and the award goes back at ya. Love your blog too esp. your photos and your scrappings.

I was pissed of big time!

I was on the phone yesterday morning and afternoon talking to the technician of the computer shop where we bought our brand computers for rent last May. I lost my temper talking to him bec. would your believe we returned 1 pc back at their store several times now bec. it keeps of crashing and hanging. At first they thought it was just due to the OS, so they re-installed it. One day after it was crashing again, we returned it back, they reformatted again. I told them i don't want to waste my time bringing it to them again and again. I am right it crashed again so it was the 3rd we brought it back.

It will be almost 2 months now that it was at their store for repair and this time it was due to to the motherboard (MSI). What i am angry about is that, their supplier of that board is giving them defective replacements 2x already that is why they can fix it. I talked to the manager this afternoon and all i hear is that they will check on my case again. Booommmm i got so irritated and i told him that i can't wait till Christmas to have them fix that computer. We bought it brand new on a cash basis so we have the right to have it fix or replaced asap to think we only bought that in MAY. And would you believe i have another pc that will be sent to their shop, who would not be angry at that?????

To cut the long story short, i guess the moral of the story is you better not buy at PC Gilmore Greenhills branch bec. they have defective motherboards !!! Awww cool jen cool !

Tied up with many opps

It has been a crazy week for me here. After my mom’s b-day celebration last Sunday I find it a bit tiring. I was flooded with a lot of my assignment on my different blogs but I manage to make them one by one. Some are quite easy to write about but this collaboration software opp made me a little mental block. Not so sure how will I make even the 1st sentence. Oh well I am so glad that I made a good earning this week and I hope it will continue till next year as I have so many personal projects that I wanted to buy like a DLSR.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Should i get one?

I remember, a friend of my mom used to bug me because she is selling me a term life insurance and a health insurance. She kept on telling me that it is for my own good and blah blah blah. You know the good sales talk. I told her that I have no plans of getting one but she gave me the leaflets and all for me to study. I end up not getting one and I felt that she was kinda irritated by that. Wow, that is my right not to get one if I don’t want right? Anyway, do you think it is worth to get one?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mom's b-day party

Mom’s b-day turned out so great last Sunday! We are really so busy for the preparations and by 11 am there were few visitors that already came. I was the one who did mom’s hair and make-up, I just did it very simply coz I don’t have much experience in this field.

We had 10 types of food dishes that we served. There’s the Pork Lechon (yum yum), Fried Chicken, Beef with mushroom sauce and corn Kernel, Menudo, Spring Rolls, Lumpiang Sariwa, Sweet and Sour Tilapia Fish, Spaghetti, Pancit Canton, Pork Hamonado (yummy!). We also have 4 desserts, we made Fruit Salad, Leche Flan, Macapuno and Gelatin. All of them are a hit in the table.

Before eating, mom gave her touching speech where almost every body cried and right after that the visitors flocked in the table to get their food. It was a buffet style and gosh the visitors seem so hungry. (daming putahe kasi eh).

Anyway, we also had games for the kids and prizes are given away to the winners. Although it wasn’t a children’s party, we wanted it to be also enjoyable for the kids so we put a “pabitin” that has toys and candies for the kids and it was really a riot. The adults also enjoyed the videoke machine where they got to sing their favorite songs.

My mom’s 6 grandchildren in turn give roses and gave their wishes. When I gave my wishes I can’t help but cry and I could see the guests teary eyed too. The party went well and many have attended, mom is surely so happy and feel special. The party ended early evening and would you believe i was still singing the videoke (alone) till 11 pm? I only stopped when sis from Riyadh called. lol.

Here are some pics from our party. (Note:Pics may take time to load)

Monday, October 22, 2007

I got tagged by Caryl

I will share mom's b-day pics probably tomorrow i just wanted to post the tag Caryl had for me.

here are my answers.

1. What’s your favorite color? >> green, brown
2. What’s your favorite quote? “You only grow old when you stop being young..”
3. Favorite television show?
Oprah, Jessica Soho Reports, Desperate Housewives, Reality Tv shows (all kinds)
4. What part of the chicken is your favorite?
breast part
5. When you get a cold or the flu are you tough or a big baby?
tough one…
6. Are you more serious or a big dork?
7. Use one word to describe how you are feeling right now.
Tired and hungry! lol
8. Name your worst habit.
I have the habit of
9. Name a book that you could read over and over again.
I don’t read books.
10. Are you a collector of anything?
Yes. Bags, decorative soaps.
11. What’s one of your favorite blogs to read?
Ikea Goddess ( I love looking for freebies)
12. Name one thing you are passionate about.
Just like Caryl it’s my computer and digi cam (looking forward to get my DSLR)so I’m passionate about digiscrapping, surfin’ the net blogging, taking pics.

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You don’t have to wait in line

For Super Bowl fans I know they have been itching to get their tickets early. It’s one of the most awaited Football final game where 2 of the top teams of the National Football League (NFL) meet and fight for the game. You don’t have to wait in line just to get super bowl tickets bec. you can actually get it online. Excitement will be doubled when you watch it live at the stadium instead on your TV.

Tired !

Woohh... good morning ya'll we had a great b-day party of my mom yesterday. I have pictures to share later once i have uploaded them and more stories. I am just lazy to make long post this morning bec. i am still tired from the long day yesterday..

Have a great Monday everyone!!
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Feelin' Young at 39

I just wanted to share this layout that i made last week. Actually i was able to make that after getting angry at someone hahha. I become productive after getting pissed, lol. That's me, btw.

Credits at my digi blog

There is hope

I was speaking to my friend the other week and we were talking about her brother who is a drug addict. She said they can’t ask him to go under drug addiction treatment even though they told him that it is his for own good. He is becoming worse everyday and he sometimes becomes violent at times. I wish they can still encourage him to go to a treatment bec. there is really hope.

I shop till i dropped yesterday and the Glorietta mall bombing

Yearly there is a 3-day mall wide sale at many malls here like Megamall, Robinson's Galleria, Glorietta etc. and I always looking forward to it. Yesterday i went to Galleria to shop for my sister and i also bought some gifts for my niece and nephews for Christmas. Yes i made an early Xmas shopping since most of the stores are having a 10- 70% discounts.

I just went there alone so i have the luxury to roam around the stores w/o anybody in tow. That is good bec. if you come with me shopping for sure you'll end up dizzy bec. i keep on circling back and forth hahaha. I got lots of good stuff and would you believe i shopped from 11 am till 7 pm? My feet was really really tired but oh boy I am unstoppable. Of course I love going around too, seeing all the shoppers excited to find good bargains esp. on those branded ones.

Anyway, while shopping i overheard the sales ladies talking about bombing and my hair stands when they told me that Glorietta 2 was bombed.. Wow what a disaster. As of this writing already 9 people have been dead and over 100 people where injured and some people who are missing are believed to be buried inside.

Wow this is scary.. I am lucky not to be there since i am at Robinson's Galleria. I hope all the malls will implement more stricter security since the sale will be till Sunday and Christmas is also coming.

News here:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's my mom's b-day today!!

My mom just turned 75 today and we thank the Lord for this wonderful blessings for her. She still looks young and still very active and quite healthy. We will give her a party on Sunday and we are actually busy preparing for the things we need. The boxes that my 2 sis abroad already came yesterday and today so we are very happy esp. mom.

Here is the invitation that i made for mom, i had it printed 5 x 7 and it turned out so nice. I also made a tarpaulin for her and i will just share it here once it is finished.

Credits will be posted soon at my digiblog.
Click image to see larger.

Portable DVD player

We took a short vacation at my dad’s hometown when my uncle and aunt arrived from LA in May. It was a 6 hour (including traffic) long drive up North and of boy it seems like forever hahaha. It was early morning when our convoy left our town and just stopped by to have breakfast in on e of the fast food chains along the hi-way.

The older kids became cranky at the other car while at the other kids at van where I was in was happily watching their fave cartoon (gosh Sponge Bob) at the DVD player. Well at least they don’t bother us adults who keeps on chatting to ease our boredom. We are very happy because our portable DVD player the van serves it purpose. It kept the kids behaved and busy hahaha.

Just in case you want to put one in your car, Digital has one over at their site. It’s a portable 10 inch DVD player with tuner. When you buy it, a rechargeable battery pack is included in it that has playing time at up to 4 hours. I think that is enough to watch 2 movies so this is perfect for long driving. If you are looking for a sleek and neat design, lcd monitor, dolby surround and great image quality, this DVD has it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life can be busy at times

It was another oh so busy life of mine offline. Something happened last night while I am withdrawing money at my ATM. I will not elaborate more on that but hopefully it will be straightened out by next week. Wooooo.

I was out almost half of my day this morning that when I came to my store my sis-in-law can’t seem to make my old printer work and oh well that always happen when I am not around. Again I was the one who made it work.

Anyway, my mom’s 75th b-day celebration will be on Sunday and as usual we are busy for that, we have already sent out most of the invitations. All of are busy with our planning to make our mom’s b-day party a successful one. The box from my sis In Sydney already came and we are still waiting for the boxes from my other sis coming from Riyadh.

I also made a fast layout for her tarpaulin (almost same design on her invitation) and bro brought it at the tarpaulin printing shop and on Saturday we’ll get it. It will be printed 3 ½ x 5 feet and I hope it will not come out pixilated. I will show the finished product later.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A day to pamper myself

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all having a great week. It's another busy day for me here. As you can see at the photo i was in a salon (yes i took a photo of myself hahaha , addict ba?)

This morning, I went to Index Salon to have my hair dyed and for a hair spa. Actually if I don't have gray hairs i will not dye my ha
ir but since i have lots of them near my forehead i have no choice but to have them dyed every 3 or 4 months or else i will look a grandma with lots of white hairs.

I just had it colored dark brown like the last color that i had. The hair cutter asked me if i want a reddish one but i said no bec. i might look different with that. After the color, is the hair spa, i love the cool feeling on my head and the lil massage. It took me about 3 hours in the salon and i was happy with the result.
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It’s not safe here anymore! !!??

I just learned a shocking news at our neighborhood yesterday and it makes my hair stand up once again. The new Internet café in our area was robbed the other day, they lost what I heard was 12 computers! Wow I will cry it that will happen to me. To think that they only opened I think around June or July of this year and of course all their computers are brand new.

Before that happened there were about 3 internet café shops that was looted here and it was already very alarming. Robbers have made their way to loot these shops around midnight where of course everyone is past asleep. They cut the locks and the metal fences and stole the cpu’s. What a very bad thing to do. Only if those computers are GPS capable so that the owners can detect where the robbers are. Robbers are so clever and disgusting, they have no souls and they don’t realize that owners put their money to buy those computers.

I always tell my family that we should always see to it that we lock our shop properly bec. these days robbers would do anything to get inside someone’s premises. I also learned that we don’t need to open so late in the evening bec. we don’t know when robbers will show up. Gosh I can say these days, we are not safe anymore anywhere we go so we should be careful and vigilant at all times.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy as a bee

Ahh what a busy day it was for me that i have no time to update this blog today but I made some updates on my other blog if you want to read it. I was out of my my shop most of the time bec. i am running some errands. . This week will be a busy day for us here bec. we are busy preparing fo my mom's party on Sunday.

I post some invitations at the post office this afternoon while my sis in law ordered chairs and tables, balloons, cake and videoke. I will be posting if i can.. Have a great week everyone!! Gosh i am in a hurry bec. we will close early tonight.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My b-day gift for myself

Wooohooo my birthday is coming next month and it is always special day just for me. I always see to it that I will have a day at the salon to pamper myself, have a hair cut, hairspa or hair color. I also made it a point to shop for clothes and accessories as a gift to myself, I deserve it you know. I wanted to be different this year since I am already hitting the big 40 (yay!!) so I thought I wanted to give myself something special (material). At first I wanted to buy my 1st diamond ring (it’s true yay) since I don’t buy my own jewelry but my sis Joy told me that it’s not practical to do so. I also thought it’s pretty expensive and I will go crazy if I will rob when I am wearing that (you know naman here).

Since I am into digital scrapooking and I love taking pics, I decided I will just buy my 1st DSLR, probably a Canon or Nikon. I know it’s pricey too but I reckon it will be worth it. I will be hunting for good prices in Hidalgo in Quiapo soon to check on the price. Yay I’m getting excited now!

Happy Sunday everyone!! I will be busy tomorrow morning, lots of things to do around here so I will be checking your blogs or comments later before lunch.
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A little bit busy

Hello guys, sorry for not updating yesterday, i was a little bit busy here at my store, so much to do but got little time. I just want to share this layout that i made last Friday. This is my niece Bianca and i love her pic here, she is about to cry or something.

Credits can be found at my digiblog.

Friday, October 12, 2007


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Our theme for this week is Smelly.

This is my nephew who smells like a "wet puppy" hahaha after playing in the backyard. Take a look at his knees and the way he wore his mom's winter

Happy Hunting and Happy Weekend!

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Let’s dream big

I guess you have already heard many times that when you dream, dream big bec. dreaming is for free anyway. Yeah right, just like me I always dream of touring the world, I wanted to go to Europe and see that famous Effeil Tower. Gosh for sure if that will happen I know I will have tons of photos in that area. I also wanted to go to Disney Land whether in the US or just in Hongkong but I know I will chicken out again when it comes to rides in the theme parks.

Aside from those vacations, would you care dream with me having one of those luxury homes that only rich people can afford? 2 storey house with an indoor pool or what about a dream house near the beach? Ah I would love that too!

What about you what are your big dreams? Care to share?

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remembering my dad today

Today is my dad's 18th Death Anniversary. It was on Oct. 11, 1989 when dad succumbed to myocardial imparction (heart attack) at age 55 (so young). It was one of the saddest days of our lives.

We never failed to visit him at the cemetery every year eventhough we all know that he is not there anymore. We just offered prayers, flowers and light candles.

Every year everytime his death anniversary will come, I always dream of him. Just the other night he was in my dreams, i clearly saw him having breakfast with us at our old house where i grew up. Last night before i go to sleep i even talk to him at my mind and told him to guide us all.

My mom also dreamed of him last night and she was up till midnight thinking of my dad. I just wish dad is still here with us. Miss you dad and We love you!!

Can you offer a lil prayer for my dad, will ya? Thanks
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