Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good Things are coming !!

With Google’s recent updating of our blog’s PR I know that many good things and a lot of opportunities will come to us bloggers. It only means that for those of us in that are writing for ad companies will have more opps to post and that means more moolah in the future. Ahhh I can’t wait to save again for a Hongkong trip? And who knows in the future it’ll be Vegas this time??? Aww what a big dream that is! Dreams do come true in matter of time I believe. So let’s party bloggers. Is the updating finish yet?
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  1. hi bes thanks for updating me ha! nauna mo pang malaman na PR3 na ako, wala akong kamalay malay hahaha, happy talaga imagine from PR0 to PR3 not bad di ba! akala ko after one year pa ako magkaka-rank, thanks talaga super!

  2. You're welcome Bes, oh let's go sa hongkong or what about sa Vegas hehehe

  3. wow te jen!!!!!! Naexcite ako sa message mo sa blog ko!!!! As in! Hindi ko napansin na PR4 na blog ko!!!! pasensya na sa exclamation talagang excited ako! hihiihih! Thank you soooo much! Mwuah! Tara punta na tau hongkong! hahahahah1

  4. hahaha Diane I can feel your excitement over here many are rejoicing nga... more moolah wooohooo


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