Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fluctuating PR

The blogosphere is very busy nowadays in keeping an eye at Google's final page ranks (PR) updates. There are many blogs/sites that have been penalized meaning their page ranks have went down. My blogs
SIMPLY JEN, has gone down from pr3 to 2,
JENNY TALKS still remains at pr2
SCRAPPIN' JEN went from pr0 >> Pr3
my domain blogs:
and this blog A SLICE OF LIFE >>> Pr 0 - around pr3 or 4 it is still dancing.

I just hope this blog will have pr4 bec. i will be so much happy !!!!! What about you does your PR went up or down?

Lookie..lookie at this blog's PR! ( i hope it will stay- still fluctuating though)
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  1. Hi Jen... awesome! You got so many blogs and they all got ranked! How can you do it? I try all my heart to get ranked but haven't succeeded yet...

    I have something for you, besides my pink entry, please kindly check my friendship post.

    Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

  2. Congrats din sayo Ate Jen. Sana tuloy tuloy na nga ito :)

  3. I have given you a littl help on the advert side just there lol.

    Btw you have a christmas ad on your page and i totally love you for that! Im already in the christmas spirit, have watched a tonne of christmas movies. Everyone here seems to think its too early - but its only two months away (less now)

    Its a special time for me.

    Take care x

  4. Hi Ate jen, buti ka pa umakyat PRs mo, ako remained at 3 pa din. pano nga ba paakayatin? hehehe! :) thanks for dropping by!


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